Is it Time to Dump your Boyfriend?

You may be completely in love, and you may want to overlook all of your man’s faults, but is it really worth it? Sarah Klose points out ten definite red flag signs to tell if it’s time to dump your boyfriend.

is it time to dump your boyfriend

Are you happy with your man?

Do you really have to put up with a man, when all you do is try to overlook his flaws?

Love is an open book for those who are in love and a complicated maze for the ones who still have to slide into it.

However, there’s no denying the fact that love is desire and dreams juxtaposed.

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Love opens up a path and puts you on the threshold of a parallel universe.

When you fall clumsily in love, don’t the words of Michael Buble waft lazily through your ears, and doesn’t the surrounding transform into mauve and peaches all of a sudden?

You begin to believe in those fairy-tales which tell a story of a damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor to come and rescue her.

During my shockingly pink school days, I was fascinated by frogs, putting myself on tenterhooks for its metamorphosis into homo sapiens. Sadly, I wasn’t that lucky.

My Prince Charming whisked me away one fine day though. But unfortunately, he wasn’t transmuted from a frog. He was born a boy. He still has shown no signs of having any traits of a frog.

When is it time to dump your boyfriend?

More than the feeling of love itself, it’s the right mate that’s harder to snag.  Obviously, love is a hard commitment to handle, but it’s definitely worth the effort. The only dampener is a wrong man. What’s the point in trying really hard to hold on to something, if the one thing you’re trying to hold on to, is wrong in the first place?

And more often than not, the right man is an evasive catch to find. So we wait patiently, hopping from one man to another, hoping that one in that long list might just turn out to be the one who can change our lives. [Read: Tips to find the right one]

You may not have noticed this yet, but every wrong man leaves behind him a stinky crappy trail of no-goodness. It may be a little stinker or a huge ripping explosion, but all wrong boys leave a trace that can cause a flutter of a red flag down the wrong end. Here are a few red flags that you’d definitely find fluttering when you’re on a date with the wrong man. Find yourself stuck in a stinker in hard-to-handle circumstances *like in an elevator*, walk out as soon as you can.

#1 Is he punctual?

You leave your place an hour early to reach your rendezvous point on time. You even sacrifice your daily dose of your fav shows for him. And when you get there, you find that he’s nowhere in sight. You wait for him anxiously and he comes sauntering, a full half an hour late, drawls a casual apology and slumps into his seat. [Confession: I was stood up on a date]

During the course of the date, if you find that his excuse for the delay is a lousy one, like him getting late because he had to play an extra round of pool with his friends, or had to have coffee with a hot colleague because she was bored, you know what to do. Walk out of the date, or wait until it’s over to erase his cell number and feign memory loss each time you see him after that.

#2 How’s his attire?

Va va voom! There you are in your liquid jersey deep neckline dress by Versace, hogging all the stares from your immediate world. You’ve spent an entire evening decking up, in the hope that you could just soar away with him all the way to Bryan Adam’s cloud number nine, and then you feel the rip. Could it get any worse? Your date appears in a casual crumpled tee, and worn-out jeans, like he’s just dropped out of college. Well, if your wannabe man can’t dress now, if he doesn’t care to dress smart on your first few dates, what makes you think he ever will?

#3 Does he have droopy eyes?

Now this is a complete no-no. Have you ever dated a guy who just sits across you and his eyes just keep drooping down south at every possible moment he gets, even if you’re looking straight into his eyes?!

Even if he’s being discreet, all women have the sixth sense to judge a man’s gawk. Use your inner power, girl. Even if he is mesmerized by your assets, he should never make you uncomfortable by his gaze. A man should know how to respect a woman, even if he’s dating her! [Read: Why do men stare at women?]

#4 Is he willing to participate?

You enjoy something, he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He likes something, you participate in it even if you detest it. You put up with him uncomplainingly when he takes you to his favorite booze joint, instead of the fancy restaurant that he had promised you earlier. It’s time to put your foot down. [Read: 15 signs of an emotionally controlling boyfriend]

A relationship is based on compromises, and similarities. If he’s not able to adapt or adjust even a wee bit to your needs, he probably needs to familiarize himself with the way out of your life.

Sometimes, you may never realize how easily your own boyfriend could be ruining your life and shattering your dreams of a happy romance. Read the remaining signs on dating the wrong guy to know if it’s time to dump your boyfriend and move on.


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