Why do Men Hate Answering Questions?

Women assume that those “fun questions to ask your man” are perfectly normal  to ask your guy. But they may, in fact, make your man cringe or go hot under the collar. So why do men hate answering questions so much?

Why do Men Hate Answering Questions

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To many women, these cute questions in the introductory feature might still sound sane, and you might even call the answers to the questions in the introductory post as cute proclamations of true and undying love.

But to men, these questions mean only one thing. Panic!

Now why would you want to use them? Why would any woman want to ask such questions and catch their man unaware? And yet, women still use them. And we all wonder why men hate answering questions!

Now why would you want to compare a night out with the guys and a romantic dinner? Or why would you want to talk about dying? You’re not suffering from a chronic illness, are you?

Why do the men always have to imagine the situation, which is hard enough, and then come out with a quick answer that glorifies the love you share, even if he doesn’t mean it, or even if he just doesn’t know what to say.

The counselor told me that the questions can be fun (you’ve got to be kidding, lady!) and can help a woman understand her man better. But come on, which man in his right mind is going to tell you that he still has the hots for his ex, and that he’s looking forward to a fling with his ex the second she decides to walk back into his life!

Women may call these questions ingenious. I call it the heights of stupidity. No offence though, I’m just being a man!

When a man realizes he’s being nailed

Now, men love getting nailed. For an inexperienced man, getting nailed by a woman is a manly way of saying ‘do the boink’. But to a veteran, when a woman says she wants to nail him, he suffers from a symptom that I call ‘The Throbbing Member’.

He’s hard and waiting to jump the bed, but at the same time he’s shivering in fright and wondering if she’s going to ask him any of those dreaded questions. And hence, a mixed reaction of the deepest emotions a man knows, primal ecstasy and hysteric fear!

Now it’s these times when making out is not enjoyable enough, and palms tend to get sweaty while cuddling. Subconsciously, a part of him is getting ready to face the questions you’re ready to pop! And before he knew love, he always thought it was him who had to pop the knee buckling question.

To a woman, an hour of baby talk and question popping is called ‘Coochie Cooing’. To a man, this is Guerrilla War.

What you can do

The next time you want to ask him something, be specific. It’s that simple. If you want him to skip the boys’ night so he can watch a romantic movie on DVD, tell him straight. He does love you, he would definitely understand and would love to spend time with you.

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