Ten Things Girls Should Never Say to Guys Ever!

There are things guys love to hear, and things that can leave them cold and bitter. Read these ten things girls should never say to guys to know more.

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Have you ever seen your guy’s expression change and go from happy eyes to glassy eyes in a flash?

You’ve probably said something you really shouldn’t have.

Usually, guys are pretty accommodating with anything you say to them.

They’re easy going and can put up with a bit of insults and let downs.

But every now and then, there are a few things that may slip out of your mouth and hurt him way harder than you think.

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You may not think much about your statement, but to your boyfriend, it may feel like a death blow to his heart.

Things girls should avoid saying to a guy

When you’re having a conversation with a guy, you really don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.

Guys are less easily offended, unless you make him feel less like a man.

If there’s anything that bothers a guy, it’s realizing that the girl he likes thinks he’s not man enough.

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Toy with him, tease him and fool around with him, but never make him feel emasculated. And if you do hurt his ego in the conversation, chances are, he’ll take offence easily. And he may even speak rudely or ignore you for a while just to feel better about himself or get back at you.

10 things girls should never say to guys

So the next time you’re with your boyfriend or a guy friend, remember to avoid making him feel less like a man.

Read these 10 things to understand what guys really hate hearing from a girl.

#1 Your friend is so charming! Did you meet a new friend of his who looks gorgeous or is so charming you felt your pants slipping down by itself? Just don’t tell your guy anything about it, especially if you haven’t complimented your guy about the same trait earlier. [Read: 20 ways to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

A guy would find it complimenting if you tell him he has really good friends. But if you compliment his friend with any traits that your own man lacks in, he’d feel more insecure and even get angry with you and his friend.

#2 Why don’t you accept that you’ve failed? Guys are pretty competitive when it comes to succeeding, especially when it comes to work or earning more money. If your boyfriend’s trying something new and you see him failing miserably, don’t tell him that straight to his face. [Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman]

Ever heard of the midlife crisis? Well, that’s what happens to men who feel like failures. If you say it out loud that he’s a failure, he may hate you for it or try even harder and frustrate himself more.

#3 My ex did it, why can’t you? Never say the word ‘ex’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence unless you’re complimenting your guy. Guys hate being compared, especially with your exes. Along the same lines, don’t tell him you’ve had sex with many guys or even compare him and his body parts with your past lovers. You’ll end up working him up and making him feel really insecure in bed. [Read: Does your boyfriend speak to his ex all the time?]

#4 Can you introduce me to that guy? This is definitely dangerous grounds. Unless you’re asking your boyfriend to introduce you to a celebrity friend of his, never tell a guy this line. If you seem excited to meet a friend of his, or end up flirting with another guy in front of your boyfriend, there’s a good chance your boyfriend may walk away insulted or infuriated.

#5 What the hell is wrong with you, you idiot? Don’t ever yell at him or put him down in front of his friends or family. Guys can’t take that very well. As much as they want to impress girls, they still like to be portrayed by their best sides in front of family and friends.

If you ever yell at a guy in public or in front of others, you’ll emasculate him and he’ll spend a lot of time away from you, plotting ways to get even with you for humiliating him. You won’t be in a relationship anymore, you’ll be in a war zone.

#6 I’ve dated better guys. This is a low blow of the worst kind. Of all the things girls should never say to guys, this is one that will definitely end up ruining the relationship forever. It’s almost like a one way street to the end of the relationship with no place to turn back.

If you tell him he’s not good in bed or that he doesn’t turn you on, he may end up walking out of your life. After all, he’s humiliated, bitter and he’s going to remember those words every time he gets into bed with you.

#7 No, don’t… I’ll do it myself. Guys like feeling like they control the direction of the relationship. At the same time, they also like offering help or feeling important by advising you or helping you carry those big bags or fixing your window. If you stop him from helping you every time he tries to show off his protective instincts and strength, he’ll subconsciously assume that you don’t think he’s capable of doing anything important. [Read: Why guys love girls who ask for help]

#8 You’re so immature. This single sentence can change a guy from behaving like a spoilt child and transform him into a sober man who’s walking to someone’s grave. And that’s not a good thing either. He’ll hate you for always behaving like a mum and treating him like a brat. And chances are, he may even try to cheat on you just to feel himself again.

#9 You’re so insecure. Your boyfriend may feel insecure often, especially when you’re a sexy girl who gets a lot of attention all the time. But he wouldn’t want to hear that line out loud, especially from you. It makes him feel helpless and weak. And if you ever say this line in the middle of an argument, he’s definitely going to get really annoyed with you and himself. [Read: Are insecure men ever worth dating?]

And to make sure he proves he’s not insecure, he may avoid you and spend more time with other girls. And when you speak of it, he may urge you to speak with other guys too. And what starts off as a little argument could turn into an ego war that’ll hurt both of you.

#10 We need to talk. The fact that you want to talk about something serious with your guy is a good sign for the relationship. But when you walk up to him and say “we need to talk,” he’ll just clam up or go completely on the defensive because he’ll assume you’re going to accuse him of something bad. [Read: 16 ways to make your boyfriend want you more than ever]

Instead of starting a relationship conversation with this line, try to ease the blow on him slowly by just talking about what you have in mind in an easy manner that would help him open up instead of shutting himself up.

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So the next time you’re having a fun conversation with a guy, remember these ten things girls should never say to guys and refrain from using it, unless you’re looking to pick a fight!

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