The Nerdy Guy: What Makes One & 15 Reasons They’re a Real Catch

It’s not news that nerdy guys are now the new hotties in the dating world. Whether it’s because of their wisdom or cute quirks, keep reading to find out!

There was once a time where nerdy guys were frowned upon. And they weren’t really the kind of guys any girl would date, because they were everything a “real” man isn’t supposed to be. *cue toxic masculinity*

After all, who’d want to date someone totally nerdy and socially insecure, or a guy who wears glasses? However, they’re no longer the guys who are in the shadows, as they are now the new IT guys. *Get it? IT guys?*

These guys not only prefer brains over vanity, but they are also the ones with the big bucks, as they tend to be in high-paying industries. With nerdy guys as your boyfriend, they’ll not just treat you right, but you have a great future with them as well.

Unlike the bad boys and playboys you constantly cry over, nerdy guys won’t break your heart *most of them, at least*. Even if money isn’t part of your list, nerdy guys make great conversationalists!

They care more about their brains and emotional compatibility, which means they really won’t care even if you look your worst. They’ll accept you as you are – sweatpants and all! 

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Who are nerdy guys?

The term, nerdy guys, has had several stereotypes over the years. They’re mostly defined as the guys who are smarter than you or know a lot of things. When you ask them about any topic, they can probably answer it within seconds.

The most defining feature of nerdy guys is that they get attracted to brains rather than looks. They’d rather have someone who gets their level of intellect and wisdom rather than someone with the perfect body and physical attributes.

Most of the time, they’re also introverts so they spend most of their time indoors. This also means you don’t have to worry about where they are. They’re either playing video games or doing their own thing indoors.

Unlike that bad boy you dated, they’re not constantly partying with girls you have to worry about. Most importantly, nerdy guys will love you passionately without holding anything back from you. They’re incredibly cool that way. 

What makes nerdy guys different from other guys

Unlike your average guy, nerdy guys love differently. They’re usually all-in with the effort and time they give a certain girl they’re falling for. They don’t have much of a social life so it gives you one less problem to worry about.

Most likely, his friends aren’t bad influences but fellow introverts like him. He spends his free time playing games and chilling at home so when you do go on a date, you have his full and undivided attention. The best part is that they don’t care how you look, but they’d rather focus on your mind and heart.

They’re very substantial and deep individuals, which makes for the best conversations. While they’re not perfect, they’re also less likely to intentionally break your heart. Nerdy guys will love you better compared to that a**hole who dumped you because you didn’t look pretty enough. 

Why you should date the nerdy guy

1. They’re great conversationalists

Even if nerdy guys are huge introverts, they’re capable of engaging in an actual conversation. This is because of their lack of social life. Most likely, when you introduce your friends to them, they won’t hesitate to interact.

If you’re the type of girl who values great conversation over hot sex, then geeky dudes might be a good bet for you. If you fancy substantial debates rather than small talk, this is your kind of guy.

You can present an argument to nerds, and I assure you they will have their own weirdly unique take on any situation, be it hypothetical or actual. You’re guaranteed to have the deepest conversations with them as your boyfriend – even without alcohol!

You’d never get bored when you take the chance of dating these intellectual guys. They live their lives lost in their minds so they always have something unique to contribute to the conversation. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters with a guy you like]

2. They mostly have a great sense of humor

A lot of these guys are shy, but once they feel comfortable around you, they will surprise you with dry wit, intelligent humor, and amusing candor. They can make you laugh and forget all of life’s problems in one sitting. Despite their introversion, you’ll never be bored when dating a nerdy guy.

They take the effort to make a girl laugh, because they know that’s a valuable edge to have. After all, when you can make a girl laugh, her heart is yours forever. Whether it’s a cheesy joke, pickup-line, or even making you laugh through their sarcasm, they take pride in their unique sense of humor. 

3. They can potentially give you a stable future

As mentioned earlier, these nerdy guys have the potential to earn a high income because of their intellect and background. Even if they failed college, doesn’t mean they won’t become the next Steve Jobs. Do you think girls had any inkling that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg was going to be a freaking billionaire in only a few years?

You might think they won’t achieve much because of how engrossed they are with their video games and hobbies, but they’ll surprise you with this. Geeks may not live their lives the way most people do, but they always surprise people when they actually prove they are extremely capable – which they silently are.

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4. They take relationships more seriously

Unlike your previous boyfriends, nerdy guys won’t dump you for no apparent reason or ghost you. They have a different mindset when it comes to relationships. Most likely, they’ll take care of your heart as if it was their own.

You’ll experience a love unlike any other when you date this kind of guy. Since they prioritize intellect over looks, they won’t try to pressure you into looking perfect all the time.

Simply put, your brains are enough. They appreciate their women more, because deep inside, they are still amazed that a woman like you chose them. They never imagined that they’d end up with someone like you, after all. Humble and smart, what more could you ask for?

In their earlier years, most geeks don’t have any interest in dating and trying to look hot for the ladies. They’re usually too busy with their games and comic books for that. They don’t believe they’d ever land the woman of their dreams – or any woman for that matter.

However, when a woman does fall for them, they go all-in which makes them the most perfect boyfriends! If you’ve watched The Big Bang Theory, then you know exactly what I’m talking about![Read: 7 sure signs that you’re dating a player]

5. Most are shy at first, but they’ll eventually surprise you

With their awkward and shy nature, they can seem reserved at first. However, when they get comfortable around you, they won’t shy away from you. In fact, you’ll probably have a difficult time shutting them up when they get very comfortable around you.

Instead of flirting the way a typical dude would, their years of absorbing all sorts of geeky media allows them to come up with a unique yet endearing way to catch your attention. They might not be as arrogant and direct in their flirting as other guys, but this can be a good thing!

Their awkwardness also makes their feelings seem genuine and real, compared to the other dudes you’re so used to dating. Nerdy guys actually give a crap about the right approach to the right girl. Not a lot of girls would appreciate it, but those who do tend to end up happy. [Read: Do guys like it when girls make the first move?]

6. They value loyalty more than most

We all value loyalty to a certain point, yet these men are more adamant and serious about it. Next to their intellect, their loyalty might even be the most attractive thing about them. They would never cheat on you and replace you with someone prettier or better than you.

Their faith and lies with you and only you – nobody else. They wouldn’t dare to betray your trust or respect by doing something that sabotages what he has with you.

Whether it’s because of the loyalty they have with their friends or family, they know the priceless value that loyalty gives in a relationship. They know it’s rare to land a girl like you so they wouldn’t dare to sabotage that by cheating on you. 

7. They are intelligent, and they use that to adapt

You’d be surprised how nerdy guys don’t just know their way around books, but in life as well. They use their intelligence to adapt to even the most uncertain and overwhelming situations. Even if it’s something new for them, they take all their knowledge and apply it in the real world.

Remember Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland? He was one geeky nerd who not only survived the apocalypse but wrote his own quirky rules on surviving the zombie outbreak – albeit fictional. This is also why people are often surprised how nerdy guys are great in conversations. It’s all a matter of adapting. 

8. They will make sure you are well cared for

This isn’t to say that your average guy won’t take care of you, but nerdy men are more thoughtful, sweeter, and sincere. They generally have the best intentions when it comes to you. If you’re sick, they’ll probably go out of their way to take care of you.

On a first date, they’ll probably initiate in paying first. When you’re cold, they won’t hesitate to give you their jacket. It’s these little things that make nerdy guys the best boyfriends you could possibly have.

You probably won’t even need to tell them that you need to be cared for, because they pay more attention, and they see what you need even before you do.

9. Not a lot of men can do what they do

There’s a reason why the new age of modern technology has brought the geeks out of the dark, so to speak. Their intellect makes them very different from every other guy you’ve dated. Whether it’s fixing your computer, troubleshooting, or even creating their own game, the possibilities are endless.

It’s probably why they also tend to succeed and achieve their dreams faster, no matter what background they’re from. Their intellect and high IQ make them more than adequate to achieve anything they set their mind to do. Geeks now run the modern world!

10. With a little help, they can be made-over

What girl would pass up a chance to make a guy over? If anything, girls completely love makeovers and this isn’t limited to their boyfriends. You can always improve his wardrobe or choose the right glasses to make him look even more adorable!

Most of these geeks have not made an effort in dressing themselves to pass as “hot,” but with a little bit of grooming and a few wardrobe updates, you can instantly transform a geek into your own personal hottie. Since this makes you happy, they’d be more than willing for you to do a makeover on them. 

11. They’re pretty simple, down to earth dudes

I know, I know. You’re used to this guy who dresses in the fanciest clothes and takes you out for dinner or this guy who dresses in all-black while letting you ride in his car. However, nerdy guys will be the most down-to-earth people you’ll ever date.

They would rather think little of themselves than believe in their capabilities. This is why they don’t have the best clothes or external appearance. They’d rather invest in their minds rather than anything else.

Try telling a nerd they look cute and they probably won’t believe you and then blush. Try telling a douchebag they’re cute, and you would probably get a shrug, a nod, or an “I know right.” Frankly, it’s the most refreshing thing to date a nerd.

Don’t expect them to impress you with material objects or grand gestures that you’re used to by other guys. Rather, they’ll give you their sincerity, time, and eventually, all of their heart. [Read: 11 surefire ways to know you’re dating a true gentleman]

12. They’re substantial

If you’re used to dating guys who rush into sex after the first date or someone who talks about themselves 24/7, you won’t get that with a nerdy guy. They don’t care about what car you’re driving or who dated who. What matters is the important things for them.

They want to know your passions, what keeps you up at night at 3 am, why you choose your specific career. They want to talk about how life works and why things are the way they are.

Simply put, they don’t need gossip and small talk, but someone who dives into the important questions along with them. This is also why if you give them a chance, their love for you would run so deep that it’s irreplaceable. 

13. They’re more sensitive

I’m sure you’ve dated quite a few jerks who called you dramatic or overreacting for feeling your emotions. Compared to these jerks, nerdy guys have the emotional maturity and intelligence to handle even your difficult feelings.

They can even understand and empathize with your feelings and make you feel less crappy. They won’t just be a best friend to you, but they’ll be your person.

These guys know that emotions don’t make you weak but that it’s actually healthy to talk about them.

14. They’re authentic

Whether you realize this by now or not, most guys put their best foot forward in trying to impress you. They’re authentic, honest, and real about who they are. This means they won’t bother hiding their interest in that Star Wars movie, which makes them adorable that way.

They wouldn’t change who they are, which also means they’d never try to change or control you into someone else. Their integrity is one of the best things about them. 

15. They’re the best boyfriends you can have

When you give them a chance, nerdy guys are the best boyfriend you could have. You’d never stop wondering how you got this lucky, especially after dating so many jerks and a**holes.

Dating nerds are the breath of fresh air you desperately needed in a relationship. They’ll give you the most passionate relationship you’ve ever experienced and it’s unlike anything in this world. 

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So, is dating a nerdy guy worth it?

In all honesty, there’s no reason to hold back from dating a nerdy guy at least once in your life. Even if it’s quite different from your perfect set of ideals, he’ll love you unlike any other guy. He might not be the most handsome and perfect looking, but he’ll give you everything you could possibly need. 

Most girls want a guy who is humble, interesting, loving, capable, and responsible. Nerdy guys have all these qualities you need. The best part? They’ll do everything not to screw their chances with you. If you tend to keep these guys in the friend zone, you might want to rethink that. After all, they make the best lovers.

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