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Fun Girls’ Night In: 8 Amazing Ideas for a Night Together

Treating your girls is just as important as spending time with your mate! Here are 8 awesome girls’ night in ideas for your next get-together.

girls night in

Your girlfriends have always been there for you. They know your inside jokes, your relationship habits, your past heartaches, and your favorite cocktail! At LovePanky, we have a passion for maintaining romantic relationships, but what about your relationships with your friends? We say a good girls’ night in is just as important as making a date night with your man!

Being a good friend means balancing time between your romantic relationships and your friendships with your girls. That being said, heading out dancing every time you want to hang out with your besties can get a little draining on your wallet—and your legs! That’s why we’re looking at 8 amazing girls’ night in ideas for your next get-together.

Girls’ night in ideas

While the old standby *bottle of wine and a chick flick* certainly seems to do the trick, there’s nothing wrong with spicing up your usual girls’ night in routine. Here are some different approaches to your girls’ night in, bachelorette party, or general no-boys-allowed sleepover!

#1 The Pinterest cooking challenge. This deliciously fun take on a girls’ night in involves two things most girls adore: Pinterest, and cooking. Scour Pinterest for some bangin’ recipes and assign one course to each girlfriend: starter, side dish, entrée, and dessert.

Be sure to have your best playlist humming in the background and an open bottle of Pinot Grigio on hand during the cooking process. We promise it’ll make your night that much better. Once you’ve all eaten to satisfaction, have everyone write down an anonymous vote and see who conquered their Pinterest recipe best!

#2 Movie night with the girls. We admit: a movie night is definitely a little mundane when it comes to hanging with the ladies… but it’s a classic for a reason! You just need to learn how to spice it up. First, have a popcorn bar handy. [Read: 14 movies you should watch for a good cry session]

Pop a couple of bags of popcorn and pour them into a fancy bowl. Then have popcorn toppings and tablespoons ready in ramekins nearby. Toppings can include M&Ms, white chocolate chips, caramel sauce, peanuts, gummy bears, Reese’s Pieces, Kit Kat bar chunks, and marshmallows. Then find a fabulous, pink cocktail you can make at home and serve! Some great ideas for pink party drinks include:

a. Cotton candy champagne cocktail. Tear off a small ball of pink cotton candy and stuff it into your champagne flute. Pour champagne over it for a yummy, girly ladies’ night drink.

b. The charleston pink lady. 3 shots of gin, 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream, a splash of applejack, and a teaspoon of grenadine. Shake, strain, and serve!

c. Pink lemonade margarita. 4 cups of lemonade, 2 cups of triple sec, 1 cup of lime juice, 2 cups of tequila, and salt and lime for garnish. Shake, mix with ice, and serve.

Movie night just got a whole lot better. *If that’s even possible.*

#3 Classic game night—with a twist. What could be better than a drunken game night with the ladies? Bust out the wine and get down to business with your favorite games. Spice up a regular game night by incorporating sassy games like Cards Against Humanity, Quelf, Poker, I’ve Never…, or Apples to Apples. Or you can stick to old but fun ladies’ night choices like Balderdash, Yahtzee, or Poker!

#4 Ladies’ night clothing swap. Is your wardrobe feeling stale? Clean out your closet and dump your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories into a laundry basket *or, let’s be real, a garbage bag* and have your friends do the same. Then convene during your girls’ night in and have a major clothing swap!

#5 Makeovers: strobing and upping your brow game. YouTube beauty gurus exist for a reason, and that reason is called girls’ night. Scour beauty videos of your favorite gurus, choose the hardest looks to recreate, and have all of your friends practice the looks on one another. Practice, practice, practice until those brows are on fleek!

#6 Pinterest fails. Have you ever seen the popular “Pinterest fail” posts on blogs and social media outlets? Basically, you take supposedly ingenious life and beauty hacks, such as easy braided hairstyles, swirl nails, muffin tin eggs, or sprinkle lips, and document your success—or lack thereof. If all goes well, you’ll discover some fabulous new lifehacks to share, and if all goes how we think it will… well, at least you’ll be in for a hilarious night!

#7 Throw a pleasure party. Alright, before things get a little too “Girls Gone Wild” for your tastes, let us explain. No, we’re not suggesting you switch teams for the night and have a go with your girlfriends. Instead, why not have an expert host a pleasure party?

Basically, a fun and sassy sales rep will come in and showcase a huge collection of sex toys, games, and little extras *such as candles* up for sale! This naughty night in with the girls makes for an even naughtier date night with your man! [Read: How to plan the perfect sex toy party with your friends]

#8 Girls night in ideas: Oscar night! With the Oscars looming on the horizon, why not throw an Oscar-themed party? Gear up to watch a handful of Oscar-nominated flicks *or watch the Oscars themselves* with the gals—and don’t forget the ambiance! Decorate your living room with some black, white, and gold decor that the Great Gatsby would be jealous of, and have your friends come dressed to the nines in their best Oscar-worthy dresses.

If you are watching the Oscars live, make sure all your girls fill out an Oscar ballot and keep score throughout the night. Have a gold-spray-painted, naked Ken doll ready to present to the winner with the most correct guesses!

Girls’ night in doesn’t have to be same old hat. Whether you’re celebrating or just plain hanging out, make your next ladies’ night memorable with these awesome girls’ night in ideas.

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