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Lesbian Love – What it’s Really Like to Date a Woman

Have you ever been curious to find out what it is like to date a woman? Take a look below to find out just what lesbian love is all about!

lesbian love

Lots of ladies have a fantasy about sleeping with another woman. In fact, it is one of the most common female fantasies out there. But a night of hot and steamy lesbian love is quite different to actually being in a relationship.
Are you a woman thinking that you might want to take the plunge and have a full blown lesbian relationship?

Tips for lesbian love on a first date

If you haven’t dated a woman before and wanted to understand a bit more about it, *or perhaps you have no intention of dating a woman but are just curious to find out what it is like* then read on! Here are some interesting insights and some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to lesbian love.

Let’s start with something simple – just taking her on that first date. Here are some things to think about and some handy tips of what to and not to do. [Read: 15 big lesbian myths you probably still believe]

#1 Don’t get too personal. Women like to talk about everything, right?! It is true that women tend to be more open with their feelings, and are more comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives. However, try to wait until you get to know your lady a little better before you start asking really personal questions or oversharing yourself.

If you were meeting up with anyone else for the first time, date or no date, you wouldn’t think it was acceptable to try to find out their entire dating history and all about their sex life.

Therefore, maybe stick to lighter topics of conversation and, if things go well, you can save the deep and meaningful conversation for a later date. [Read: Lesbian dating tips for the newly out lez]

#2 Be thoughtful. If you have never dated a woman before, you might not know what is appropriate. Will she want to be wined and dined? Should you pull her chair out and hold doors open for her? You need to do what feels most comfortable for you.

In heterosexual dating, we always hear of the ideal guy being a ‘gentleman,’ but the truth is, some find too much gentlemanly behavior a little patronizing and, in the worst case scenarios, sexist.

Just be thoughtful and sweet. Bring a bottle of wine if you go over for dinner, pay for her cab home if you’ve stayed out too late *or she has stayed the night at yours!* It’s the thought that counts – so be thoughtful. [Read: How do lesbians have sex? The truth about girl on girl sex]

#3 Take her on an actual date. First dates do not include getting hammered at a gay bar with all your/her friends. Go somewhere quiet where you can actually spend time getting to know one another.

You need to figure out whether this whole girl/girl dating thing is something that you want to pursue before introducing her to literally everyone you know.

#4 Don’t assume that because you are both ladies you’ll have loads to talk about. What you normally chat about with your girlfriends isn’t going to fly on a date with a woman. Prep yourself a little beforehand and think of interesting topics of conversation.

Just because you are the same sex doesn’t make keeping your chat flowing nicely along any easier. If you want to impress her, you need to be on your A game – so girly conversations about makeup and shoes just aren’t going to cut it. [Read: Flirting tips to get you some girl on girl action]

What is it like to have lesbian love?

So now that you have some tips about going on a first date with a woman, let’s move on to some of the things you’ll find out when you are actually in a steady relationship with one.

#1 You do a lot of talking. As we mentioned earlier, the majority of girls like to talk about their feelings. So if you are used to dating guys, be prepared for this aspect of your relationship to be totally different.

Being able to have open and honest conversations is rewarding, but there is a downside too. Talking about something too much can end up making mountains out of molehills. If you are both feeling emotional about something, it can be difficult for that to heal. [Read: Is she a lesbian? Clues to know for sure]

Working out how to be sensitive towards each other’s feelings *while not spending your entire relationship talking about those feelings* is a path that all lesbian love relationships have to tread carefully.

#2 You’re probably gonna cry more. Women are emotional creatures, and if there are two of you in a relationship, this means that arguments are more emotionally-driven.

While those in straight relationships might find they are more likely to get irritated with one another, lesbian relationships tend to involve more heated and passionate arguments  – but the good news is they often lead to hot and passionate sex! [Read: Reasons lesbian porn is way hotter than regular porn]

#3 You both understand periods and PMS – hooray! PMS is one of the major irritants in a lady’s life! PMS can leave you feeling exhausted, emotional, irritable, and in pain. Having a fellow sufferer right there with you is seriously helpful.

#4 Making out is amazing! Okay, so we are not dissing a good make-out session with a guy, but if you date a woman, the possibilities for making out become endless. Not only do you never have to worry about getting that super unattractive stubble rash ever again, you can also make out just about anywhere!

Ever got hot and heavy in the ladies’ room? Ever snuck into the changing room for a quick make-out session? Well now you can with ease – and doing it somewhere you are not supposed to can be seriously hot too. [Read: Why do guys drool when two girls kiss each other?]

#5 You get a second wardrobe. OK, we just had to mention it! When dating another woman you suddenly have access to a whole new wardrobe full of outfits. Even if you don’t live together, this can work out particularly well.
You know, on those nights where you think you are just going to have a date and then end up the spending the night? Well no change of clothes necessary, you can just borrow hers!

#6 You don’t have to watch sports. Okay, so we might be stereotyping a little here. But if you find the girl of your dreams, chances are those long afternoons watching soccer game after soccer game are now behind you! [Read: Sure ways to tell if you’re really bicurious]

#7 You get to have a hair-free home! So occasionally one of you might block up the shower drain with your flowing locks – and this is pretty gross we admit.

But endless cleaning of your bathroom sink trying to get rid of all those pesky beard hairs because he shaved and once again didn’t clean up after himself? Those days are gone, my friend, and that is definitely something to celebrate!

Dating a woman can be an incredible roller coaster of a ride, and it is so different than dating a man that it is almost impossible to compare the two. If you are curious about lesbian love, then hopefully the above has helped you realize what life would be like in a girl/girl relationship.

[Read: What is it like to have a lesbian experience?]

Being in a relationship with a woman is bound to have its ups and downs – just like any other. But if you think that lesbian love could work for you, then just go for it – you’ll never know until you try!

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