Strong Silent Type: Why Women Love This Man And How to Hook One

Why do women love the strong silent type? We have the answers to the age-old question, along with how to land yourself a strong silent type.

Strong Silent Type

Let’s face it, we all know the strong silent type. That Mr. Darcy look-a-like, dark and brooding, yet so manly and strong. The kind of man who uses his words carefully, never gossips, never loud, arrogant, or brash. He simply says things when they need to be said. He’s not shy or nervous. He doesn’t stutter or get flustered around women, he just chooses not to talk unless deemed necessary.

What alluring about the strong silent type?

It’s funny when you think about it. On paper that type of guy comes across as kind of rude. If women list the kind of things we like in a guy, we’d probably think good sense of humor, good conversationalist, interested in us, and asks lots of question are all attractive features in a man.

So why would the kind of guy who stays quiet, isn’t overly friendly, stays apart from big groups, and tends not to bother with parties, be someone we find so immediately hot? [Read: 20 personality traits that make the ideal perfect guy]

Since as long as documented relationships, the strong silent type has been cast as someone women aspire to be with. Indeed, the archetypal strong silent type turns up in many a romance novel as the main love interest. But just what is it about them that we like? Let’s examine the reasons more closely.

#1 The mystery. Particularly at the beginning of relationships, the mystery is what makes everything so exciting. You don’t know much about the other person, and they hardly know you. Every moment you spend together is full of intriguing possibility.

The strong silent type is truly mysterious. They give so little away that it becomes almost agonizing trying to get to know them, to get them to share their secrets, or to tell their story. This also makes the honeymoon period last longer.

As all your past boyfriends spilled their innermost secrets, embarrassing stories, and earthly desires after a couple of mojitos, the strong silent type isn’t giving anything away unless you really, truly work for it. That sense of mystery is naturally very attractive. [Read: The honeymoon phase – How long before your love fades away into nothing?]

#2 The physical attraction. Of course, there is the obvious physical attraction they provide. When we think of the strong silent type we typically think of a man who is lean, muscular, with dark hair and brooding eyes. Now we are not saying that is everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly sounds alright to us!

Let’s just point out that you aren’t likely to describe an overweight man with bad skin and poor personal hygiene as the strong silent type! Women tend to be more attracted to men who look strong and healthy. It only makes sense that this type of man would be high on any women list. [Read: 25 things that make a man attractive to women]

#3 The challenge. Of course, the strong silent type doesn’t exactly fit in with the idea of a massive player. He would be someone incredibly choosy when it comes to women, and therefore the challenge of being able to bag yourself such a man can be particularly attractive.

Being the woman who managed to get the strong silent type is a pretty impressive boast. Further heightening our attraction towards them.

#4 The protection. Many women like to feel protected. The idea of a knight in shining armor didn’t just come from nowhere. We all look for a man who we feel safe with and who we know would stand up for us if we got in trouble or protect us from danger or harm.

The strong silent type is exactly the kind of man women imagine keeping them safe against all the odds. That is something we can’t help but find seriously attractive too. [Read: Toxic masculinity: 20 “toxic” traits that are actually healthy]

#5 The intimacy. If you finally manage to break down the barriers of the strong silent type, you likely form a unique and intimate bond with them that is so attractive for women.

There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with a guy where you feel he is emotionally unavailable. But the strong silent type is one of those guys that keeps their defenses up only until they completely trust you. But once they let you in and allow you to see their more vulnerable side, you have a truly unbreakable bond. This bond makes you feel like nothing will ever come in between you ever again. [Read: How to get a man to open up and start communicating with you]

#6 The uniqueness. Everyone loves to be different, and particularly when it comes to love we want to feel as though our relationships are totally unique and special. No one else gets it because no one else has a love like ours. The strong silent type provides uniqueness in bucket loads.

While all your friend’s boyfriends give each other wedgies or down pints or ignore their womenfolk to talk for hours on end about sports, your man prefers to sit quietly, to think. The strong silent type provides a big contrast to the typical modern man, which makes them unique. Therefore making them more attractive.

How to get yourself a strong silent type

So now we know why we are attracted to this kind of guy, what can we do about it?

#7 Be interesting and intelligent. Bagging a strong, silent type is all about keeping it classy. They don’t like to draw attention to themselves. If you are the kind of gal who likes to knock back a few tequilas and dance all night on the bar, he might not be the right guy for you.

If you strike up a conversation with them, then make sure you are interesting and intelligent and be prepared to ask lots of questions to keep things flowing. [Read: How to become an intellectual: Fake it until you make it]

#8 Don’t be too loud. The strong silent type isn’t interested in a girl who shrieks in his ear every five seconds or likes to be the center of attention. They go for women who are strong and confident and comfortable in their own skin, and don’t feel the need to shove it in people’s faces either!

#9 Don’t be afraid to make the first move. The strong silent type may be the kind of guy that never makes the first move. So if a guy catches your eye you might need to get the ball rolling. However, don’t be afraid that this puts them off. Done right it could be the start of something. So keep your cool and don’t be afraid to go up to him. [Read: How to start a conversation with a guy: 20 first moves that work]

#10 Don’t be too silly. The strong silent type isn’t really a silly kind of guy, so if your style is more goofing around and playing pranks on one another he might not be the right kind of guy for you!

[Read: Stop chasing him! All the reasons why chasing a guy never helps]

The strong silent type is and always will be one of the stereotypes of what many women find really attractive. The mystery, the intrigue, those muscular forearms. Yep, they all play a part in what makes him so attractive.

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