Will He Come Back? 20 Subtle Signs He’ll Be Back or Not

Will he come back? The only way you really know is once you let him go. But, do you want him back? Here are all the signs you need to know.

will he come back

Unless you want to get back with him, you shouldn’t worry about if he’ll come back or not. Asking yourself, will he come back? is a good way to stress yourself out over something you probably don’t even want.

There is a reason things ended, and probably a good one. You don’t want to relive the past, do you?

Either way, sometimes knowing if he will come back can help you prepare for what to say if he does. So, even if you don’t end up back with him, you probably want to know if he will come back. [Read: 16 signs your ex can’t stop thinking about you]

Do you want him to come back?

This is so important to answer before you even know if he’ll come back or not. What do you want? I am not asking what you expect. But, what do you want?

Do you want him to come back? Do you want to be with him? Are you hoping he will beg for forgiveness? Do you want to get back together? Or do you want him to grovel so you can feel better about yourself?

If you want him to come back for any reason, you will look for those signs. You will overanalyze his behavior and convince yourself a text from him is right around the corner.

And, even if you don’t want him to come back, you might do the same. You might convince yourself he isn’t over you to boost your self-esteem. This is normal yet, unhealthy.

A breakup, no matter how right, leaves you feeling down on yourself. Convincing yourself, he’ll be back will let you sit in denial for a while. It is a surface-level way of feeling better.

But, look for the facts. Will he be back or not? Knowing the answer to this will help you prepare for the inevitable. [Read: Should you date your ex?]

Will he come back?

I’m sure you know the cliche, they always come back, but that isn’t always true. Sure, sometimes they do come back, but not always. And usually, when they do, it is when we don’t want them to. And, when they don’t, it is when we hope they do.

Looking out for these signs he’ll come back will help you see the truth. But, be sure to look for these signs with clarity. Even as a friend for advice because your hopes and history can skew how you see the situation.

If he’s showing these signs, there’s a good chance you’ll hear from him.

1. He always brings up the past

People don’t bring up the past until they want to fix it. Have you ever fought with your friend and not spoken for a couple of weeks? What happens?

Someone breaks the silence and brings the fight up because they want to move past it. If they don’t care, they don’t bring it up. When a guy is planning to come back to you, he might bring up what ended things to work through it. [Read: 10 things to do when your ex wants you back]

2. He initiates contact

This is actually a big one. Will he come back? If he is reaching out, he might be in the process. It takes a lot for a guy to swallow his pride and take the first step. So, if he does that, it really means he wants to make an effort and clear some things up or try the relationship out again.

Or… it could also mean that he misses sex with you and is willing to take the first step to get some ass. What he says in this situation can let you know either way. If he acts like he is so sorry, which is out of character, he wants something. But if he seems genuine, maybe he is worth hearing out?

3. He reacts when around you

You see his whole demeanor change when he’s around you. Maybe he’s nervous, maybe he isn’t speaking to other girls, or maybe he goes completely opposite and tries to hit on anything that moves. But he’s not himself around you, and you know that.

Will he come back? If he is weird around you, he just might. [Read: Is your ex still thinking of you? Subtle signs your ex can’t hide]

4. He laughs when around you

If you can still make him laugh when he’s around you, he’s still interested. Whether the breakup was recent or not, someone who can’t help but smile around you isn’t done with you.

5. He plays mindgames

Guys and ming games go hand in hand, unfortunately. Whether he will come back for sex or get back together is another question, but he certainly wants something if he is confusing you.

You don’t bother playing games unless you want that person. Game playing means you care to some extent. So, if he’s trying to play games with you, something is going on. [Read: Enough is enough! How to quit playing relationship games]

6. He’s all over social media

You may have never considered what a huge role social media would play in answering the question, will he come back, but here we are. Liking your photos, statuses, Instagram photos—these are all ways to poke you and get your attention.

This is his subtle way of coming back. He doesn’t want to risk his ego by reaching out fully, so he hopes you’ll respond to one of these low-effort ways of interacting.

7. He’s present

You may not think he’s there, but he’s there and fully present. If he’s always around, on your social media, talking to your friends and family—he’s there and waiting for the moment to talk to you.

This is something that you can catch much easier in person. If you are in school together or work together, he will be around. If he isn’t planning on coming back, he will keep his distance.

8. You feel it

You’re a woman, and your intuition should be trusted. You can feel it. Even if you can’t explain it, part of you knows. [Read: How to follow your intuition]

9. Your breakup wasn’t well thought out

You know, sometimes you’re just so fed up with his shit that you explode and end it. Did you really want to end it? Of course not, but things happen. Not all breakups are well thought out and logical.

When there was no closure or even goodbyes, he may come back. This doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to get back together, but that you need to finalize things.[Read: Getting over a bad breakup]

10. He finds a reason to see you

You left your toothbrush at his house, and he wants to give it back. Do you already have a new one? Yes, but that’s not the point. He wants to see you again, so he will take any chance he can get. Instead of just dropping your things with a friend or in your mailbox, he wants to see you.

11. He does the classic drunk dial

Oh come on, this couldn’t be more obvious. The guy is clearly thinking about you. If he pulls a drunk call, he’s done. There is no more hiding it. The cat’s out of the bag, he lost the game. Now, what really matters is if he’s going to message you when he’s sober. [Read: Should you text your ex? The complete guide to help you decide]

12. He talks to your friends

Unless you come from the same mutual friend group, after a break, you part ways. You don’t stay in touch with your ex’s friends just for fun. If you do, it is to hear about what is going on with them. You want to know if they are dating anyone or if they are over you. If he is talking to your friends, this is probably his goal.

13. You’ve been through this before

If you’re the couple to break up and get back together again, well, then I’m not sure why you worry. This will probably happen another hundred times.

But, if this is happening, maybe you should ask yourself why and if this pain is really worth it. [Read: 10 reasons you shouldn’t be in an on-off relationship]

14. He’s commenting on your social media

I mean, he might as well call you if this is the case. If he’s commenting on all your photos or writing on your statuses, he’s obviously still in it. He isn’t just liking your posts or watching your stories. Instead, he is openly talking to you.

He isn’t even hiding it. Although he isn’t reaching out directly, he is reaching out. This is probably because rejection will hurt a lot more if he reaches out privately than if you don’t want to talk to him in the comment section of a meme you posted. [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back in their life]

15. He keeps in contact with your family

Why would anyone keep in contact with their ex’s family? I mean, your relationship would need to be extremely close for that to happen. Also, after a while, if they move on, the contact slowly decreases. But if he’s still talking to your brothers, he isn’t letting go.

Signs he won’t come back

Obviously, there are plenty of signs he’ll come back. But you may be overlooking the signs he won’t. This is especially true if you want him to come back for any reason.

When you expect him to come back, you may block out these pretty obvious signs he isn’t planning on it.

1. The trust is broken

If you cheated or lied to him , no matter how much he misses you he isn’t coming back. When the trust is broken you don’t risk it again. He won’t be vulnerable with you if he’s been hurt. No matter how much you may want him to reach out and forgive you, he is protecting his heart. [Read: What is a relationship without trust?]

2. He won’t make eye contact

Will be come back? If he can’t even look you in the eye, the answer is no. If he can’t make eye contact with you in the elevator at work or when you pass each other in the hall he is keeping something from you. He won’t reach out because he feels guilty or is hurt or ashamed.

Without eye contact, don’t expect anything else.

3. He blocked or unfriended you

When someone has no plans to talk to you anymore they remove all memories. they may delete your photos together, block or unfriends online. If he goes as far as to unfriend your friends and family as well, he is trying to move on. He doesn’t want to see or hear about you, so he won’t be coming back. [Read: Should you block your ex or not?]

4. He doesn’t care

You posted a photo is a hottie from the gym and he didn’t say anything. He didn’t reach out to your friends to see who it was either. If he doesn’t care that you seem to be moving on its probably because he already has.

5. He told you to move on

Yes, sometimes guys play games, but sometimes they do actually say what they mean. If he told you to move on and get over him it is because he is over you. He doesn’t want to be around you. He isn’t planning on coming back or being in your life in any capacity.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but sometimes he is being honest, so listen.

[Read: How to move on from an ex]

Will he come back? These signs should give you an answer, but the real question is, do you want him to?

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