15 Signs You Need a Wingwoman and How to Choose the Best One

Even girls need a wingwoman sometimes. If you’re striking out when it comes to picking up men, maybe you need a little more help than you thought.

Wingwoman signs

Having someone assist you in picking up a date isn’t just for men. Although the term has been coined “wingman,” it’s time for us ladies to take it back and make it our own. That being said, you may be in desperate need of a wingwoman and not even realize it.

It’s not easy to approach guys at the bar or even flutter your lashes to get them to come talk to you. It’s even harder when you’re alone and don’t have someone to help you out or point out guys who seem to be checking you out.

For that reason, having a woman tag along to help you out can mean the difference between a lonely Friday night or one spent on a hot date with a great guy. [Read: 40 fun pick-up lines to use on men to make him yours]

What does a wingwoman do?

You probably have this idea of a wingman in your mind as someone who makes up stories and lies about a guy so he can hook up with a girl. That’s pretty stereotypical and not exactly what a wingwoman is. A great wing woman will:

#1 Point out guys who are checking you out. It’s not always easy to see which guys are into you and which aren’t. You can’t have your eyes on every guy and it’s sometimes better if you don’t see them checking you out at first. That’s where a wingwoman comes into play.

#2 Introduce you to a guy in a smooth way. You may be a little nervous to introduce yourself to a guy and it’s a little awkward to do that anyway. Having a wingwoman helps because she can be the bridge between the two of you. It’ll be easier and much nicer this way. [Read: 12 easy ways to avoid a first impression catastrophe]

#3 Boost your confidence when talking to a guy. Having a friend there is also helpful to make you feel great about yourself. She can tell you how great you look and give you the confidence you need to talk to a guy and make him like you.

#4 Highlight your finest assets when introducing you. She will basically talk you up, without lying, of course. When she introduces you to someone, she’ll probably tell him a couple things about you. Those things will always be amazing and make you sound much better than you can make yourself sound.

#5 Assist in diverting you from potentially harmful matches. This is one of the best things about having a wingwoman. She’ll tell you what guys to avoid and can be your excuse for leaving a conversation that’s just not going anywhere good. [Read: 16 types of guys to avoid like the plague]

Signs you need a wingwoman

Let’s be real for a minute; not everyone can be smooth and confident when picking up guys. If you’re having trouble securing a date, these are some signs you’ll benefit from a wingwoman.

#1 You can’t tell if a guy is into you. This is a huge problem for many women. We just can’t tell when a guy is checking us out or if he’s into us. That’s because we’re just too close to the situation. A wingwoman will have a better perspective and can lend a helpful hand.

#2 You seem to go for the wrong guys. Let’s be real, some of us have a type and those types aren’t always good for us. Your wingwoman will be well aware of the harmful guys you normally go for and will help steer you in the opposite direction. If you never find the right guys, you need a wingwoman. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#3 You get nervous when talking to them. It’s a little scary, yes. Talking to a guy in the hopes of him liking you can be nerve-racking. If this sounds like you, then a wingwoman can help diffuse some of that tension so you can have a great time.

#4 You don’t know how to approach men. Not all of us are great at this. We can’t just walk up to a guy and say hello. You might not be the type of person who can approach men. You need a buffer if that’s the case.

#5 You feel better going out with backup. Being at a bar alone isn’t always fun, especially if you’re trying to meet people. If you’re the type of person who’d rather have fun with a friend in between meeting people, get yourself a solid wingwoman. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters with a guy you like]

How to choose the best wingwoman

Believe it or not, not all wingwomen are created equal. If you really want to go home with a date or a number from a great guy, you have to pick the right person to help with that.

#1 Someone who knows you very well. Your girl has to know you backward and forward. She has to know the type of guys you like and even the type you usually go for, but that aren’t good for you. The better she knows you, the better she’ll be at hooking you up. [Read: 15 signs of a best friend that makes them stand apart]

#2 Someone confident and cool under pressure. Your wingwoman has an important job and she has to put herself out there, too. You need someone who won’t get nervous or awkward around a guy you might want to date.

#3 Someone who won’t get too trashed and drunk. Because she’s supposed to be assessing your situations, she can’t drink too much. She also has to seem cool and collected when bringing a guy over to meet you. So don’t pick a friend you know gets a little too sloshed when alcohol is involved.

#4 Someone who knows your type. Once again, your wingwoman has to know what you like and also the guys you should avoid. They’ll be able to meet a guy, determine if he’s your type and also if he’s a nice guy, and then introduce you. Pick someone savvy in this department. [Read: The 20 kinds of lovers that exist in the world]

#5 Someone who’ll tell you how it is. You need an honest friend who won’t worry about your feelings. They’ll tell you when a guy is a dud even if you had your hopes up about him. It might seem a little harsh, but that’s the type of wingwoman you really need in order to find the right guy for you.

[Read: 25 characteristics to look for in a wingwoman]

Having a wingwoman might be your best chance at finding Mr. Right. The next time you go out, pick the best person to get the job done.

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