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Newsflash: Your Dog and Boyfriend Have a Lot in Common!

You may be surprised at just how similar dogs and boyfriends can be. Keep reading to find out why your boyfriend is so similar to your pooch!

why having a dog is just like having a boyfriend

Let me start with this quote by Salma Hayek, “If a man lets all of my dogs sleep in the bed with us, then that is the most romantic thing. You must love my dogs in order to love me. A man who is nice to my animals and doesn’t shoo them away – well, that’s the height of romance.”

It’s a scientifically proven fact that puppies are the cutest things to ever exist on the planet, and if you don’t think so, then you obviously don’t live on planet Earth… or you’re just more of a cat person. You’d obviously also think that your boyfriend is a cute, cuddly creature whom you can confide in, right? See, they have more in common than you think!

Why are dogs and boyfriends so similar?

Other than being cute and cuddly, there are more reasons why your furry companion is just like the guy you’re dating.

#1 You feed them. I know this one might seem pretty obvious, but it’s true. It’s one of the hardest things ever saying ‘no’ to your dog when they are just staring at you with their cute little face begging for more puppy chow or bacon bits. Just like your dog, you also feed your boyfriend.

I don’t mean relationships are still stuck in the 1950’s and women cook, men work. But the times that you do cook for your man, it’s exciting to know you’re going to make him really happy. Or, it’s always a tug on the heartstrings when you think about surprising him with his favorite dish, only to realize you don’t have the last 2 ingredients, and you’re just too tired to go back to the store for a second time, and so you tell him what you were going to make because you know, it’s the thought that counts.

#2 You train them. When you get a dog, there are basic rules you must teach him, and even more so if you have a puppy. You have to teach your dog how to sit, speak, rollover, where to use the bathroom. You want your dog to know you are its owner, and to listen to you when you call.

Having a boyfriend is basically the same way. You also have to train him. You teach people how you want to be treated, right? With your boyfriend, you teach him about yourself. How you want to be talked to, respected, how to speak to you when angry, to listen to you when you’re talking, to answer the phone if you call, to put the toilet seat back down, and whatever else. Your boyfriend eventually ‘learns’ the different tones of your voice; your angry tone, happy tone, sad tone, bitchy tone, and your come-to-me tone.

#3 You style them. It’s a popular belief that pet owners tend to look like their pets. I happen to like this idea, and find it to be pretty true. When you get a dog, you also get them an adorable collar, name tag, possibly some bows, a haircut, seasonal sweaters, Halloween outfits, water bowls, and who knows what else you might find! It’s fun giving your dog style and bringing out their “personality.”

As girls, we are tuned into fashion 24/7. With guys and fashion, we know a diamond in the rough when we see one. Just because a guy wears trucker hats, overalls, or jeans with no fit, doesn’t mean we don’t see their potential. We love taking our boyfriends shopping because we love shopping. It’s so fun picking out cute shirts, shoes, pants, and sometimes getting your guy a trendy haircut! How many times have you spotted a shirt in the men’s section that goes perfectly with a new pair of pants you just got for him?

#4 You show them off.  We all love compliments. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your house décor, cooking abilities, fashion sense, career or whatever else. So, what better way to get compliments after styling your dog or boyfriend? After sprucing them up, doesn’t it just feel great to get compliments about them when you post their photos online?

It’s not that you want to treat your dog or your boyfriend as an accessory, but getting people to notice that you can transform both your man and your furry companion feels good, doesn’t it? [Read: 25 ways to make your man feel appreciated]

#5 You confide in them. If you’ve ever found yourself talking to your dog, you’re not alone. Dogs are great listeners, and it’s like they really understand you.

Just like your dog, you also vent and talk to your boyfriend, and he listens. Sure, he may not be speaking the same language as you, especially if you’re ranting about not finding your perfect shade of nude lipstick, but at least he listens!

#6 You baby talk to them. I don’t know what it is, but anything cute in this world brings out the baby talk in us. If you love it or hate it, or don’t want to admit it, it’s cool. If you have a dog or a boyfriend or a baby, you’re automatically a baby-talker. How many times have you said the whole ‘goosy goosy goo’ comment or played ‘peek-a-boo’ with a baby, even a random one you just happen to spot at a restaurant?

Some couples annoyingly use their baby talk voice when in public, but it’s totally cool if that’s how you talk to your boyfriend when it’s just the two of you. [Read: Adorable pet names for your boyfriend]

#7 You discipline them. I know this one is always so hard to do, but sometimes we must tame the beast, no matter how cute they are. If your dog is the cutest thing in the world, but you come home and he has just torn up your new Louboutins, you’re probably going to be upset. He knows the rules, and he needs to be punished so he won’t do it again.

Just like your dog, your boyfriend also knows the rules. If you come home and his socks are all strewn about, you’re going to be annoyed. What about when he leaves all the dirty dishes in the sink? Or what about when you try calling him when he’s out and he doesn’t answer? Oh yeah, he’s going to be put in the doghouse. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl]

#8 You cuddle them. Who needs blankets when you have a dog and a boyfriend? Dogs are the best cuddle bugs around! Seriously, little or small, it’s something about the way they just seem to mold perfectly into your body.

Just like your dog, your boyfriend also makes for a great cuddle partner. Is there anything better than lying on the sofa or sleeping in on Saturday snuggled up? Who doesn’t enjoy the idea of looking just like a Hallmark card? [Read: 8 cute little habits that bring couples closer together]

#9 You spoil them. Spoiling the one you love comes naturally. Whether you want to spoil your dog with treats or with a trip to the doggy spa, or if you want to spoil your boyfriend with some sexy lingerie, it always feels good to see your beloved so happy.

Dogs and boyfriends are similar in that, in a way, they can be easy to spoil. And the smile on their face when you give them a little treat is absolutely priceless.

#10 You love them. The love you feel for your dog and your boyfriend are different, but it’s still a warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you see them. There’s just nothing like having someone to love, to cuddle with, to spoil or to just talk to, whether it’s your dog or your boyfriend. After all, it would absolutely shatter your heart if anything bad were to happen to either of them.

[Read: Different ways to say I love you without saying a single word]

One of them may be furrier than the other, and it’s not always the dog, but your dog and your boyfriend have a lot more in common than you think!

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