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Straight Girl Crush: Why It’s Important for Every Girl to Have One

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admiring a fellow woman, and developing a straight girl crush on her—it’s only natural, I swear.

straight girl crush

Typically, a straight girl crush is a female celebrity that another straight female has a crush on. Ever heard of a “girl crush”? Because it’s the same thing.

When Orange is the New Black was a huge topic of discussion, many women threw this term around when talking about Ruby Rose, who was a heavily tattooed BABE in the series. I think that since then many women have felt far more comfortable talking about their straight girl crushes. There’s nothing wrong with crushing on another woman, whether it is platonic or romantic—you do you, boo. [Read: What does it mean to have a platonic crush?]

Understanding the straight girl crush

Honestly, I’m the perviest straight girl ever. Yeah, I know “perviest” isn’t a word, but neither was “chair” until we made it one, okay? Seriously though, if I’m at the gym and a girl walks by with a nice butt, you best know that I’m checking out her butt. Not in a gross way, more in an admirable way. Like “damn, girl, booty goals,” please share your tips with me so I too can have a booty like yours. You know?

A straight girl crush is sort of like that, but a little more intense. It’s not just someone you see one time at the gym, or at the grocery store, although I suppose it could be. [Read: How to enrich your life with real friendships]

My straight girl crush(es)

You probably won’t even know who my straight girl crushes are because I don’t really follow celebrity nonsense, and honestly I always thought that idolizing celebrities was a strange concept.

It’s like they literally get paid millions of dollars for existing, because we adore them so much. Why do we adore them? Well, you know, for existing. It’s just a strange concept, because we are so out of touch with celebrities, and we don’t really know anything about them.

So, as a typical millennial, my straight girl crushes are internet celebrities. These are ladies that created an empire online and are killin’ it. I think I mostly admire their hustle, and their transparency with their followers. It’s dope. Yeah, I’m not someone who ever says “dope,” but here we are.

#1 Whitney Simmons. This girl is a babe. Straight up. She’s also cool AF, and I just want to be her friend. Is that too much to ask? She’s a fitness YouTuber that often uploads her workout routines, but also she has videos where she just chats about her life and what led her to where she is today.

I really admire her transparency about her past, and her dogs are literally adorable, so you can’t lose! I’ve definitely got a straight girl crush on her. It’s impossible NOT to! [Read: 5 unique traits that make a person trustworthy]

#2 Trisha Paytas. This one new to me, which sounds odd because Trisha has been on YouTube for YEARS! I watched her videos in my teen years, and eventually stopped because I no longer connected with her videos. I recently rediscovered her videos a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked again.

We definitely have very different values, I will say that, but honestly it’s hard NOT to respect a woman who has that much confidence in herself. It’s really quite empowering to watch her talk about her life and the things she has experienced.

#3 Karlee Holden. Again, another Youtuber. I stumbled onto her channel about a year or two ago, and I’m really not sure how because her channel was marketed as a Teen Mom channel, and I am not a teen mom. I also do not follow any other YouTubers that are teen moms, so I’m not sure how I found her, but, boy, am I glad that I did!

Karlee is a STRONG woman and I respect the crap out of her. She’s now a single mom of two young boys, and she’s just figuring life out as it comes. I can relate to that on a deep, spiritual level. [Read: What is pretty girl swag? Do you have it?]

#4 Andrea Russett. I think she was my first straight girl crush, seriously. I started watching Andrea’s YouTube videos when I was likely 14 or 15, which is a pretty vulnerable time. I found Andrea’s videos, and basically grew up watching her. She grew up alongside me *we are nearly the same age*, and it is just super neat to see the things she is doing now.

She’s just a total “girl bro.” She would be the coolest chick to hang out with, and her hair is seriously goals. Actually, scratch that–her entire appearance is goals.

Why you should also have a straight girl crush or two

Listen, you’ve been a woman for a long time now, so I assume that you know what it’s like to feel self-conscious and alone. Why would you want another woman to feel that way? I strongly believe in the importance of supporting our fellow women and building each other up.

#1 Having a straight girl crush is the epitome of supporting another woman. Even if they are a celebrity and they will never know that you admire them, putting that kind of positive energy into the world isn’t a bad thing. Admire a beautiful girl, and tell her she is beautiful. Admire a strong girl, and tell her she is strong. Admire a smart girl, and tell her she is smart.

#2 We need to make women feel like women by loving them unconditionally. Instead of shaming other women, take the time to get to know them, or if you can’t, consider the fact that there are tons of things that you don’t know about them. Be kind, because we all deserve that sort of kindness. [Read: How to grow yourself into a kind human]

#3 A girl crush can be one of your friends. This is totally fitting, because we really get to know our girlfriends, don’t we? If you’re going to have a girl crush on anybody, it might as well be someone that you highly respect and admire, right? Whoever it is, I think all women should embrace their straight girl crush, because love is intended to be shared.

[Read: How to nurture enduring friendships that last a lifetime]

I’ve shared my straight girl crush. Actually, I shared four of them. Now it’s your turn. Who is your straight girl crush and why? Perhaps you have more than one. Share the love, ladies, share the love!

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