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Is He Cheating on You with Another Woman?

It’s never easy to know if your man’s cheating. After all, cheating men have evolved to become better cheaters. So is he cheating on you with another woman?

cheating on you with another woman

Are you feeling rather suspicious about your man’s behavior recently?

It’s never easy to know if your man’s cheating on you.

But there are a few sneaky signs that cheaters give away involuntarily.

So is he cheating on you?

In most cases, a man cheats for two reasons.

He’s having a bad relationship at home and he’s found someone who “understands” him better.

Or someone he finds extremely attractive has started to show an interest in him.

If a man’s confronted with these two situations, it’s almost certain that he’d cheat, unless he really respects you a lot and loves you to bits.

But even if he does love you, there may be times when he’d just want to do it.

After all, how often can he get to make out with someone he truly admires outside the relationship?

Is he cheating on you with another woman?

Men have started to get rather clever these days, especially when it comes to infidelity and indulging in a bit of heavy petting with an attractive looker.

Want to know if he’s doing the elvis-pelvis with his underwear around his ankles?

Here are fifteen signs that will surely help clear your doubt on whether he’s cheating on you, in no time.

#1 He’s wary of his cell phone

Does he keep his cell phone close to his little heart at all times, even if he has to go to the loo or take a shower? Well, that’s weird, isn’t it? A cell phone is almost always the biggest giveaway if a guy’s having an affair.

Does he crane his neck and see what you’re up to each time you touch his cell phone? Or do you find an empty inbox or an empty call list? Or gasp, has he locked his cell phone with a secret password that he doesn’t like sharing? Any of these signs usually mean something’s fishy.

If your man is rather clever, he’d be careful about these signs. But here’s the best giveaway. When he hears a text beeping on his cell phone, especially when his phone is further away from him, does he sneak a quick glance at you first? If he does this all the time, there’s a very good chance that he’s hoping you don’t reach his phone first, even if you’re closer to his phone.

#2 That old excuse – Stuck at work

This is the lamest excuse to use, but surprisingly it’s also extremely effective. You can’t do a thing about it anyways, can you? Is he sweating his back in office for several hours after work? There’s a good chance that he’s sweating for all the wrong reasons.

But then again, this sign alone isn’t good enough to know for sure. He may truly be working late, or may even be taking dance lessons with J.Lo like Richard Gere did. That’s not cheating, that’s him wanting to become a better man.

#3 He grooms himself without any motivation

Is he spending a lot of time admiring himself in the mirror? Or has he been splurging on great looking clothes and fragrances without any reason?

It’s alright if he wants to look good, but if he’s trying to look smart all of a sudden without even consulting you, something’s probably in the air and it’s just not his new expensive cologne.

Almost all the time, when realization hits a man, he talks about it with his wife or girlfriend, be it a bulging belly or bad dressing style. But if his ego hasn’t been shattered by someone else recently and he still spends time buying clothes (even alone) or lifting weights in the basement, there’s a good chance that he’s either going through a mid life crisis or another pelvis.

#4 He’s never ready for spontaneous sex

Women can have sex, and then some more. Your man can’t do that, well, unless he’s a little horny teenager or is extremely aroused by you all of a sudden.

Long term relationship… well, what are the chances of that happening unless you’ve brought out your sexy lingerie?

Have you ever tried to initiate sex with your man after one of his late nights at work? Chances are, he won’t be ready. Well, tell him you’ll blow him and bigger chances are, he’ll do anything to push your face away. Firstly, he’s not going to get an erection. Secondly, he doesn’t want you sniffing around his privates at a time like this!

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#5 He hangs out with friends you haven’t met

Has he been having lunch with friends you haven’t met? Or does he play golf with new friends you’ve never seen? When your man is cheating on you, he wouldn’t want to involve a friend you know well or have even spoken to.

He’d be afraid that you may just end up calling his friend and asking for him. The best way for a guy to squirm out of getting caught is to create imaginary friends or use the names of new friends that he knows you haven’t met.

The next time he’s on one of his special lunches or dinners with “new friends”, call him up and tell him you’re heading out with a few friends too, but don’t tell him where you’re off to. Just tease him around for a bit.

If he’s really out with his new girlfriend, there’s a good chance that he’s going to be paranoid or even angry when you don’t tell him where you’re heading to. After all, he wouldn’t want to be caught with a steak knife for your perusal when you coincidentally enter the same restaurant.

#6 He needs a lot of privacy

Has your man become a very private person all of a sudden? Does he walk into the next room when he has to take a call from an unknown number? Or does he actually walk out of the house and into the backyard or the street if the television’s muted?

Seriously, what the heck is that supposed to mean? Men can’t help but do that when they’re having a phone conversation they shouldn’t be having. Take a peek and watch out for his expressions. Is he blushing or smiling? Unless he walks back into the room with some good news, it may mean bad news, for you.

On the other hand, if he closes the browser or shuts his laptop all of a sudden when you walk by, he’s either watching dirty videos or staring at his new sex machine’s picture or probably even chatting with her. No guy starts behaving suspiciously all of a sudden unless there is something suspicious in his life.

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So is he cheating on you with another woman? Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Read the next ten sneaky cheating signs first.

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