How to Handle your Man’s Ogling Eyes

Do you constantly find your man staring at other women when he’s around you, at a restaurant or when you’re at a club? What should you do? Find out here.

How to Stop your man from staring at others

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Are you serious about him?

Well, this is your call now, really. Are you serious with this bloke of yours? If it’s just a ‘little-crush-I-have-on-him’ kind of thing, then don’t bother. Enjoy the moment, have fun with him. Go out for movies and those romantic dinners. Let him stare at others, and don’t stop yourself from staring at other men either.

But on the other hand, if you know that this man is the one for you, and you can’t think of anyone else replacing him, then it’s pretty dense. You need to do something about it. You will have to sit down and tell him about how you feel. Make it clear to him that you don’t appreciate his stares and glances at other women, not at least when you’re around.

Is he really leching?

There’s a thin line between leching and staring. And it’s just as thin as the line between disapproval and jealousy. Ask yourself if your man is really leching or giving the girl with the mini skirt an appreciative glance. To make it simpler for you, leching is obvious and shameless, something like stopping in the middle of the street and turning around to get a better view. And staring is just that, staring… maybe with a bit of appreciation.

Let’s admit it. We know that men can’t take their eyes off a pretty face, or a hot body. Any attractive girl would naturally turn heads. It can be a pain in your backside when your man ogles at other women, but surprisingly it can have a mesmerizing effect on your man’s body parts too. If your boyfriend indulges in ogling every now and then, even after repeatedly reminding him, then it’s up to you to either accept it or move on.

However, if you’re out with a girlfriend of yours and you catch him leching at her or sizing her up, then you know he belongs in the trash bin at the back of the restaurant!

Make it clear to him

Now this calls for some composure and restraint. You may want to choke him or gouge his eyes out, but hold that thought. Do tell him that you don’t like it, in a calm controlled way, and this is best not told right after an ogling incident. We’re already stereotyped as nagging mammies and we don’t need to be one. So tell him in a reasonable tone not to be so obvious because you don’t like it.

You’re not being silly or childish, he is! And don’t start a screaming match or an ‘I’m-not-talking-to-you’ act. It’s not going to help you anyways. And don’t carry any emotional baggage along with that line like “I know that girl looks better than me, that’s why you’re staring at her!” Just stay in control and get the point across in a clear manner.

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