20 Hot Things to Say to a Guy over Text & Have Him Drooling over You

Do you want to make your guy horny or leave him fantasizing about you all the time? Of course, you do. Learn these hot things to say to a guy over text.

hot things to say to a guy over text

There’s a huge difference between flirting with someone in person and doing it over text. When you’re face-to-face, you’re at an advantage in the sense that they can see and touch you. But if you learn the right kind of hot things to say to a guy over text, you’re golden.

Men are visual, so, it’s much easier for them to become aroused when you’re in front of them. But then again, you’re face-to-face and that can sometimes be scary. I mean, no one wants to say the wrong thing or embarrass themselves in front of the guy they’re flirting with.

Ugh, that just reminded me of some traumatizing moments in my past. So, if anyone can relate to that, it’s me. When I get nervous, I either giggle uncontrollably or stutter. Those are my options. [Read: The subtle signs a guy likes you and is trying not to show it]

The 4 most important tips when texting a guy

With texting, you have an advantage of not being in front of them. And because you’re not face-to-face, you have the luxury of sitting in the comfort of your bed or couch without flinching an inch. You don’t need to look sexy, you can be in your PJs, he’s not going to see.

Plus, you’re also given time to respond, time to come up with something clever that’ll keep him on his toes. And that’s what you want, you want him to be aroused but also intrigued by your brain and words.

So even though I’m always finger-wagging against texting, this is actually a good time to start texting the guy you like. Just don’t send any nudes, at least for now. [Read: 30 hot, sexy example texts to start a naughty text marathon with a guy]

#1 Don’t jump right into it. You want to get the conversation off on a sexy note, but don’t jump right into it with a provocative line. Let’s look like we have some skills here. I mean, if you’re in a rush and text him, “9 pm my place” that’s fine, but that’s if you just want him to come over at 9 pm.

If you want a conversation with him, start the conversation off normally and then if he asks you how you are or what you’re doing, there’s your moment to make the conversation sexy and naughty. [Read: How to initiate sexting without making it too obvious]

#2 Do it when you feel like it. If you’re not in the mood to have a hot and sexy conversation via text, then don’t start a conversation. Sometimes we feel like we have to in order to keep the guy around, but listen, there’s nothing worse than talking dirty to someone who’s not into. He’s going to read right through it, and it’ll put a damper on things.

#3 Take it easy with pictures. When you’re trying to figure out the right kind of hot things to say to a guy over text, I know you want to send a photo of your ass to him but this feature is about texting. I don’t want to sound like a mom because I’ve sent photos, so I’m purely speaking from experience. You don’t want to send someone photos of yourself when you don’t know them. If you trust them, then you can. If not, don’t do it. [Read: How to take a sexy picture and look great every time]

#4 You don’t have to have sex after. When we dirty talk with people, there’s this assumption that you’re going to sleep with them at some point in time, but listen, that’s not necessarily the case.

Through dirty texting, you can realize that you aren’t on the same sexual level or maybe you’re just doing it for fun. That doesn’t mean this conversation has to progress into anything.

The 20 must-know hot things to say to a guy over text

It’s about making the most of your texts. 

#1 I wish you were naked in bed with me right now. Well, if he’s not in his car driving to your house by the end of reading that message, then he has me confused. [Read: How to start sexting a guy when you’ve never ever done it before]

#2 Good morning sexy! Hope you had sweet dreams ;). The wink, of course, is optional, but I couldn’t resist. It’s a cute morning message to send to a guy you like. [Read: Good morning texts to make him feel loved and adored]

#3 I can’t focus at work, I keep thinking about what you did to me last night. This message is the perfect mix of sweet and naughty. You’ll have him thinking about last night.

#4 I learned this new yoga pose, I’m pretty flexible now. Well, he’s going to want to test this out in real life.

#5 Guess what I’m wearing right now? This will help him get a visual of you in his head and once that happens, it’s game over for him.

#6 Have you been working out? I noticed your arms in that shirt you wore. Even if he hasn’t, this is a huge ego boost for him. Plus, it shows that you’ve been checking him out.

#7 If you could do anything to me right now, what would you do? Oh, he’s going to answer that as fast as he can. [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a naughty conversation with him]

#8 You’ve been on my mind all day long. This leaves him to ask what you’ve been thinking about. From there, your options are endless.

#9 I just found out I can text with one hand. Want to know where my other hand is? Oh, we all know where your other hand is.

#10 Oh, just FYI I’m not wearing any underwear right now. You know, it’s just an innocent FYI. He should know, you know…

#11 I’ve been really misbehaving today. Looks like I’ll need to be punished… If he loves to spank you, then he’s going to love answering this text. [Read: How and when to spank a bad, bad girl]

#12 The moment I thought of you, my underwear was wet. Well, this is pretty hot, but it’s also telling him that he makes you horny and needs to do something about it.

#13 Do you wanna play a game? Of course, he wants to play a game. He’ll play any game, he’s a guy. You could play “Simon Says” or come up with a fun and sexy game to try over text. [Read: The sexiest and naughtiest texting games to stay horny all night long]

#14 Do you want to see my new toy? Having the thought of using a sex toy on you will probably make him lose his mind.

#15 I had a dream about you last night. Well, you can do any direction you’d like with this one. You could make a joke or go straight for something naughty. 

#16 I have a couple things to check off my to-do list tonight. Want to help? Oh yes, he does. He’ll gladly help you with that list.

#17 How you do feel about having sex < insert new place>. Why not get him excited with suggesting something spontaneous and new?

#18 Send an obvious and simple emoji. Emojis can clear a lot of things up. Sometimes you don’t need a hot text full of words. Sometimes, all you need is an emoji. Preferably the eggplant one and the lips. If he doesn’t understand, then he doesn’t deserve it.

#19 I wish you were here right now next to me. Yeah and by the sound of that, he wishes he was next to you too. [Read: 16 fun emojis to make any conversation sound naughty]

#20 I really want to reenact this porn scene I just watched. Well, how can he say no to that?

[Read: Your complete guide to safe and sexy sexting your guy]

If you want to turn your guy on, you need to know a few of these hot things to say to a guy over text. Hopefully, you’ll use some the next time you see your phone blinking.

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