How to Look Good in Bed When Your Man Comes Over!

Want to arouse your guy with a mere glance? Find out how to look attractive in bed with your boyfriend and turn him on with these clever, sexy moves.

how to look good in bed

Have you ever wondered how to sleep with him, especially for the first time?

Sleeping with a guy for the first time or the hundredth makes no difference to most girls and women. They still feel awkward and uncomfortable about their sleepy face, messed up hair and bleeding makeup. How many times have you woken up in the morning with a thick coat of foundation and running mascara? Now how many times has this happened while your man is in bed with you?

How to sleep with him

Ever heard of the phrase, “if you want to know how beautiful a woman is, take a look at her in the morning”. [Read: Tips to increase your sex appeal]

If that’s the definition of true beauty, then I’m pretty sure many of us are pretty awful to look at.

A coat of beauty products at night don’t really look the same when we wake up in the morning.

But at the same time, we just can’t look our best without decking up to perfection for that ‘dinner date followed by sex at his place’ look.

For many women, waking up in the morning next to their guy is the worst experience. Many women tip-toe into the loo before anyone’s up and give themselves a few dabs of blush or just wash up and apply a fresh coat of everything. [Read: What turns a guy on sexually about a girl]

The end of wondering how to sleep with him

Unfortunately though, all these activities pretty much stop after the day a woman gets married. After that, the man has to wake up and see two women in a day. One, the woman he sleeps with, and two, the woman he finds in bed the next morning!

How to sleep with him and look attractive at the same time

Now keeping those key points in mind, you have to understand that your beauty do is what makes you look the worst when you wake up.

So go easy on your makeup kit when you’re going to hit the sack. Your man will still love you even if you don’t look like a porn star every night. And if you do want to look like a stunning porn star every night, make it a point to wash yourself up clean. Nothing looks prettier than a perfectly clean face in the morning when you sleep with him. [Read: How to dress for sex]

If you feel uncomfortable about sleeping with your face in the nude, like most women do, use a few basic necessities that will make you look, feel and smell good. Just as long as your beauty necessities aren’t filled with heavy duty moisturizers and oil based liquids, you’d look great when you wake up with him.

Even if you love looking like a hooker while you’re on top of him at night, you have to realize that your face isn’t going to look that hot once your head hits the pillow. And there’s also the fact that you’re going to have bits of drool sliding down your face. Ewww! Now imagine that drool’s effect on your layer of foundation! Gross!

Entice him with your body

Are you still wondering how to sleep with him? If you really do want to look sexy in the morning, then focus on your body instead of just your pretty face. The point is, your man would want to have the whole package in his arms, not just the face.

So focus on your body, they’re going to look the same all the time. So if you’re still not sure how to sleep with him and look good in bed at the same time, opt for a sexy slinky dress instead of a boring frayed tee and shorts combo.

That combination is always something that can arouse a man, whichever way you face in the morning. Other than the appearance, a man loves to wake up to a good fragrance in the morning. Dab a bit of mild perfume around your neck and wrists. Wake your man up with your fragrance along with the first rays of sunshine, that way he’ll never forget the way you feel and smell. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed]

And if you’ve got a great body that you’re comfortable with, just push your sheets down all the way to your waist in the morning. He won’t regret his morning hard-on!

What to wear to bed *and what not!*

Now that you know how to sleep with him, we’ll dive straight in into the sexiest styles of sleeping and the big question – what to wear to bed to impress and seduce him. There are several ways to turn a guy on and look really sexy when you sleep with a man. And you should always remember that looking sexy and attractive in bed doesn’t really have to be all about clothes and lingerie. [Read: How to make him want you more]

The girls at Lovepanky decided to ask around and put in a few of their own tips on what to wear to bed, and how to make a great impression even while simply lying down. Here are some awesome and unique tried and tested what-to-wear-to-bed suggestions from a few sexy sleepers.

What to wear to bed #1

It depends on your guy. My guy loves it when I wear a fitting cotton tee and panties… if your man loves silk, then go for silk boy shorts and a corset, or spaghetti straps.

– Ashley, 25

What to wear to bed #2

Wear his tee shirt to bed. And nothing else!

– Gisele, 25

What to wear to bed #3 [Read: How to be a sexy seductress]

Wear sexy lingerie to sleep, especially the lace ones. You’d look great just as long as your assets are hidden and yet, almost ready to slip out. That would drive him mad!

– Rachel, 22

How to look good in bed #1

Lie on your back with your head tilted slightly away from him. Bend one knee slightly so your curves would be accentuated. This looks best of you lie down naked.

– Hailey, 26

How to look good in bed #2

Place one arm behind your neck as you lie down, and stretch your body when he’s looking. This will elongate your body and make you look really feminine and curvy. And bend one knee slightly outwards so you can reveal your thighs to him. You better try this, it really works… [Read: How to keep a guy interested in 30 sexy ways]

– Angie, 29

How to look good in bed #3

Make sure it’s dark when you’re sleeping. And use heavy drapes and curtains so you can block most of the morning sunlight. Have a shower before tucking in and use a bit of perfume. That way, he’d find it really hard to stop caressing you all over, all the time.

– Cynthia, 34

How to look good in bed #4

You’d look sexy as long as you feel sexy from the inside. But if you want more, then just slather your body with lotion to feel soft and supple. My man loves the way my skin feels. Opt for the scented lotions, they do the trick better.

– Laura, 33

Tips on what to wear to bed

If you want to look sexy each time you get up in the morning, remember a few key points.

#1 Mascara and eye liners don’t look the same in the morning.

#2 Lip stick marks can look disgusting on a white pillow, especially if you stain your pillow every morning.

#3 Elaborate starched night gowns look like crumpled rags in the morning.

#4 You’d have a new hairstyle in the morning, and the new one just won’t look as good as the one you had the earlier night.

Deciding what to wear to bed is the easy part. Understanding your strengths and the weak points in your physique and body is the confusing dilemma. Be confident and feel sexy from within, and your vibes and aura will do the rest in sleeping sexy and turning on your boyfriend.

[Read: How to look sexy all the time]

Now that you know what to wear in bed and how to look good in bed with your boyfriend, go girl, go dazzle!

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