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Girls Wearing Revealing Clothes in Office

All women wear revealing clothes now and then, in the office or at a mall. But how much is too much, especially when it comes to wearing revealing clothes in office?

Girls Wearing Revealing Clothes in Office

Can wearing revealing clothes distract your coworkers or unwittingly ask for unwanted stares from the men and badmouthing from the women at work?

Olivia Noronha shares her experiences with revealing pants and bare minimums.

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Bridget Jones is history. Erin Brockovitch’s blown enough men to chuck all her “This is a nine year old girl’s top” collection. And then, there’s me.

I’m not the one with the see through nets or the crotchless panties. Nor am I the one with the turtleneck and sheets of paper to fan myself in summer.

I’m alive. And I’m somewhere in the middle, and I dress well enough to get frequent appreciative glances at work.

But then, I do have “friends” who dare to bare all the time. I don’t know if they do it on purpose, but they do have the impact.

The distraction of revealing clothes

Just the other day at a meeting, I was sitting in front of an associate from another organization. She was the typical ‘I want to look sweet but I can’t help lookin’ hot!’ type of woman.

Each time I looked at her, I couldn’t help but graze her never ending cleavage.

Of course, they were big! But a six inch cleavage and a shirt-bulge that could pop off her buttons to impale anyone in a bank robbery was scarily crazy. Each time I looked at her face, she smiled at me. She was warm, and appeared to be sweet. But then, I had to look south. [Read: How to stare at a girl’s cleavage without getting caught]

And for crying out loud, I was a woman! Imagine the plight of the sorry men who are torn to shreds in between their professional etiquette and their primal urges when women wear overly revealing clothes!

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I know a guy who knows a guy who’s a friend of a good friend of mine, and the first guy I mentioned in this line lives in my block. Each time we bump into each other, we speak for a couple of minutes tops. The first thirty seconds, he’s got his eyes on mine, and as the seconds tick to forty, he nods away to my cleavage like a sleepwalker on adrenalin, and he continues to do that even if I’m wearing a full woolen sweater.

I find it hilarious and sometimes, I just want to laugh at his face. But I hold the thought and decide to say ciao to him within the next thirty seconds.

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Revealing clothes at its worst!

And I’ve seen something so hilarious and gross at the same time, I wouldn’t know if you’d believe me. I was out shopping at a mall, and I hopped onto the escalator. And there in front of me, stood the woman of the moment. She was wearing horrendous blue sweats and a flimsy Capri, and the weirdest pair of flip-flops anyone could create. As I was standing just a few steps below her, I couldn’t help but notice that her pants could be seen right through, and I could see her underwear.

And then I saw something that horrified me more than Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’. I could see this lady’s sanitary pad through her pants. I nudged my guy friend who was looking all over but there, and he burst out into a laughing fit. That was some serious fashion faux pas. That was actually revealing clothes at its dreadful best.

That wasn’t the first time I saw women go overboard, and definitely that will never be the last. And it just gets worse during work hours. Earlier, a workplace was where men and women go to make money and come back home. Now, it’s mating ground of the frenzied kind. Or so it seems.

Offices as mating grounds

Men skulk in corners and strut in the hallways. Women go clip-clop with their heels and wear strategically spaced revealing clothing. Well, at least a few of them do. And of course, we have women like me who just sit and watch these flashy women and go tut-tut in our heads.

Women like me talk to the flashy women in revealing clothes like we’re best pals, and we go bitch about them behind their back. I do want to tell them not to wear such clothes to office, where there’s more emphasis on what’s inside rather than the outside, but heck, I don’t want to appear like a jealous wannabe-but-can’t-be!

The worst in line are the women who wear sheer white tops and black bras on days that the rains are predicted, and run through the rains to their parked cars, only to fakely remember that they’ve forgotten their car keys in the canteen on the 8th floor. Yeah, the same floor on which the lift doesn’t work, and sweaty men take the stairs all day. [Read: 10 sexy tips to seduce men]

Revealing skirts and the attention

Let’s not even get to talking about revealing skirts. There’s so much women can do with that to grab attention. Keeping a wide berth from skirts and legs, I really do think a flash of skin is good, once in a while.

Now, you may think I’m a filthy hypocrite, but hold on. Did I ever mention that I was against skimp? Never. Because I skimp on clothes too. I just know how to do it tactfully.

Now and then, it’s complimenting to catch a cute guy boobgraze you, especially when he knows that you’ve caught him red, and he’s got that foolish look on his face. But it’s all about knowing when to go skimping on clothes. Flashing at work and wearing revealing clothes just calls for unwanted attention. But then again, how many people on earth would prefer to live an unnoticed life anyway?

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