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10 Big Perks of Having a Guy Best Friend in Your Life

Are you wary of having a guy best friend? Read these 10 big perks and you’ll see that having a guy best friend can do more good than bad in so many ways!

guy best friend

There’s something incredibly relaxing about being friends with a guy you’re not even remotely attracted to. He may be a friend you’ve known since grade school, or just a guy you immediately clicked with.

But instead of going down the dating route, you realize that you’re both actually enjoying just being really good friends.

Having a guy best friend may be something a lot of people don’t believe in. Tons of people often think that two people of the opposite sex will inevitably be attracted to each other.

But that’s because they have no idea about the unique perks you get when your best friend just happens to be a dude.

The 10 big perks of having a guy best friend in your life

No idea what we’re talking about? As surprising as the idea may seem like to you, have a look at all the awesome things that happen when your best bud happens to be a guy!

#1 They’re expert text decoders. Women often try to interpret the seemingly straightforward but possibly subtly cryptic texts they get from guys. Why isn’t there a smiley face? Why did he say “hey there” instead of just “hi”? Why did he take three hours to respond to your text? Your girlfriends can be speculating about all sorts of scenarios and hidden meanings behind these texts.

With guys, on the other hand, one look is often all it takes. The reason behind this is simple: most guys have a very similar texting style. Chances are, a guy best friend would know right off the bat if the text is just a straightforward response or a subtly veiled invitation to something more. [Read: 20 secret things guys really wish girls knew about guys!]

#2 They can interpret mixed signals from guys. It’s most often a guy that would tell you that if he leaves room for doubt if he’s into you or not, he probably isn’t into you. He’ll tell it as it is without trying to sugarcoat it just to keep from hurting your feelings.

It’s this bluntness in the way that guys say things that would make you want to have a guy around to just tell you the honest *and oftentimes brutal* truth.

#3 He can give you an idea of what guys do when they’re not out on a date with you. When you’re wondering what your guy is up to, your mind can just go crazy with the possibilities. And if you’re particularly paranoid, you might start believing that he’s hanging out with another girl when he’s not replying to your texts.

A guy best friend can calm you down by saying, with full confidence, that he’s probably just playing Grand Theft Auto 5 for the third hour today. You may be incredulous, but when you learn from your guy best friend that this is actually something that he does, then you’re more likely to believe it by seeing it.

#4 He can explain why some guys are into certain things. You may think that things like sports, MMA, video games and other typically guy hobbies are boring. You’d probably wonder why guys go berserk whenever a bunch of guys fight it out in a giant cage in front of millions of people. In comes your guy best friend who can patiently explain why so many other guys are into this sort of thing.

Aside from explaining these typical hobbies to you, he can also educate you about the basics of what’s going on. For instance, you’re crushing on a guy who’s obsessed with the NBA, but you have no clue who’s who and what’s what.

Ask your guy friend, and he can explain the fundamentals to you without having to try and dumb it down. Armed with your newfound knowledge on the NBA, you can have a little more confidence in starting a conversation with your crush. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use with a guy you like]

#5 There’s minimal drama. When was the last time you hung out with a bunch of guys and ended up debating over whether one of them should break up with his girlfriend? Probably never. The thing with guys is that when they have a problem, they usually just try to handle it on their own. Failing that, they ask for advice and other guys just give them super simple tips on how to go about solving it.

For example, a guy is worried that his girlfriend might be cheating on him. He asks his buddies for help. His buddies would probably say something along the lines of, “You got proof? No? You’re probably paranoid.” And that’s that. There’s no talk of reading the signs or subtle ways she might be hiding it.

#6 They tell it like it is. If you ask your girl friends how you look while trying on outfits, they can be pretty creative with their compliments. And if they don’t like what you tried on, they will almost always say it in a positive tone like, “Maybe you should try something less hip-hugging?” or “I think it’s the print that’s making you look wider.”

Ask a guy how you look, and he’ll just outright say what’s on his mind. He won’t be afraid to say that something is too short, too tight, too loose or too loud. He may not be an expert when it comes to cuts and fabrics, but he’ll tell it to you straight when something looks downright ugly!

#7 You can eat anything when you’re with them. In a group of girl friends, ordering a steak while one of them is on a diet will get you the side eye. Sometimes, you may be too shy to order a ton of food if your friends are just having a light lunch. But with guys and their huge appetites, your puny regular meal will look like a snack compared to what they’ll be getting!

#8 He can be your pretend boyfriend. When you’re hanging out at the bar and some guy just won’t leave you alone, you can count on your guy best friend to bail you out. All he has to do is hang around and pretend to be your boyfriend. An arm around your shoulder or simply leaning your head against his arm already sends signals that you’re “taken”.

The presence of another guy looking super comfortable around you should be enough to make all those other guys leave you alone. And if it’s a matter of making some creep stop calling you, you can ask your guy best friend to pick up the phone and pretend to be your boyfriend too! [Read: How to stop a guy from flirting or hitting on you]

#9 He’s your automatic date to events. When you’re single, it can be hard to find a date to an event without the guy thinking that you like him. With a guy best friend, he gets a free pass to an event and a chance to hang out with you.

If you bring a guy you’re not close to, you may not be as carefree as you want to be. But if it’s your guy best friend, you can dance the night away, have as many glasses of wine as you like and maybe even find attractive singles you can end up hooking up with! [Read: 5 tips to pick the right guy and 19 tips to hook up with him]

#10 He can introduce you to his single friends, and you can introduce him to yours. As best friends, you can enter his social circle as often as you like. And by doing this, you can get to know a lot more people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Since your best friend is pretty cool, the odds are in your favor when it comes to spotting other eligible guys who are just as cool. And the best part about this is that when you meet someone new, he won’t have to be jealous of your guy best friend since he’s the reason you met in the first place!

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So really, when there’s so much good in having a guy best friend, is there any reason to not have one?!

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