15 For-Sure Signs a Guy Is Getting Turned On When He’s Around You

You’re sitting on the couch next to the guy you like. You have your hand on his leg, but you’re not sure about the signs a guy is getting turned on.

Signs a Guy Is Getting Turned On

Do you like a guy and aren’t sure if he’s into you? Have you been texting back and forth with your friends endlessly, trying to decode every little thing he does in hopes of figuring out if he likes you? I get it. We’ve all been there, really wondering the sure signs a guy is getting turned on while hanging out with you.

When we like someone, we obviously want them to like us back. And this is when the overanalyzing comes into play. We slowly lose our minds.

I remember spending hours on the phone with my friends, giving every little detail about my date with some guy or the text he sent me. And all I wanted to know is whether or not he liked me.

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The 15 subtle yet most obvious signs a guy is getting turned on around you

Let me tell you something. If you spend hours and hours analyzing someone’s actions to figure out how they feel about you, they aren’t into you enough. When someone likes you, you’ll know.

Stop wasting your precious time! Look at the major signs a guy is getting turned on by you. That way, you’ll quickly put the pieces of the puzzle together and decide what to do. By knowing the signs, you can pinpoint them and interpret his actions. The beauty is the signs are pretty clear and obvious.

Do you know the signs a guy is getting turned on?

#1 It’s all in the eyes. Isn’t it always about eye contact? If someone is interested in you, at the very least, they’ll make eye contact. If you notice he’s gazing at you or staring at you intensely while you’re talking, there’s a solid chance he’s not even paying attention to what you’re saying. He’s focusing on something else about you, like your lips, smile, or laugh. [Read: What does it mean when you have prolonged eye contact in flirting?] 

#2 He doesn’t keep his distance. When we’re not into someone, we put distance between us. But, have you ever noticed body language between two people who like each other? They’re practically sitting on each other, that’s how close they are. When you like someone, you want to get as physically close to them as possible.

#3 He tells you. If the guy turns to you and says, “you really turn me on,” or “you’re making me crazy,” well, it looks like you know what’s going on. If he actually tells you that you’re turning him on, you don’t need to look any further at the other signs. He’s basically letting you know exactly how he’s feeling. [Read: How to read a guy’s mind and see if he’s into you]

#4 He’s flirting with you. Oh, you know this. If a guy flirts with you, it’s because he’s into you. He finds you sexually attractive, and he’s stepping up his game. A guy wouldn’t flirt with someone they’re not attracted to, so don’t doubt yourself. Flirting creates sexual tension between two people, and it looks like he feels the chemistry between you and him. [Read: How guys flirt – 15 subtle things guys do differently when they like you]

#5 He has an erection. Oh wow, well, this isn’t very subtle. But sometimes you can’t control yourself. If he has an erection, it’s clear he’s turned on. Maybe he’s trying to hide it, or maybe not. I don’t know the relationship you have. But if you notice that he’s moving his junk around a lot or has a bulge in his pants, you know what’s going on. [Read: How to tell if a guy has a boner without actually touching him]

#6 He touches you. This doesn’t mean he’s touching you in overly sexual places like your butt or breasts. That’s a little too much if you’re unsure how he feels about you. What I mean by touch is that he may place his hand on your back when walking through a doorway or move your hair out of your face. These are small reasons to touch you, and he’s taking advantage of them.

#7 He blushes around you. Aw well, isn’t that just sweet. You thought women were the only ones who blush when they’re nervous or excited? Of course, not! Men are also known to blush. If you flirt with him and he starts blushing or if you give him a compliment and he turns bright red, well, he’s just smitten over you.

 #8 He talks about you to other people. We usually talk about people we either like or dislike. There’s no in-between. If he’s spending a lot of his time talking about you to other people, he’s probably crushing on you. Now, if he’s doing this along with other signs on this list, it’s clear he’s into you. [Read: How to create sexual tension with a guy so he can make a move] 

#9 He’s always fidgeting with things. Not obsessively, of course. But when you’re on a date with him, you notice that he’ll play with the salt shaker or with the straw in his glass. Whatever he can get his hands on, he’ll fidget with. You may think it’s because he’s bored, but that’s not the case. The fidgeting is actually a sign that he’s physically into you and is trying to calm his nerves.

#10 He makes excuses to see you. He’s always trying to find a way to see more of you. He’ll be in your area and call you for a drink or accidentally bump into you. If he’s making excuses to hang out with you, he likes you. There’s nothing more to it. [Read: Super-obvious signs a man is attracted to you sexually]

#11 Your hands are all over him. If you’re touching him sexually, for example, grinding against his crotch, rubbing it with your hand, the odds are he’s getting aroused. I mean, if you touch him there, it would be hard for any guy not to get a boner. So, just remember, if you’re rubbing his penis with your hand, he will get a boner. 

#12 He’s all smiles. When he’s around you, he can’t stop smiling. Every joke you make, whether it’s a hit or miss, he laughs, and he can’t seem to break his smile. This is a straight giveaway. If he likes you, he’ll be smiling. And that’s good for him because most women love a good smile. [Read: How to know if someone is thinking about you sexually and desires you]

#13 He checks you out. When he thinks you’re not paying attention, you catch him checking you out. He’s looking at all the places where he’s been trying to avoid. If you catch his eyes drifting around your body with a naughty look in his eyes, it’s not by accident. [Read: 16 signs he wants you bad! Is he irresistibly attracted to you?]

#14 He wants to see you again. Maybe he’ll drop some hints of wanting to see you again, or he’ll straight up ask you if you want to go on another date. He’s not asking you out because he’s not turned on by you. He’s asking to see you because he wants you. He wants to keep seeing you and work towards his goal of making a move. [Read: The signs he’s not interested in a second date, even if you’re unsure]

#15 You feel he likes you. You’re not stupid. You know, deep down when someone is interested in you. There’s an energy around them, the way they look at you and touch you, it gives you the vibe that they’re not looking to just be friends. He’s into you, and you know it.

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Now you know the signs a guy is getting turned on, what do you think about your situation? Is the guy you like getting turned on by you?

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