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Female Supremacy: Is There a Need for It or Is It Just a Fallacy?

The sexes were created for the survival of the human species, and it has worked out pretty well. Why does there need to be male or female supremacy?

female supremacy

Every time I sit in a group of women, and the subject turns to politics or world events, someone inevitably proclaims, “If women were in charge of the world, there would be no such thing as war.” It isn’t that I don’t subscribe to the notion that women are, by nature, more caring, but the whole notion of female supremacy is lost on me.

6 reasons why I don’t believe in female supremacy

Sure, I think women are fantastic, especially me, but we all have our downfalls. Able to multitask and get things done, I am quite sure the world truly would fall to shit if we weren’t around. But, I also know that when my car is broken, or I see “assembly required,” I look around for the male in my house. Putting things together and focusing are two things that are not my strengths.

#1 Why does someone have to be supreme? The first question I would like to address is why does someone have to be supreme? The sexes are obviously not the same, no matter how much some feminists would like to convince us they are. That does not mean that they are not equal, but equal in different ways.

Equal doesn’t mean that two people must be the same. It means that they both have equal strengths and weaknesses. As much as you don’t like that a man thinks they are supreme, they don’t like you saying you are. Can’t we all just find a way to meet in the middle and stop the insidious competition of male or female supremacy? After all, competition is supposed to be a male trait, no? [Read: Gender benders, stop trying to convince me gender doesn’t exist]

#2 Women are moody. I am just going to put it out there, women are moody creatures. If you think you aren’t, you are likely the moodiest of us all. When women get moody, they don’t always make the best decisions.

Because we are creatures guided by emotions, when we let them overtake our reason, we don’t always behave, well, rationally. So, for all those people who believe if a woman were in charge, there wouldn’t be any war, l beg to differ.

That doesn’t make us the weaker sex by any stretch, but it also means we aren’t always the best ones to be in charge or superior. [Read: Is it a boom or bust to date feminine men?]

#3 Who would do the hunting and gathering? It isn’t just my opinion that males and females were made differently for the survival of the species. It is a fact. Men were made for the hunting, gathering, and protecting. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I don’t think that I can hunt, gather, and protect if I had to, but that isn’t what I am built for, nor is it my strong suit.

I am a multi-tasker who runs the house, gets the kids where they need to be, and cooks up dinner. But, the fact that I would bet ten to one that a man slaughtered whatever it is that I am cooking up, tells me that I am equal in what I contribute, but not always “supreme.” [Read: 20 toxic male traits that are actually healthy]

#4 I’m quite sure that there would still be war if women ruled the world. There is a reason why they have the saying “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.” It is because it is true. Women can be just as vengeful and nasty as men. In fact, in my experience, we can even be more so during that time of the month. There are some women I could see starting WWIII because the leader of another country said her ass was fat.

Sorry, it is just the truth. Although we tend to care more and see humanity in the people who are out on the battlefield, when push comes to shove, you threaten my country, my family, my world, and I have an obligation to strike.

The argument that women would always be capable of finding peaceful resolutions simply doesn’t work for me. [Read: Don’t be one of these women, please!]

#5 Men are the great equalizer. When women are in their moods, and things get away from them, it is the men in their life who either step in to release the pressure or to equalize them.

Whether it is the man who shows up to fix your leaky water heater, your husband who makes something that is a huge deal at the moment disappear because he comes in and takes over, or the friend who tells you the truth without you getting all bitchy, men have a way to neutralize a situation before it gets out of control.

It isn’t that women can’t talk you off the bridge. It is just that they might feed into it a little too much, say what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear, and can be, well, catty. Men are our yin to their yang, which makes us equal, not superior. [Read: Why it feels oh-so-good to date the bad boy]

#6 Any woman lies if she says she can live completely without men. I don’t care if you are single, divorced, married, or a lesbian, if you say you could exist completely without men, you are forgetting how valuable they are.

There is a reason why children raised in families where there is a man and woman involved in their upbringing are better adjusted, have a higher sense of self-esteem, and are more mentally healthy. That again is evolution taking hold. It isn’t that you NEED a man. It is that they are critical to the family unit and society, just as much as you are.

Statistics time and time again, show children need the presence and attention of both their mother and father when possible. Having a male and female role model just makes for a better community all the way around. That makes us equal, not one superior over the other.

I know as a woman that it sometimes feel like you are treated as the weaker sex. I do, but backlashing by insisting on female supremacy is not the answer. We all hate to be “mansplained” to, passed over for promotions simply because of our genitalia, and thought of as too emotional to be taken seriously. But, as much as you hate feeling inferior, so do men. [Read: Mansplaining and 20 ways to spot a dick when you’re talking to one]

There are always going to be men out there that make you feel less than, but that is their hang up and their own inferiority complex shining through. Women deserve the respect of the men around them, not because they are superior, but because they are equal. Different yes, equal, yes, superior, no. But, neither sex is.

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Each sex has their part to play, and without them, we would have surely died out. Be who you are and celebrate your talents and stop worrying about female supremacy.

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