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The Anatomy of a Perfect Boyfriend: What Makes Him So Perfect?

Unicorns, leprechauns, perfect boyfriend. What do they have in common? They’re not real. In case of magic, here’s the anatomy of a perfect boyfriend.

Perfect Boyfriend

So, you have an idea of what your perfect boyfriend is supposed to be. If you’ve been in the dating circle for quite a while, you’ll realize you don’t really choose who you end up falling in love with. In fact, you may have fallen a few times for guys entirely the opposite of your idea of a perfect boyfriend.

But think about this: wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose your own version of a perfect boyfriend? What kind of guy is he going to be?

What if, instead of waiting for that cute guy at Whole Foods to notice you, you built your own perfect boyfriend, just like building your own pizza? What if that guy comes loaded with all the combination of features you’ve always wanted?

The perfect boyfriend

Well, too bad there’s no such thing, but it’s nice to imagine, right? Anyway, we’ve rounded up these following qualities to show you the anatomy of a perfect boyfriend. Read on to find out how your man stacks up.

#1 Head. A good boyfriend has a good head on his shoulders, which means he’s smart. It’s also a plus that he’s not a stuck-up smarty pants or a boring intellectual who’s all talk and no action.

Another thing to look for in a perfect boyfriend for you is how he handles stress and difficult situations. He should be level-headed instead of impulsive.

It also pays that the brain of his knows a few good jokes to make you laugh or take the edge off awkward and difficult situations. [Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone smarter than you]

#2 Face. Of course, the perfect boyfriend must have the looks. Whether he’s supposed to look like Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, or even Robert Downey, Jr., his looks and his charms should be what set him apart from all other men out there.

And when your perfect boyfriend walks into a room, everyone’s eyes are on him. Girls would love to have him and guys would love to be friends with him. His smile holds infectious positivity that makes everyone feel good around him, especially you. [Read: How to be a better boyfriend – 28 ways to make her feel lucky in love]

#3 Ears. A perfect boyfriend is a good listener. Generally, men are callous, insensitive, and plain egocentric. But not your man. He’ll be all ears when you talk about how your day went, why your office mate Sue is so nosy, and why you can’t wait for the next line of Kylie’s Lipkit to arrive.

He will also be an active listener. When you go out to dinner or star-gazing, you’ll briefly mention how you’ve always loved 70% dark chocolate *not 50%, but 70%, you stressed*. And then the next day, he’ll be on your doorstep with roses and some bars of the best 70% dark chocolates from Ghana. [Read: Check that checklist: What do you look for in a guy?]

#4 Lips. Of course, the perfect boyfriend must be a good, if not awesome, kisser. You’ve been imagining having your customized Ken doll in front of you, pulling you into his arms as he leans in for a torrid kiss. And you will be mind-blown.

The most important part of this anatomy, though, is that he has good oral hygiene. No one wants to kiss their ideal man only to find out his saliva smells like rotting trash.

And since you’re building your personalized pizza… er, perfect boyfriend, he also needs nice teeth for that perfect smile.

#5 Shoulder. The problem with most guys is that they’re unreliable when it comes to “getting” you. They actually have no clue how to make you happy, much less comfort you. So, the perfect boyfriend has to have firm, muscled shoulders that you can cry on when you’re down.

Aside from that, he should also be emotionally available, willing to listen to your woes, especially when the world is against you every month when your hormones act all crazy, and you have your period. [Read: What to look for in a guy: 20 things that matter beyond looks]

#6 Arms. The perfect boyfriend should also be nice. He’s the type who extends his respect not just to you or the people close to you, but to everyone in general. He should respect your boundaries, allow you to be yourself and to grow, but still be all over you in bed.

#7 Hands. The perfect boyfriend shouldn’t be superficial—oh no. He should be a man of substance. He should also be hardworking and willing to get his hands dirty.

He should also have hands that know how to please you, literally and figuratively. When you’re down and sad, he knows how to wipe away your tears. And when you’re having any difficult time, he’s willing to extend his hands to help you out. [Read: Do men have feelings? Why they act like they don’t care]

#8 Chest/heart. The perfect boyfriend must also have a heart of gold. He’s willing to put up with all the ups and downs of your relationship—most especially the downs. In fact, he’s so nice he may even push you to join your local soup kitchen and do volunteer work to help the disenfranchised and in need.

He should also be passionate about you and the things he likes. If there’s something that he likes, he puts his 100 percent into it. And when it comes to making you fall in love with him, he does his best to make sure you feel loved and appreciated every day.

#9 Body. While most men are satisfied with their dad bods or couch potato physiques, your perfect boyfriend works hard to keep himself fit and toned. He exercises regularly and encourages you to hit the gym or run around the park so both of you stay active.

Of course, his body should feel good next to yours too. You should have undeniable chemistry, especially in bed. [Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that make women swoon]

#10 Tummy. Your perfect boyfriend has an appetite for life. He doesn’t mind it when things don’t exactly go as planned. He even likes spontaneity at times and loves to surprise you with romantic gestures every now and then.

He has a huge appetite for your cooking too. And if you can’t cook, no problem—he will pick up the slack and whip up a beef bourguignon any time of day. [Read: How to be the best boyfriend you can be and better yourself overnight]

#11 Hips. We’ll just put it in here. You have to love how his hips feel as he moves inside you *if you know what we mean*.

#12 Legs. The perfect boyfriend goes out of his way to make you feel good and appreciated. He makes you feel special. In a slump after finding out the shoe sale ended and you lost your chance to buy that pair you’ve always wanted—don’t worry, he’ll be there.

He’s the type who will not hesitate to be there for you when you’re down, wherever you may be. [Read: 17 relationship red flags that most people ignore]

#13 Feet. Even if he has every trait there is in guys that all girls would love, he’s not conceited or arrogant about it. His feet are firmly planted on the ground. He doesn’t act like he’s all that *even if he is*, so he wouldn’t go around looking for any side chicks because you’re the only girl for him.

So even if you’ve found a guy right now and he’s not all that you want a boyfriend to be, just remember: there’s no such thing as a perfect boyfriend, only a perfect boyfriend for you. What suits you best may not entirely pass your standards and ideals, but maybe he’s exactly what you need to complete your life.

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Consider the guy you’ve been thinking as you read this. Maybe he doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to all the features mentioned above. While he may not be entirely perfect, but just the fact that you’ve been thinking of him, it looks like he’s just perfect for you.

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