15 Biggest Sexual Turn Offs for Guys in Bed!

Are you doing something that makes your boyfriend hate having sex with you? Read these 15 biggest sexual turn offs for guys to know what they are.

sexual turn offs for guys

For a guy, sex occupies a pretty big place in his mind.

Every time he has glorious sex and makes a girl experience a shivering orgasm, he feels like he’s conquered a new realm.

He feels great about himself.

He feels taller and stronger, and a lot manlier.

But every time he has bad sex, or feels like he couldn’t make a girl shudder in orgasms, he feels a little less like a real man.

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Sex and its importance in a man’s mind

A man’s sexual prowess is intertwined with his masculinity.

The better he thinks he is at having sex, the manlier he feels.

So he goes about having sex with a vengeance, because he feels good doing it, be it with his girl or a hot one night stand.

But what happens if he has sex with a girl, and instead of feeling better about himself, he feels worse?

Well, that’s when he’d either start avoiding sex with that woman.

Or he’d hate her for it!

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Things that turn a guy off sexually

There are so many things a girl can do to make a man feel like he’s a sex god, and almost always, a girl never does anything wrong in bed. [Read: 12 dirty foreplay tips that’ll always arouse a guy like crazy]

Sometimes, all you need to do is bat your eyelids or call him to bed with a twirl of your finger to get him to grin widely, jump into bed and pounce on you.

But there are a few things though, that can annoy even the horniest of men, and shrivel their member in no time.

And you may be making these mistakes, and not even realize it yourself!

15 biggest sexual turn offs for guys in bed

Read these biggest sexual turn offs for guys, and make sure you’re not doing any of these yourself. You may not think too much of it, but to a guy, these are things that can hit him below the belt, and hurt his masculinity too! [Read: 13 untold sex secrets every girl’s gotta know]

#1 The starfish. A starfish is a girl who just lies down in bed and expects the guy to do everything. She assumes penetration defines sex, and doesn’t do anything beyond parting her legs for him. Sometimes, she may even close her eyes or look away while he’s grunting on top of her.

Don’t be that girl. As attractive and sexy as you may be, a guy still wants to feel like he’s making love to you, and not taking advantage of a girl who’s bored or lifeless, or too wasted to realize what’s going on *well, unless you’re role playing his fantasy of a drunk girl*. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies that men love in bed]

#2 A girl with an attitude. A fun attitude in bed is sexy. But when a girl comes to bed with a book of rules and checklists, it can get pretty annoying for a guy very soon. Do you say things like “I don’t do anal” or “I won’t give you a blowjob” while both of you are still indulging in foreplay?

You may have a few rules in your head, but voicing every rule or making it clear that he shouldn’t have great expectations from you will just kill his mood. No guy likes a girl who slaps a guy’s hand in bed every now and then, or sits up and pouts. It’s a real put off! [Read: 30 questions for couples to understand each other better sexually]

#3 She thinks it’s a plastic toy. A few girls just don’t know how to handle a guy’s member. And guys hate that. Don’t treat a man’s little guy like it’s a toy or yank it like it’s on anesthesia just because it’s swollen up. A man’s balls and stick are very sensitive, and hurting it will hurt his ego too. Be gentle, and ask him if he likes what you’re doing if you’re confused at any point. [Read: Blue ball facts every girl’s got to know!]

#4 Selfish sex. This is something most guys hate, but have to deal with because they don’t have a choice! The guy’s moving in and out on a carnal high, and all of a sudden, he feels a sharp pat on his shoulder. He opens his eyes and looks at the girl staring at him with a vacant expression, wondering when the guy’s going to be done because she’s had an orgasm already and is done with sex.

Do you ask your boyfriend to stop as soon as you finish up? Or do you lose interest and get bored of sex as soon as you orgasm? That’s a definite turn off even if you can’t help yourself!

#5 She doesn’t ever orgasm. This may not always be your fault. After all, there are a few girls who can’t orgasm because of a medical condition. But making the girl orgasm gives a psychological high for every guy. If you don’t orgasm often, it’ll make the guy believe he’s not capable of pleasing you sexually. [Read: Why do men cheat? – 3 big reasons and 27 more!]

#6 Personal hygiene. Keep yourself clean, especially in places where the sun don’t shine. If a guy uses his finger to arouse you, and gets it out from under the blanket, do his fingers add a new strong fragrance to the room? He may pretend like everything’s normal, but under the sheets, his member would definitely shrink at least a little! And he may be too traumatized to even get his head under the blanket. [Read: How to get a guy to go down on you without a push]

#7 Dicks are gross. Are you the girl who doesn’t like the appearance of the male sexual organ? If you’re a girl who thinks a guy’s member is gross, or if you don’t like touching it beyond guiding it into penetration, that’s a big sexual turn off for any guy. Learn to appreciate the little guy, he can make you very happy if you give him a chance.

#8 A distracted girl. Don’t speak about something that’s completely unrelated to sex while having sex with your guy. Do you talk about your grocery list, or about something that happened at work while making love? That’s just a clear sign that you’re not into the guy or not enjoying the sex, and your guy definitely won’t like hearing about it.

Saying something like “hold on, I just remembered I need to call the electrician tomorrow”, won’t just kill the mood, it’ll get him off the bed too! Laughing hysterically about a funny thought you had has the same effect too.

#9 The guy’s job is to give the girl pleasure. Do you shift all responsibility on the guy while having sex with him? Do you just lie back and expect your guy to guide you or tell you what to do? And if you don’t enjoy sex or can’t orgasm, do you blame your man for not being good enough or talented enough? Oh, he’s going to hate you for that! [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and arouse him like crazy!]

#10 Clingy girls. It’s natural that when you make love to a guy, you feel closer to him and feel more attached to him. And guys get that. But do you get extremely clingy and behave as if both of you are married as soon as you have sex for the first time? [Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs and how to avoid being one]

If your behavior towards your boyfriend changes suddenly as soon as you have sex with him and you start getting clingy, he’s not going to like it. And you may even assume he’s giving you the cold shoulder. Your feelings for each other are a sign of long term commitment, not first time sex, remember that.

#11 Pets barging into the room. Do you have a pet at home? Make sure your cat or dog is locked away when you’re having sex with a guy. A girl’s pets have a strange habit of becoming overly inquisitive when she has sex with a guy in front of them. They jump into bed, or start licking the guy. Or worse, they just sit back and stare at the guy like they’re judging him!

#12 Dirty blowjob. If you feel like giving head to a guy, try to enjoy it. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, stay away from it. Don’t be the girl who brings a towel to bed and constantly spits something out while giving head. It’s incredibly putting off and really annoying too. [Read: Sexy road head confessions of a good girl]

#13 Dirty faces. A guy may sometimes get carried away in the heat of the moment, and after making sure you orgasm, he may try to ejaculate over some part of your body just because he thinks it’s sexy and he’s seen a lot of porn stars do that.

If you don’t want him doing that, use your hands gently to guide his little guy to another area. But don’t scrunch your face up or display a disgusting expression just because the thought disgusts you. You’ll hurt his feelings, and he’d be pissed off and won’t tell you why he’s upset.

#14 Turn off the lights. Turning off the lights isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, the darkness can accentuate the other senses and make sex feel even better! But do you freak out each time he turns the lights on and tell him to turn the lights off because you look ugly or fat? [Read: 15 easy real life tips to look a lot sexier naked!]

Do you wear clothes to bed? Or do you stop his hands from wandering over some part of your body because you’re insecure about your body? As much as your guy may understand your feelings, he’d still be turned off by all the restrictions and darkness. [Read: 14 tips to feel a lot sexier and desirable in no time]

#15 Controlling sex. Are you the kind of girl who likes having sex her way, and no other way? Some girls just want to have sex their own way. They want to be on top all the time, or they just like lying down and want the guy to do everything. And if a guy wants to try something new, they’re put off by the idea. [Read: The right way to ride a man and feel more confident and sexy while doing it!]

Sex should be exciting and fresh. And just when things start to get monotonous, you need to try something new to keep the sizzle on a high. Dominating a partner now and then can be good, but just don’t try to control everything while having sex or you’ll end up turning your guy off or making him feel like a robot with no feelings.

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Sex is natural and easy. Enjoy it, experiment in bed and try new things. And most importantly, avoid these 15 big sexual turn offs for guys if you want to arouse your guy and keep him turned on like a light bulb for years to come!

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