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Is Period Sex Worth It? 5 Reasons You Might Want to Pass

Some girls say that period sex has benefits that outweigh the mess. We say that’s a crock of sh*t. Here are 5 reasons to skip period sex.


Don’t let anyone try and sell you the story that period sex can be hot. Sure, it can be arousing and enjoyable – until it’s over and you both realize you’re sitting in a sticky mess that looks more like a massacre than the aftereffect of lovemaking. Not exactly an appetizing thought.
Period sex has gotten a positive rap these days, and while that’s awesome and everything, the reality of it makes us question if sex on your period is actually worth the fuss. Articles and experts abound tell us all the reasons why we should get down and dirty during that time of the month, including cramp reductions, bliss of orgasm, and increased intimacy. But what about the flip side of the coin?
Sure, hormones have got us girls amped up on the horny-meter during our period, but sometimes that O isn’t worth all the hassle and possibly discomfort.
5 reasons we’re ditching period sex
If your partner is willing to go down yonder and have fabulous period sex, we say all the power to you both. That being said, part of us is just over period sex and the hassle it brings. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to pass on period sex.
#1 Sex on your period… how do you bring it up? If you’ve just started seeing someone, how exactly are you supposed to bring up having sex on your period? We totally agree with the statement that if you can’t bring up X, then you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place. But seriously, even if your partner is totally down to have period sex *P.S. You have an awesome partner, if this is the case*, this conversation doesn’t exactly come up naturally in conversation. [Read: 14 tips to get your partner to open up about sex]
#2 Get ready for boring positions. While you’re bleeding from your genitals, the Passion Pretzel position is definitely getting crossed off your list. Having sex while on your period can make you feel inhibited from really letting loose and having crazy sex, because you can only really do a handful of positions: missionary or in the shower.
Sure, you can put a towel down and have him pound away doggy style, but once gravity does its thing, your love sheets are going to look more like a crime scene. [Read: 8 ways to make missionary sex magical]
#3 Cramping woes. While some theories say that the dopamine released after orgasm is a fantastic pain reliever, those who have actually *had* period sex may have the opposite opinion. According to some experts, menstrual blood flow may seem heavier and cramps more intense after having sex while on your period. Why? When you orgasm, the walls of your uterus contract and shed old tissue linings and blood quicker than normal.
Furthermore, during that time of the month, your vaginal walls become swollen and have an increased risk of becoming painfully irritated during intercourse. A penis stabbing into your cervix doesn’t help with those cramps, either. [Read: A girl’s ultimate survival guide to period woes]

#4 Not exactly feeling sexy. You’re already suffering from a bloated stomach and mind-numbing cramps in your lower back, legs, and your ovaries… now you have to try and seduce your partner? We say, “Pass!” [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]
#5 Messy sheets and messy bodies. Even if you lay down some sheets before your period romp, that doesn’t guarantee you’re going to have a mess-free bed. You and your partner are both likely to get blood on your hands, your thighs, your genitals, and other nooks and crannies better left blood-free. Sure, we’re all adults here, and yes, lots of people have regular period sex, but it might not be for everyone.
If you do go down the period sex route, we highly, highly, highly suggest using a condom for easier cleanup. That being said, depending on how heavy your flow is, you both still may need a shower afterwards.
Feeling horny? Here’s what to do instead of having period sex
If you’re still in the mood for serious passions while you’re on your period, but want get off without the aforementioned side effects, we’ve got you covered with these easy-breezy options.
-Use a vibrator. Using a bullet vibrator *or at least a vibrator that you don’t insert* is a great way to get off without the mess! Some vibrators are so strong they’ll rock your socks off, even over top of a pad! You can even involve your partner by having them sit on your chest, using their hand to vibrate your tingly bits through your pants while you pleasure them in other ways.
-Masturbate. Why not just take matters into your own hands and play with your clit during this time of the month? You can easily involve a partner or go the solo route with this pleasurable option. [Read: 10 female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]
-Showerhead. People always say to take period sex to the shower for easy cleanup. We’re taking this one literally and suggesting that you fill up your tub and pull your shower head *turned on to the jet setting* under the warm water for some orgasmic vibrations. The best part is that as soon as you’re done, just spray off! [Read: The guide to having sex on your period!]
Orgasms are awesome, but cleaning blood off your junk is not so hot. Sure, period sex can be fun, but some people also think ab crunches are fun… Will you be getting up to period sex this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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