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20 Real Girl Problems that Guys Will NEVER Understand

It’s no secret that guys and girls are different. But guys seem think they get how tough our lives can be… they’ll never understand these girl problems.

girl problems

One thing I will never truly understand about guys is how they think they understand girl problems. They think we’re crazy for getting upset over what they consider small issues. They tell us they’d never get that mad about it.
Not only does this make me want to throat punch them, it also really frustrates me because it just drives the wedge between girls and guys deeper and deeper. Honestly, how are we supposed to be with people who just don’t get our problems?
Why understanding is so crucial
Being able to understand where someone is coming from is a really vital part of the world we live in today. When we just assume everyone handles a situation the same, we forget to be empathetic and this causes MAJOR rifts between different groups of people. Mainly between men and women.
If you have understanding between two people, it’s much easier to work out differences and bond with one another. A big reason men and women get into some of the biggest arguments you’ve ever heard of is because guys just don’t understand.
Girl problems that guys will NEVER understand
Guys can relate to girls on some level, of course, otherwise we would never get along… ever. But they just don’t seem to get some of the biggest problems we have that seem to affect us the most. It’s SO frustrating.
I’m sure you can already think of a few things guys just don’t understand. But we’ve put together an entire list of problems girls have that guys will just NEVER truly understand, no matter how hard they try.
#1 Walking in heels. Unless you’re a guy that spends his nights walking around in heels, you’ll never truly understand how we have to learn to walk in them.
You should see us first try them on and attempt walking around the house looking normal—let alone trying to walk like a Victoria’s Secret model. [Read: Celebrate being a girl! 18 reasons its great to be a female]
#2 Being drunk in said heels. Not only do we learn to walk in heels on a regular basis without looking like someone that’s lost multiple toes, we also have to do this WHILE DRUNK. The fact some guys can’t even walk in normal shoes proves they’ll never be able to understand this struggle.
#3 Having to shave EVERYTHING all the damn time. I mean, guys complain enough about having to shave their face but just imagine if they have to shave their whole bodies all the time because HAIR EVERYWHERE.
#4 Skipping out on a fun occasion because you don’t WANT to shave. We’ve all done it and I guarantee all our boyfriends/the men in our lives have thought we were ridiculous for doing so. It’s okay though, you just don’t understand.
#5 Concealing a tampon to the bathroom like it’s a government secret. Girls do this all the time no matter how old we get even though everyone knows we get our periods. Guys never understand having to steal away to the bathroom like they’re holding a secret weapon of mass destruction or something. [Read: 70 things you do that probably annoy your boyfriend]
#6 The length of time needed for a pre-first date shower. First dates are important and require everything is shaved, shampooed, deep conditioned, and then doused in something that smells amazing. This takes a long time, guys.
#7 How there seems to be hair all over everything all the time. We just can’t really help this and guys won’t ever understand this girl problem of ours. Our hair falls out. We have a lot of it, and it just doesn’t all stay on our heads. Whoops.
#8 The irritation of being cat-called. Because guys think that this is a “compliment,” and they’d be “happy” to hear such things whistled from random women on the streets. Guys NEVER understand how this girl problem is just creepy.
#9 The expense and discomfort that is a bra. There is no male-equivalent of a bra. There just isn’t. They don’t have to pay $50+ for something that’s really uncomfortable to wear. In fact, that probably sounds ridiculous to them. [Read: 21 things that will turn any girl into a crazy girlfriend]
#10 Trying to decipher if the event is crop-top appropriate. Guys really never have to think about all the different options they have to wear and if something would be too inappropriate to wear. They have either “dressed-up” or “casual” to worry about.
#11 PMS. Never say you understand something that you will never physically understand. No, PMS isn’t just about when we get cranky and more irritable. There are SO many other things that go along with it that you’ll never truly understand.
#12 Having a hard time getting off. For guys, it’s somewhat of an easy thing to do. They have sex for a few minutes and are more than ready to finish. Girls, on the other hand, take a lot longer to finish and guys just never understand WHY it’s so much harder for us. Such a pity. [Read: How to give yourself an orgasm: 15 sizzling hot tips]
#13 Being friends with people we dislike. Yes, we have friends we complain about and don’t exactly want to be around. Nevertheless, we are friends with them for certain reasons, like the fact that some of them may get us discounts to Sephora. Guys don’t understand why we’d be so annoyed to be friends with someone.
#14 Romantic comedies. We love them, okay?! They give us the emotional romance fantasies we so desperately need—but never get—from you. They make us have hope for real romance.
#15 Dealing with being slut-shamed. Guys get a high five, pat on the back, and mad props back in the locker room where girls get called mean names and a bad reputation. This is something that guys will truly never, ever understand in this society. [Read: Slutty girls: 12 positive lessons we can learn from them]
#16 Curling our eyelashes. For some reason, guys are blessed with eyelashes they just don’t deserve. They have these long, curling lashes that don’t require even the tiniest bit of mascara or curling to look amazing. That’s why they’ll never understand why ladies put a device that looks like it’s intended for torture on their eyes.
#17 Feeling unsafe walking around at night. Girls have a fear of walking around at night. We just feel unsafe doing so based upon the time most attacks happen. Guys don’t really have this fear because there’s never been much of a reason for them to have it. They just don’t get this because they’ve never had to fear it.
#18 Standing up for ourselves and being called a bitch for it. Guys get called “authoritative” or even “courageous” for standing up for themselves and what they believe in. When girls do it, we are called a bitch and shunned. Guys just don’t understand this girl problem. [Read: Boss bitch: 22 quick fixes to transform yourself into one]
#19 Birth control. Sure, guys understand condoms as a form of birth control, but they just don’t get having to visit the doctors and figure out what form of birth control is not only best for them, but one we actually can afford.
#20 That awkward feeling when you think you’ve bled through your pants during that time so you have to check yourself or get a friend to. Don’t even argue, fellas. There’s no debating that you’ll never be able to relate to this problem girls have.
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Some guys will just never understand girl problems. These are some of the biggest problems ladies face on a day-to-day basis that guys are just utterly clueless about.

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