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50 Super Cute Things to Call Your Boyfriend He’ll Love to Hear

Pet names aren’t for everyone. Some people cringe at the thought. Get it right with these 50 cute things to call your boyfriend and avoid embarrassment. 

cute things to call your boyfriend

Isn’t it cute when a girl calls her boyfriend by a cute pet name? Well, I suppose it depends on who you ask. Some words strike guys the right way, and others turn them off completely. Nicknames can be cute, but they can also sound like nails on a chalkboard to a guy who thinks they are embarrassing. Learn some cute things to call your boyfriend that don’t make him cringe every time he hear hears them.

Don’t be that girl who calls her boyfriend something that will make other guys call him names.

Pick something cute, but not embarrassing, to create intimacy in your relationship.

Having cute names for each other can be the catalyst for enhancing your relationship, but it also has the potential to make him want to run screaming like the house is on fire.

Use this guide to learn the secrets behind creating your own unique and personal pet name that your boyfriend would love: Cute pet names and how to pick the right kind of personal pet name that has a very real meaning behind it

How do cute things to call your boyfriend increase intimacy?

There are no specific rules to pet names. You can do whatever you want with them and go for it.

However, if you want to increase intimacy in your relationship, it’s best to proceed with caution. Firstly, choose a name your boyfriend actually likes. The forthcoming list of cute things to call your boyfriend should help you with that!

Secondly, are you going to call him this in private or in public?

Having a private pet name for one another, something only the two of you know, can be very advantageous. When you whisper it in his ear when you’re out in public, it’s like a small secret that only you two know.

However, if you go for a name you call him in public, it’s also working in the same way because it’s like an ‘in’ joke, something that’s reserved for you two. It’s not like his friends or yours are going to start calling him by that name – well, hopefully not anyway! [Read: 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

The key to using pet names for intimacy building is not to tell anyone else why you’ve chosen that name. It has to have something that’s unique to your boyfriend and that means something to you both.

If anyone ever asks why you call him that, just smile enigmatically and change the subject!

Try one of these 50 cute things to call your boyfriend

The key to finding the thing that makes him smile is knowing who he is and what he wants. If he is a guy that is okay with putting your relationship out there for display, then using a nickname is fair game in any instance.

However, if he is more of a “guy’s guy,” he may prefer that whatever name you find for him be kept between the two of you.

Whether you speak the name in public or not, sometimes, the things that are secret to only the two of you are more fun.

It can become some of the glue that binds you together. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out the list below and see if any names jump out to you. [Read: 25 awesome ways to keep a guy hooked and happy in love]

1. Handsome

Handsome is one of those old-school words that we just don’t use very much anymore. Being replaced by “hot,” handsome can make your guy feel more like an old spice type than an “Axe” one.

2. His first initial

There is something cute about shortening his name. But, instead of using the first few letters, or putting a twist on them, just use the first letter initial.

If his name is James, simply call him “J.” Short and sweet, there isn’t anything embarrassing about that! [Read: What do girls like to be called? 27 cute terms of endearment all girls love]

3. Darling

Again, an oldie but a goodie. Darling lets him know he is dearest to your heart. This may not be too unique, but it is still one of those perfectly cute things to call your boyfriend.

4. Everything

If he is everything to you, let him know in one simple word.

5. Hotness

If getting close to him makes you feel hot and bothered, then hotness is the perfect thing to call him. [Read: 50 dirty and sexy things to say to your boyfriend]

6. Good looking

Good looking is something cute that will catch his attention, say it once, or make that your special name for him.

7. Hun

Honey is the old-fashioned name for your mate. Hun is a shorter version and won’t remind him of the “honey do” list that comes after a commitment.

8. Lips

If your lips crave his and sometimes you just want to sit around and watch them as he talks, call him lips so he knows how hot those smackers are. [Read: Lip biting: The scientific explanation as to why it’s oh so sexy]

9. Ironman

Even if he is no athlete, if he is as strong as iron, Ironman is the perfect thing to call him. This is a different version of cute things to call your boyfriend.

10. Charming

Prince Charming may be a little over the top, but if he is your prince then Charming will do. [Read: 72 cute and sweet things to say to your boyfriend]

11. Flip

If the sight of him makes your heart flip, then let him know by calling him flip.

12. More

As in “love you more.” Using this as a nickname will let him know that you simply can’t get enough of him.

13. Knockout

Tough enough to knock someone out, he also knocks out your sensibilities whenever he is around. [Read: How to find true love: 20 foolproof lessons you need to learn]

14. My love

There is something very binding about calling him “my love.” Not as over the top as I love you all the time, it will remind him that he is loved and also is your one and only. This is one of the cute things to call your boyfriend, for sure!

15. My hero

If he is always there to be your knight in shining armor, then tell him so by calling him your hero. [Read: 60 cute, sweet and sexy nicknames all girls love to be called]

16. Cutes

Something quick that rolls off your tongue, Cutes can be the thing that tells him both how he looks and how he makes your heart soar.

17. Mr Right

If he is the man that you have been looking for your entire life, then let him know.

18. Sweets

Sweet as sugar? Then sweets it is. [Read: 11 sweet and intimate ways to show how much you care]

19. Sexy

Although sexy is something that is usually a term for girls, guys can be just as sexy and can make your heart go pitter-patter.

20. Sugar

If he is sweeter than you can even ask for, then this is the name for him! [Read: 24 romantic things to do for your sweet boyfriend]

21. Sunshine

If your sun rises and sets for him, then he is your personal sunshine.

22. Superstar

Better than an athlete shooting the three-pointer, if he is your superstar and saves the day every time, Superstar is one of the perfect cute things to call your boyfriend.

23. Alpha

The guy who is the alpha male in any situation deserves to be called it.

24. Smooth

Short for smooth operator, this is for the guy who knows how to operate everything with perfection. [Read: How to talk smooth with women]

25. Sunday

Nothing is better than curling up on the couch together on a Sunday afternoon. Remind him that he is the only one you want there at the end of a long week.

26. Gorgeous

Who doesn’t want to be gorgeous? He might not act like he loves it, but deep down, he thinks it is awesome that you feel that way about him.

27. One

If he is your one and only let him know! [Read: 25 ways to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for]

28. Maverick

For the guy who went to great lengths to win your heart, Maverick it is!

29. Risky

A guy who is up for any adventure and isn’t afraid to try something new should be called “Risky.” It’s one of the cute things to call your boyfriend but it has a rugged edge too.

30. Butter

If he is as yummy as butter and gives you butterflies, then this is another one of the cute things to call your boyfriend. [Read: 13 Very romantic dinner date ideas for two]

31. Toughie

A man who is tough and rugged will love it when you call him his best traits.

32. Squishy

If he’s so damn lovable you just want to squish him, then Squishy is the perfect name to call him.

33. Super

Superman is so overused. He isn’t a superhero, but he is your hero, and he is super. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

34. Awesomeness

The guy who is awesome at being everything you need, should be called awesomeness.

35. Tallie

If you are his shortie, then he is your tallie, right?

36. Thumper

Everyone will think it is because he knows the golden rule, but you call him Thumper because he makes your heart go thump, thump, thump.

37. Mine

The guy you want to have around forever and be just yours should have this stamped on him so other girls know to back off! [Read: 6 Spot-on tips on raising the idea of being exclusive]

38. Hips

He not only has amazing hips, but he knows how to use them in just the right way? Call him hips to tell him he is awesome in bed. This is one of the cute things to call your boyfriend that he will actually like!

39. Wonder

Only some guys know what the song wonderland means. If he takes the time to make your body a wonderland, then call him wonder and give him a little praise for his hard efforts.

40. Bear

If he can tear someone up if he wanted to, but is also cuddly and cute, then he is your bear. Another of the cute things to call your boyfriend! [Read: Tips for turning a guy on]

41. All

For the guy who is all you will ever need, All is sweet and short.

42. Rugged

If he can start a fire from twigs and is the ultimate hunter and gatherer, then rugged should be his name.

43. Old man

If he acts like an old man even in his twenties, it is cute to call him old man, because that is the opposite of what he actually is. It can sometimes lighten his mood too.

44. Adore

If he is so adorable you want to eat him up, then adore is a short version that is much cuter. One of the great things to call your boyfriend. [Read: How to make your boyfriend want you more than ever]

45. Smiley

If he is the thing that makes you smile, call him smiley.

46. Babe

Cool and tough, calling someone babe is so “James Dean.”

47. Grow

The guy you want to keep growing a relationship with, and eventually grow old with, should be called grow.

48. Magic

If his effect on you is like magic, he makes everything better instantly, magic it is. [Read: 25 tips to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for]

49. Eyes

The guy who has those eyes that just melt your soul should be called out for it. Eyes is the perfect way to tell him his windows to the soul tell you he is your soul mate.

50. My only

He’s your one and only, so why not make that his name? It’s one of the cute things to call your boyfriend that rings true.

Finding cute things to call your boyfriend that both you and he think is cute can be tough. Guys are, well, tough, and want to appear that way to their friends.

If you are going to call him something cute just make sure that you say it at the right time to make him feel good instead of saying it at the wrong and taking the chance of embarrassing him in front of his friends.

[Read: How to keep a guy interested in 30 super sexy ways]

A good pet name can create intimacy between you and your boyfriend, and it tells him how incredible you think he is. So melt his heart by picking one of these cute things to call your boyfriend!

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