29 Tips & Relationship Advice for Women to Have a Great Love Life

Relationship advice for women can often be misleading, but here are some solid tips that will get you the love life of your dreams.

relationship advice for women tips

Searching the web for relationship advice for women isn’t always easy. But, here, you will find relationship tips that will take your love life from drab to fab.

Are you having a hard time in love? Do you find yourself getting frustrated by your man to no end? Or do you worry your man isn’t into you the way he once was? It’s funny, isn’t it?

Women want perfect romance. Men want perfect romance. And yet, somehow, things don’t always work out that way. They can start perfectly, just like in fairytales, but eventually, things just start to change.

And that perfect romance you once found just vanishes into thin air, right before your eyes. The good news is, in most cases, it isn’t too late to fix things.

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Dating versus relationship advice

If you’re still dating, well, you’re not in a committed relationship yet, so you can use the Lovepanky dating girl’s code to help you get off to the perfect start. Those tips will push you in the right direction so that you can have a happy and healthy relationship.

But if you’re in a committed relationship, read on because this relationship advice for women will help you. This advice can help a dying relationship come back to life or make your happy relationship that much better.

The biggest relationship tip for women

Many women say they try hard, but they just can’t make their relationship work. Some say they had no idea when the relationship started to go bad. But in reality, women know.

Women know when something feels off. But, women also convince themselves it is temporary. Or that if he wants it to work, he’ll make an effort. Women often sit in denial instead of trusting their instincts.

The biggest relationship advice for women to really see the change they want, is to trust themselves. If you feel like something’s not right, something is definitely wrong.

Don’t hesitate or second guess yourself. When something seems off, go with your gut and talk about it. Communicating with your partner is the only way to overcome relationship struggles. [Read: Tried and tested methods to learn how to recognize and allow your gut instincts]

Sure, sometimes the best relationship tip for women is to let it go and move on.

But in most other cases, the relationship stagnates because you and your partner aren’t discussing things that need to be discussed. You are ignoring your feelings and letting the relationship suffer the consequences.

Once you can start to trust yourself, you’ll be surprised by how wonderful your relationship can be. [Read: 25 relationship rules for a successful long term relationship]

Relationship tips for women

If you’re looking for relationship advice for women, just keep these tips in mind. Your relationship can be what you always hoped for.

Most people who want a relationship aren’t prepared for what it entails. But, with these relationship tips for women, your relationship will prosper, and your love life will thank you for it.

1. Keep it light

Playfulness is the one thing that holds a happy relationship together more than anything else. Just because you’re past your childhood doesn’t mean you should act all grown up all the time! Tickle, joke, and tease. These things are small but make a big difference.

2. Get along with his friends

Men easily influence each other. If his friends like you and think he’s a good match, he’ll be even more into you. Getting along with the important people in his life relaxes him and gives him even more reason to be happy with you. [Read: 30 super sexy ways to keep a guy interested in you!]

3. Be romantic

Not all men understand the art of chivalry, romantic gestures, and romance. Instead of giving up on him, show him the way by example.

He may not want flowers, but lighting candles for an at-home date night will clue him in. When you treat him how you want to be treated, he’ll return the favor. [Read: Examples to get your man to treat you like a lady]

4. Listen

There is this well-known myth that men are bad listeners, but men aren’t the only ones. Women love to talk, so listening can often take a back seat.

Listening to what he has to say, whether it is in the middle of an argument or not, will calm him down and let you really understand his side. [Read: What a lack of communication in a relationship means]

5. Accept him

Your boyfriend may be amazing, but you just wish he would dress better or be a little more of an adult when you’re with friends. But you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed. Plus, if the way he dresses or his child-like humor are the biggest issues, maybe let them go.

You can help your man understand where you’re coming from. But if he is happy how he is and it isn’t really impacting you and your happiness, accept him for who he is, New Balance sneakers and all.

6. Be sensitive

Don’t constantly remind him of his past failures. Sure, you may want to urge him to try harder at work or work on himself, but using negativity to do that is not the right way. Men are very sensitive when it comes to their past mistakes.

Instead of playing on his failures, encourage him by ensuring he knows you believe in him. [Read: 14 things you say or do that emasculate your man]

7. Men can’t read minds

Speak your mind. Even if you told your guy something 100 times, he isn’t thinking what you’re thinking. It can be annoying, but you have to speak up when you’re upset or need something. You can’t expect him to know what you want without telling him.

8. Never use the silent treatment

This piece of dating advice for women goes along with #7. Ignoring your boyfriend when he hurts you may seem like the best way to teach him a lesson.

But truth be told, the silent treatment won’t make anything better. It will leave you upset and leave him confused. [Read: How to use the silent treatment the right way without hurting your guy]

9. You are a team

Arguing with your partner does not mean you’re against each other. In fact, you are both working towards the same goal. You both want to be happy together. You’re a team. So, during every disagreement, you both have the same end goal. [Read: How to fight fair in a relationship and grow closer to each other]

10. Take your time

You may find yourself falling quickly into something new, but take your time. Enjoy yourself. Rushing into things when all the feelings are great may seem like the right path, but things can go south quickly.

Committing or moving in together too fast can cause a lot of stress on something so new. Even if you’re in a relationship, take your time continuing to get to know each other. [Read: 10 reasons why saying ‘I love you’ too soon sucks!]

11. Compliment him

When you are in a relationship for a while, you can get used to each other. All the things you used to find cute can become normal or even annoying. Letting this go on can really dull a relationship.

When he does something sweet, compliment him. Praise him for completing a work project. Let him know he looks nice in a certain color. Small compliments like this help a long-term relationship thrive. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget!]

12. Take space

Guys need their space even if he doesn’t ask for it. And so do you. Women rarely ask for space, but you need it too.

You can’t spend all your time together. You have other people in your life that need focus, as well as just focusing on yourself. Make sure you aren’t letting your relationship take over your life. [Read: How to give space in a relationship and better the love]

13. Try new things

Sexual or otherwise, trying new things together reignites your bond. You don’t want to go to the same restaurant every weekend forever. Try new places. Take a class together. Even try to do a home project together. Learning new things and experiencing something new together is a bonding experience.

The same goes for the bedroom. Try new positions and new ways to keep your sex life exciting and alive, and don’t ever stop communicating. Things can get stale in the bedroom if you don’t talk about what you want. Keep things exciting with new things. [Read: How to talk dirty and arouse your man with words]

14. Focus on yourself

Your relationship is a priority for you, as it should be. But, your relationship should not be your only priority. One of the best relationship tips for women is to keep yourself as a priority. Focus on your dreams, your goals, and your own interests. Your relationship is not the #1 thing in your life. You are.

15. Don’t let go of others in your life

Sometimes, relationships can be so overwhelming that you cancel plans with others to be with your partner. That happens when you’re happy and excited. But, letting your other relationships fall to the wayside so you can focus on your relationship is not healthy. Your partner can’t be everything to you.

Make sure to keep your friendships as a priority too. You need outside support from friends and family. Be sure you aren’t pushing people away.

16. Don’t change

Don’t change just to feel closer to your partner. You don’t have to be interested in what he is interested in, to be close. You want to continue to better yourself in a relationship, but you shouldn’t have to change who you are for them.

A great relationship tip for women is to be true to yourself. Sure, you can watch a big game with him even if you aren’t into it, but don’t change your interests or who you are to make him happy. You want to be happy as you are, not trying to be someone else. [Read: 16 reasons why you’re being taken for granted by your boyfriend]

17. Don’t force fights

When a relationship becomes dull, it can feel like picking fights is a great way to reignite the spark or passion. Sometimes, you just have an urge to get out some stress or anger you have, and who is the closest to you? Your partner.

Instead of doing this, talk about it. Release your stress through healthier means like exercise or therapy. Forcing fights only ignites resentment.

18. Don’t try to be perfect

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. No matter how amazing couples online seem, there are always issues. Don’t avoid hard discussions or fights just to seem like things are great.

Society can often make us feel like we need to be the perfect partners, but a piece of relationship advice for women is that it is your relationship. Be yourself. No one is perfect.

19. Trust him

A relationship will not work out without trust. We all experience jealousy from time to time, but not trusting your partner will only push you apart.

Work on trust. If it doesn’t come easily to you, take time and talk about it, even see a couple’s counselor for some unbiased help. Without trust, the relationship will crumble. [Read: How to stop being insecure in a relationship]

20. Give things a chance

If he wants to try a new restaurant or hobby, give it a chance. Be open-minded. Don’t just shut down his ideas because you don’t like it off the bat. Try to open your mind, just as you would want him to do if you had an idea. [Read: 40 secrets to make your boyfriend happy and feel lucky to date you]

21. Compromise

Compromise is essential to any happy relationship. You have to be willing to make some concessions if you want to make it work. You and your partner will not get along and agree all the time. Sometimes, you have to meet in the middle.

When you are in a healthy relationship, compromise doesn’t feel as hard as it sounds. [Read: How to compromise in a relationship and not feel like you lost out]

22. Relax

You’re in a relationship and that is great. Now let it be. You always want to put in effort, but don’t overdo it.

Texting your partner all day, always being in contact, and just being overbearing is not a sign of a good relationship. In fact, this behavior shows distrust, low self-esteem, and neediness.

23. Keep up with each other

Make sure you aren’t just dating in passing. You aren’t together just for sex or companionship. You should be up to date on each others’ lives, at least in some way.

You should know what’s going on with his family and work and vice versa. Make sure you are making time to really know what the other is going through to offer support. [Read: How to better a relationship and improve your love life]

24. Make time

Even though you shouldn’t have to rearrange your lives for each other, be sure you are taking time to continue dating. Sometimes, it is easier to sit and watch TV together than it is to go out for dinner. But, making sure you take time to really enjoy your time together is vital to keeping each other happy.

Without actual dates, you can get comfortable to a point where you feel more like roommates than a couple. Make time to focus on your relationship. [Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 27 ways to make him love you more]

25. You need respect

You both need respect. You need to treat him with respect, and he, you. This is something you rarely see when searching for relationship tips for women.

But, respect is often lacking in relationships, which can destroy trust, love, and confidence. Respect needs to be present in everything from discussion to fights and more. [Read: How to show respect in a relationship]

26. Talk about the future

Whether you plan on getting married or having kids, you need to discuss the future in some aspect. If you just go with the flow all the time, you are just waiting for a time when your desires don’t align.

Do you both want to move one day? Are you hoping to travel once you save up some money? What are your plans for a year from now? Five years? [Read: Is he the one? How to know if he’s the perfect one for you]

27. Accept your differences

You will not always get along or agree. You may differ on small things like the best Star Wars movie, or maybe you disagree on something bigger like religion or politics.

If you want your relationship to work, you need to accept these differences and figure out how not to let those things get in the way. If you can’t, they will repeatedly cause problems. [Read: How to accept the differences in your relationship]

28. Be appreciative

A relationship does not just require you to do things for each other. Never assume anything. When your partner does something nice for you, be sure they know you are grateful. Simply saying thank you can make a huge difference in the happiness of your relationship.

This is a piece of relationship advice for women that often goes overlooked. Showing appreciation for your partner is never a bad thing.

29. Face your own issues

A relationship consists of two whole people. You are not merged because you’re in a relationship. You have to continue focusing on your own issues on your own.

Of course, you should be supported by your partner. But if you are struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, or depression, your relationship cannot fix these things. You need to work on these things, maybe with a therapist, but they shouldn’t be an extra hurdle for your relationship. [Read: 27 ways to focus on yourself and create your own sunshine]

These relationship tips for women may be more abstract than you were expecting, but pay attention to the meaning behind them. You came here seeking relationship advice, and that what you’ve been offered. It is up to you whether or not to follow through with it. But, if you do, you’ll see the benefits.

Remember these relationship tips and advice for women, and keep them at the back of your mind. They may seem like insignificant things, but they play the biggest part in a healthy love life, relationship, and your overall happiness as well!

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