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8 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall for the Douchebags

Why are there women who put up with being treated badly by their guys? From a girl’s standpoint, here are a number of plausible reasons.

why girls fall for douchebags

Douchebags, for the lack of a more appropriate term, are the guys who treat women like toys. Some call them pimps, playboys, bad boys or playahs. These are the guys you see in the streets or at random public places visibly treating their women with various levels of disrespect.

There are also those who are just a bit too conscious. They are the douchewads, another term for them, who don’t necessarily scream, but are viciously passive aggressive. They will tear you apart with a single nasty, soul-crushing stare. These guys usually have a sweet-looking girl right behind them, trying to keep up with their long strides while strolling through a mall.

Why do women date horrible guys?

There are hundreds of these types of situations that we see every day, which makes you wonder why those ladies are even WITH those terrible guys. Here are a few classic reasons as to why that may be:

#1 Girls want to change a bad boy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one true love of a bad boy’s life? I mean, to truly and utterly make them feel like they want and need to go to the ends of the earth to change, all for a woman they truly love. Isn’t that what they say happens in movies? A lot of women have wanted this, at least once in various stages of their lives.

To change a playa like Adam Levine, and finally do as Behati Prinsloo did? Or to change the bad boy Shane West and have him carry your bag as a sign of defiance from social expectations in front of the whole school, just like what Mandy Moore experienced in “A Walk to Remember?” Those are the dreams we wish we could achieve with these bad boys.

#2 Most of them are HOT! No matter how douchey they act, or how bad they treat a girl, some women just cannot resist those Thor-like guns or those Captain America six pack abs! It is now a normal part of society to have men be as vain as girls – or, in more recent times, be even more so. Of course, with that came the metrosexual dudes who are just heavenly to gaze at.

If one of these good-looking, hot-bodied, well-groomed men gave a girl a good time, who wouldn’t want more? Even if they want the dude to actually shut up most of the time, they are just a great piece of human art to drool over! Girls can objectify men too, and this is a classic example.

#2 Insecurities. We all have things we want to change in ourselves, things we try to hide and try to cover up with something else. Daddy issues, for one, are a scientifically proven phenomenon common in women who, for most of their lives, craved attention from a father figure. A lot of women are self-doubting with their bodies too, and guys know when to pounce on that as well. Some guys know how to play the field using this insecurity to hook women.

Even the most beautiful women have their own uncertainties, and once they find a guy who gives them a sense of security, they would usually ignore the bad things about the guy, just so they could allow themselves a perpetual self-esteem boost. If we aren’t too careful and aware, we may not realize that we are only trying to fill our low self-esteem with guys who give us what we subconsciously crave… and nothing more. [Read: 9 effective ways to stop being needy and insecure]

#3 Nice guys finish last. Guys who get gorgeous women to fall for them know how to make it so. They didn’t just accidentally do it. They know the moves. So kudos to them for knowing how to play “the game,” as men call it.

Girls want guys who know what they want and how to get it. Women want their men to be go-getters. We want our guys to know what they want and how to get it. It’s just manly, and manliness is irresistible to women. This is the primary reason good guys get trampled in the field by bad boys.

So if you’re a dude who just chills in the sidelines, waiting for the girl to make the first move and not doing anything to make her feel wanted, chances are that the first dude to walk up to the girl and just basically say “you are what I want” wins. That’s why nice guys finish last. [Read: 15 reasons nice guys finish last]

#4 Some douchebags usually know how to treat women in bed. This is not at all a justification to treat women equally bad in all aspects of life, but by far, most satisfied women would readily forgive men, as long as they continue the satisfaction they get from the guy in bed. It doesn’t also mean it’s healthy.

As long as these bad boys make women scream in bed, they are usually forgiven for making the same women scream in frustration with everything else. Fair trade? You be the judge. [Read: 11 sexy ways for men to get way better in bed]

#5 Gorgeous girls aren’t angels either. C’mon, gorgeous girls, we all know there is a little bit of wickedness inside each of those perfect bodies! Behind those come-hither eyes lies a panther waiting to attack. Boys sense this subconsciously, which makes them gravitate towards these women more.

But once Mr. Douche and Ms. Feisty collide, the world around them usually explodes. Sparks fly when they are in love, but the same sparks fly when they are in fight-mode. [Read: 15 types of bad girlfriends who will make your life hell]

#6 Many women assume nice guys are boring. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. It’s just that most good looking women have had their fair share of pleasantly okay men. Sadly, experience has taught them that most of these nice guys are just TOO nice to be fun!

A lot of us women don’t have anything bad against good guys. It’s just that bad boys usually initiate more contact, and want to do more exciting things that make us women go nuts. So good guys, if you want to finish last, so be it, just don’t wonder why women fall for bad boys more: It’s the excitement, the danger, the unpredictability. That’s how you get us to fall. [Read: 12 tips to transform from a nice guy to a real man]

#7 That ONE guy. We all have that one guy. He is the one who got away, the one who just never saw us in high school, the one who chose our best friend or WAS our best friend, the one who just wouldn’t commit, or the one who just keeps coming back, knowing we are just here waiting at their beck and call.

Whatever reason it is, we all have that dude who has a singular, yet massive effect on our whole being. The difference between him and the other men in our lives just seem to be inexistent, yet we either cannot or will not say no to this particular guy.

The sickening part of it is: HE KNOWS. He knows he has that effect on us, and he usually uses that to get what he wants, ever so subtly, to the point that we become a willing slave to his every whim. This makes that one guy a douchebag.

Whatever the reasons behind the mystery of the “Gorgeous gal + Bad boy = ?” scenario, it is, for sure, going to include at least one of the reasons above.

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To sum it all up, there are hundreds of reasons why awesome women fall for the douchebags. But deep inside each girl, there are only few deeply real reasons behind it. Girls may be a bit too idealistic when it comes to changing a playa into a man, or maybe a bit too caught up in the exhilarating moments with their exciting dude… bags.

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