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Dry Down There All of a Sudden? 11 Ways to Go from Parched to Peachy

Your vagina maintains a careful pH, but sometimes it fluctuates. If you’re wondering why you’re dry down there all of a sudden, don’t worry! It’s normal!

dry down there all of a sudden

There’s a myth about vaginas that every woman walks around with a wet vagina. Listen, that’s not how things work. If your vagina is wet all the time, that’s an issue all on its own! So, if it feels like you’re dry down there all of a sudden, you may be suffering from vaginal dryness, a condition that’s way more common than you might think! Of course, women don’t tend to walk into a room and ponder ‘why am I dry down there all of a sudden’, as though they’re complaining about a headache! Perhaps that why so many women wonder about it and worry for little reason. 

We understand this probably isn’t something you want to talk about with your parents or friends. It can feel like an awkward and embarrassing topic to bring up. But just because it’s not the main topic of discussion at Christmas dinner doesn’t mean it’s not something you want to know about. [Read: 7 Problems “down there” that you shouldn’t ignore]

Let’s talk about your vagina

Your vagina is a reproductive organ which means you need to keep it in tip-top shape if you want to have children in the future or just a happy vagina in general. [Read: There are 5 types of vaginas in the world: Which one is yours?]

It’s a false idea that you have to keep cleaning your vagina carefully every single day and use all manner of products to do so. That’s probably going to do more harm than good! Of course, you should wash daily but you don’t need to constantly scrub away! You also need to steer clear of perfumed products – water will do the trick.

There reason is because your vagina is self-cleaning. It’s a very clever thing! The lubrication that your vagina produces isn’t just to make sex pleasurable and comfortable. It’s to help keep things clean and healthy too. That’s why you should always keep an eye on any odd colors to your discharge or any nasty niffs. That could indicate an infection or something which just need a little attention; although it’s important to remember that all vaginas smell slightly differently!

The bottom line is that every woman’s vagina is different and as long as nothing untoward is going on, it’s all good and normal. But, if you’re wondering why you’re dry down there all of a sudden, it pays to be informed about the reasons. [Read: How to get really wet fast by yourself: A dry girl’s wet guide]

Why am I dry down there all of a sudden? 11 Potential reasons

Vaginal dryness is a common condition. Usually, vaginal dryness is associated with menopause, but menstruating women also experience vaginal dryness too. So, women of all ages are experiencing an uncomfortable dryness in their vagina. Just another wonderful reason to celebrate womanhood! You’re not alone however, so don’t be too concerned or worried.

Before you think you’re the only one and stare at your vagina with frustration, it’s important to know the root causes of vaginal dryness. That way, you can figure out the right treatment to reduce the dryness. No one wants a dry vagina, so let’s fix it! [Read: What does a vagina feel like? 21 Confessions from men]

1. Are you on birth control?

Ding, ding, ding! Vaginal dryness is a major side effect of birth control. If you just started taking birth control and notice your vagina is drier than usual, this is the reason why.

Birth control is known for reducing vaginal lubrication. If this is the reason, the only thing you can do is either find a different contraceptive or use lubricant. [Read: How to choose the best birth control for you]

2. Lack of arousal

Your dry vagina could be because of many reasons, did you ever think it was because you lack arousal in the bedroom? When aroused, the vagina is supposed to self-lubricate so that the penis can enter inside the vagina. If this is the case, the solution is easy. Spice up the action or give yourself a little more time to get in the mood! [Read: Arousing ways to get and stay horny] 

3. You’re stressed out

Yeah, stress is a killer. Not only can stress make you physically ill and anxious, but it can also dry out your vagina. The human body is crazy, right? But why does stress affect the vagina in this way? Well, when a woman is stressed out, it reduces the blood flow to the vagina; hence, the vagina dries itself out. If you’re stressing out, find ways to cope by doing yoga, meditation, or going on walks.

Do you smoke and drink regularly?

If you’re a heavy drinker, you’ll want to ease up on the booze. If you want a healthy and happy vagina, smoking and drinking aren’t going to help you out. Cigarettes decrease circulation while drinking decreases your sensations, which create dryness. 

Is it allergy season?

Weird, right? Well, if it’s allergy season and you see your vagina drying out, it’s because of the allergy and cold medication you’re taking. Allergy medication contains antihistamines which dry out mucus in your sinuses and vagina. Vaginal dryness is actually a common side-effect, though it’s usually not written on the bottle. [Read: Body trends: Plastic surgery for your genitals?]

6. It’s because of the douche

No, not the guy you’re seeing right now, I’m talking about douching. You may think it’s old school, but it’s more common than you think. In the United States alone, approximately one in four women douche between the ages of 15 to 44. You may think it’s cleaning your vagina, but in reality, it’s just causing it to dry out.

7. You’ve had a baby

If you’ve had a baby, someone probably told you how your vagina is different after birth. Well, they were right. A pregnant woman just spent nine months of hormone overload and during the birth, released fluids she’s had inside of her throughout the pregnancy. And it’s because of this that vaginal dryness occurs.

8. You’re menstruating

Women have a lot to deal with, right? It’s like it never ends. You can also have vaginal dryness during menstruation. This is because of the decrease in hormones during this time. If you’re having your period and drier than usual, it’s okay. [Read: 10 Quick ways to make a girl feel better on her period]

9. You’re working out too much

There’s a difference between a healthy level of physical activity and when you’re going overboard. If you’re working out six hours a day, that’s too strenuous. Now, if you’re working out strenuously, be warned that your vagina is going to pay the price. Think “everything in moderation.”

10. You’re in menopause mode

If you’re over the age of fifty, your body is preparing for menopause by reducing the production of hormones in your body. When you enter menopause, you’ll experience your vagina’s sensitivity, lubrication, and elasticity change. If your vagina isn’t producing lubrication, your vagina will feel dry. [Read: What women wish men understood about the female body]

11 You’re allergic to your soap

You definitely didn’t expect to read this. Douching? Fine. But because of soap? Well, it’s true. Harsh chemicals can be very aggressive in the vagina which causes many problems. Change to a natural body soap that won’t aggravate the vagina. Or better still, stick to water. Remember, your vagina cleans itself!

When should you seek out help?

For the most part, vaginal dryness isn’t a huge issue and usually eases and goes away on its own, once you know the root cause. However, there are some cases when a little extra help may be needed. There are a few conditions which can cause vaginal dryness, so heading to see your doctor to have a check up isn’t a bad idea if you’ve tried everything we’ve talked about above and nothing seems to help. [Read: Why to expect at your first gynecologist appointment]

Overall, vaginal dryness isn’t particularly dangerous but it is uncomfortable. It’s also going to make it easier for you to experience painful sex and you might even notice that you experience thrush more often, which is no fun for anyone.

So, if you’re at all worried or you’ve tried the tips above and they didn’t work for you, simply make an appointment to see your doctor and have a quick check up. From there, you can work out the best way to treat your vaginal dryness and get back to being moist – yes, that is a horrible word!

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Vaginal dryness is no joke. Okay, there are plenty of jokes about it, but seriously it’s uncomfortable. Find out why it’s dry down there all of a sudden and get her back to normal.

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