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Beauty lies in the Eyes of your Friends

Do your friends and you usually fall in love with the same man? Or all of you share similar crushes? Perhaps it’s because beauty lies in the eyes of your friends when it comes to women and the attraction to men, says Margaret Davies.

the problems of having similar crushes

I’m sure you’re well aware of the “Rating Game”, and I’m pretty sure you’ve played that often. It must have been something to just sit down and make the guys conscious for once, wasn’t it? Now let’s get to the rating part. If you could remember, in most cases, your decisions about the best looking guys in the campus were unanimous. Even if at first, you had your disagreements, over time you and all of your friends started liking the same guys.

Now let’s talk about the bunch of hot guys on the telly. If one of the girls in your gang starts liking a guy on a show, inadvertently all of you start falling in love with the same guy. He could be ordinary to look at, there may even be better looking guys on the same show, but then, you just don’t know why all of you like just that one guy.

It might be nothing unusual and you might think that all of you like the same guy because you share the same choices in men, but there could be more than just similar thoughts when you’re looking for a good catch, on the telly or in real life.

Picture the classic image of a group of girls, all of them cooing and sighing over the latest heartthrob. Perhaps Robert Pattinson, Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp, but definitely not Tom Cruise. But Tom was fabulous and girls couldn’t help but cry watching him in Jerry Maguire. Perhaps, his scientology addiction and the ‘Oprah Jump’ embarrassed his crazy fans and his rating might have spiraled downwards. Maybe that got all the women bored of him, but then again, how many of them actually hated the fact that he jumped up and down the couch? Not too many, I’m afraid. So why did he drop down the rating charts over the last few years?

Your Friends’ Eyes

The reason why all the women in a group end up liking the same celebrity or guy could actually be because of a bigger reason than just having the same thoughts and choices. But it is certain that women look favorably at men who are appreciated by other women. That’s the reason why there’s just one quarterback and just one class president recognized by all the girls while you were in school.

It has been seen through studies that women always fancy men who are fancied by other women. This tendency is not noticed in men, but is highly prominent in women. Talk about celebrities who look quite ugly, and yet have a huge gaggle of women following them around and wishing to marry them!

Mate Copying Choices

It is said that women are jealous creatures, maybe true or maybe not. But women always want to have the best catch that they can find, not just by appearance, but in almost every aspect. If a girl likes a guy, the other girls in the bunch think that guy has something hot in him, and they too start liking the same guy. Ask them why they like him, and they’ll yell in unison, “Because he’s so cute!” Ask them why he’s so cute, and they’ll shriek “We dunno, it’s just that he’s so sweet!” Ask them why he’s sweet and… okay, never mind.

This sort of behavior is not just seen in human females, but in several other species too. You can see these characteristics in female guppies, quails and finches. They too tend to mate with males that look like the males that have mated with their pals. The thing with these “mate copying choices” is that they usually work well. If it is difficult to choose the best mating material, or if it takes a lot of time and energy, it makes sense to go with what works for the other girls.

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