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16 Alpha Female Traits that Scream “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”

Many people think women are fragile creatures that should be cherished. Wait until they meet a woman with alpha female traits.

alpha female traits

Women are thought of being delicate and emotional creatures. We’re always dramatically crying, unable to stand up for ourselves, and need a man for everything. You know, typical woman things, apparently. You know that this is obviously wrong and as an alpha woman, you roll your eyes at it as you know the typical alpha female traits that define you.

Being an alpha woman isn’t easy as the double standards against you are quite high. If you do whatever you want, you’re wild. If you sleep with more than two men, you’re a slut. Though it may seem easier to be the “delicate and fragile” woman, it’s not in you.

The common alpha female traits

Though alpha women are constantly challenged by men and women who feel threatened by you, push forward. Who else is going to take a stand and represent a strong and capable woman if it’s not you? Exactly.

You may be reading this thinking, “Well, I’m not sure that I am an alpha female.” Listen, if you feel that you’re not, it’s okay. You can work on self-developing into the strong woman you want to be. There’s no deadline to when you have to be a strong woman, it’s something constantly at work. Deep down, you have it in you.

#1 You know what you want. As an alpha female, you know what you want. Of course, there will be moments where you’re not sure, but then again, you also know what you don’t want. The point is, you have a direction of where you want your life to go and in order to achieve it, you know what will benefit you. [Read: How to stand up for yourself – Get what you want and deserve]

#2 You ask for what you want. Knowing what you want is one thing. However, asking for it is a completely another thing. It’s not being called ‘bitchy’ which is what many people will call you, it’s called being assertive.

For a man, being assertive is extremely attractive, but for women, it has a somewhat negative association. However, regardless if you’re a man or woman, being assertive means you ask for what you want in order to better your life. [Read: 17 ways to be assertive and speak your mind]

#3 You’re not focusing your life on finding a man. Of course, everyone wants to be able to find a partner they’re going to be with, it’s completely normal. However, if you want to be a partner to someone, work and develop yourself. The man in your life will come, don’t worry, in the meantime, focus on developing your self-worth.

#4 You are ambitious. You’re the only person who can make the life you want. As an alpha female, you know this, so, you understand and feel responsible for creating the life you want. You’re not waiting for someone to give you a handout. In fact, you feel the incredible strength in working towards your goal. [Read: 15 ways to be someone who always says, I love my life!]

#5 You’re emotional. This is important as many people believe that alpha females are cold, heartless bitches. This isn’t the case. You’re an emotional being, you have feelings. The only difference is that you don’t let anyone use your emotions against you or make you feel that your emotions are wrong. So, if someone’s telling you that you’re too emotional, good.

#6 You welcome change. Change is going to happen whether you want it to happen or not, this is just a part of life. However, instead of fearing change, you embrace it.

You look at the changing circumstances and decide to use it in order to grow. This is where alpha female traits truly shine. Yes, she may cry or may feel defeated, but she pushes through.

#7 You take risks. Without risks, you wouldn’t be the alpha female you are. You want to take risks, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you answer questions that you were unsure of. As an alpha female, you want to push yourself and the boundaries that society has built around you.

#8 You feel misunderstood or judged. There will be many situations where you’re going to feel misunderstood or judged. This is where the double standard comes in. If you were a passive individual, those double standards would never see the light, however, since you challenge the status quo, you’re going to face the opinions of others. [Read: How to develop self-confidence and believe in yourself]

#9 You accept that you don’t know. At the end of the day, the only thing that we can all agree on is that we don’t know anything. You’re trying to become wise and full of knowledge about the world around you, but what this actually shows you is that you have no idea what the world is really about. That is true knowledge. In addition, it’s what keeps your feet on the ground and your ego small.

#10 You don’t feel entitled. Just because you go to school, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get a job. Just because you help someone move, doesn’t mean they’re going to pay you for your help or send you a thank you card. Alpha women understand that they shouldn’t expect things from other people. She shouldn’t expect to be rewarded for everything she does.

#11 You don’t feel the pressure of age. Age is really just a number and an alpha female knows that. It doesn’t matter what your age is, it’s about what you’re doing. Alpha females don’t see themselves as someone with a ticking clock and a timeline that she has to follow. She follows her own path and doesn’t let age become an issue in achieving her goals.

#12 You keep your complaining to a minimum. Everyone complains at some point, but one of the strongest alpha female traits is that an alpha woman doesn’t spend her time whining or complaining about things because she knows it won’t help the situation. Instead, she uses that negative energy and channels it into making her current situation better. Whining will get you nowhere. [Read: How to stop the negative thoughts dragging you down]

#13 You’re comfortable with being alone. You need to be comfortable with being alone. You’re probably not going to be alone for the rest of your life, but you need to be okay with those times when you will be. If not, this is when you get into relationships that aren’t fulfilling or do things just out of the fear of loneliness.

#14 You love the skin you’re in. You’re a sexy, independent woman. Yes, you’re strong, yes, you know what you want, and yes, you look fierce. What’s not to love about it? Don’t try to minimize your appearance for the sake of others. Love every part of you, including the bad because this is what makes you a genuine alpha female. You’re not pretending you’re not flawed, you’re embracing it.

#15 You don’t allow a man to intimidate you. It’s very easy to feel as though you’re not equal to a man. Our society is based on the man being the breadwinner and being the strong individual.

Now, for sure, men are strong, however, women are just as strong. An alpha female knows that and doesn’t allow a man to treat her less than that. [Read: 15 qualities all men crave in their woman more than anything else]

#16 You’re open to love. Many people feel that alpha women aren’t capable of being in a loving relationship. However, as an alpha woman, you are capable. The thing is, you’re simply not picking any man off the street to be with. You want a man that loves the alpha female in you and treats you as a partner, not a bowl in a china shop.

[Read: How to be the strong independent woman you want to be]

Now that you know what are alpha female traits, do you feel you have them? If not, don’t worry, focus on yourself, and you’ll develop them.

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