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15 Awesome Reasons Why Small Breasts are More Beautiful

Whether you’re an A-cup, B-cup, or perpetually in the training bra stage, having small boobs is still worthy of praise and appreciation!

beautiful small breasts

Size doesn’t matter unless we are talking about hearts. If you can’t love your body parts, how are you going to love somebody else’s body parts? Still, common talk articulates the idea of men preferring big boobs.

Since they were babies, men were taught that true happiness lies in bottles and breasts. Man’s relationship with breasts starts the day he is born, and it’s a relationship full of both, trust and neediness. Breasts literally give life. Rumor has it that most men are megalomaniacs *they are into the cult of grandeur – they buy big TV screens, big phones, big cars, etc.*, but even if that’s true, you should not obsess over their obsessions. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own body.

Breasts are breasts, and however big or small they are, you shouldn’t validate your authentic self based on the size of your body parts. If your special someone is going to evaluate you based solely on that, well, I guess he is not that special.

Young girls who were not visited by the boob fairy are fighting a battle for their self-confidence because they think their breasts are not large enough to attract potential partners, which often leads to putting tissues in bras or having sex without taking the top piece off. If you were or you still are among these women, you shouldn’t let your supposed inferiority play the main role in the romantic movie of your life. You have to step up your game and own your body, piece by piece. [Read: Boob talk – yes, your breasts are perfectly normal!]

Why you should love your small breasts

To better understand why big breasts aren’t the be-all and end-all, here are 15 great reasons why small breasts are genuinely awesome, and why you should be proud of both of them.

#1 They are so cute. They really are. When revealed, small breasts look like cherries, and who doesn’t love a cherry on top? Neat, petite, and ready to nibble.

#2 They are solid. You don’t have to worry about your boob not listening to your body language, shaking like jelly, or peeking out of your bra. You can count on your breasts. They also make you look more svelte and sleek.

#3 Men always look you in the eyes. You won’t appear vulgar in people’s eyes, and there is a greater chance for eye contact than eye-to-boob contact. Small breasts are known as “politically correct breasts,” making a woman less objectified.

On the other hand, bias towards women with large size breasts is saturated with stereotypes about their past, their sexual preferences, and promiscuity. The effect of big breasts might be favorable in a job interview, but if you would go on a first date and the guy connected only with your two gals, it would certainly be annoying. All this saves you from tons of frustration. Bonus points: construction workers won’t whistle at you on the street! [Read: 9 sneaky ways to get your boobs noticed without appearing trashy]

#4 Small breasts are great for self-confidence training. Self-esteem is the mirror of mental health. Looking in the mirror and loving your naked boobs is going to reflect on your relationships as well. Overcoming your insecurities will make your current and future relationships more honest, substantial, and fulfilling. When someone is hitting on you, the reason better be because he likes the whole you, and not just some of your parts. [Read: 8 steps to get your body confidence back in the bedroom]

#5 They are a big stimulation treasury, full of surprises, and hypersensitive to touch. Small breasts are a weapon if he holds it right and your hypersensitivity serves as a trigger. During petting or actual intercourse, your partner has two accomplices in the crime scene of killing you softly with orgasmic nirvana. Take that, big boobs!

#6 It’s easier to look elegant. Small boobs, nice flannel, no accidental unbuttoning. Even when you decide to unbutton a little bit, it won’t seem like an intro to a hardcore porn movie, and men will still be hungry for a bite of your tasteful cleavage. [Read: The real reason why men are so crazy about small boobs and all kinds of boobs]

To keep your style polished, you can wear shirts and dresses without straps. Imagine pulling off a fierce outfit and thinking to yourself, “Oh my God, why do I have to put on these ugly see-thru straps?” Luckily, you don’t have to.

#7 Small breasts are an armor from awkward conversations. People won’t ask your permission to touch them or ask redundant questions such as, “Are they real?” or, “Are those watermelons?” [Read: 8 ways to know if a girl’s boobs are fake]

#8 You can go to the beach with your family. You can just chill while tanning and not be super conscious about your father feeling uncomfortable when every single dude is salivating over your bikini boobs.

#9 You can go outside without a bra. Big advantage. We all know how summer can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially when it’s hotter than the latest pics of Zac Efron’s naked torso. You are barely wearing your soul, just imagine if you also had to wear a tight bra. Plus, your boyfriend will get so turned on when he sees you so casual and uninhibited.

#10 You can jump without your breasts jumping along. You can run, swim, go to gym, ride a bicycle, do yoga, or participate in any sports without them standing in your way and without having to wear those ugly, compressing sports bras. Working out requires vigorous motivation, which would not be easy to nurture if you had two big girls hindering almost any exercise.

#11 They are not saggy. Not now, not when you give birth to three children, not when you become a beautiful grandma. Through the years, a woman’s body transforms, with most of these transformations being supported by gravity – everything starts falling down.

In puberty, your breasts were not growing as much as you or your high school crushes would have liked them to, and that might have bothered you a lot. But gradually, you will learn to be grateful for them. At least this part of your body will confidentially participate in a mission to keep you looking younger in your later years. [Read: 15 super simple ways to keep yourself sexy at any age]

#12 They are not susceptible to stria. When you gain a few pounds, your tissue instantly updates a new aesthetic feature – stria. But, since you do not own a lot of extra skin or extra fat in your cheast area, it won’t have stria. That means you won’t have to bother with putting on balms and creams, and covering up at the beach, thanks to your stria-free twins!

#13 You can spoon your boyfriend without their majesty in between. In the modern times of progressive gender equality, gender roles are more flexible within a relationship. Instead of lamenting over balloons you’ve never had, use your physical dispositions to challenge traditional sleeping positions, and be a big spoon every once in a while.

#14 You can enjoy hugs to the maximum. Especially super strong ones that can crush all the disappointment you have towards your boobs. [Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about breasts]

#15 There are numerous other perks to having little breasts! Your ass can get more attention. You can sleep on your stomach. Your back doesn’t hurt. You should be happy you never picked up your baggage from the genetic terminal.

The word she starts with a shhh for a reason – the female manifestation was created with a sensual whisper. No matter if she has a big ass, a big nose, a small waist, or small boobs, a woman is a magical creature, so be proud of your womanly figure, whatever size or shape it may be!

[Read: 8 easy ways to love your body no matter its size]

Now that you’ve realized there are a lot of aesthetic, personal, physical, social, and pragmatic benefits from having small breasts, go ahead and gratify yourself with a daily mental reminder: Being flat is flattering. After all, there are no small breasts, only hands too big.

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