40 Things to Ask a Guy That’ll Leave Him Crazy About You

Are you trying to get your crush’s attention? Well, we’re about to reveal 40 things you can ask a guy if you want to make him crazy about you.

things to ask a guy

If you have a crush on a guy, odds are you want to do two things as quickly as possible: First, you want to get to know him, and second, you want him to feel equally as crazy about you! There’s most certainly a quick fix for what you’re after, and we’ve got the scoop on how to do it.

Get your crush thinking about you by asking him questions! Silly, dirty, and thoughtful questions will draw a man out of his shell, help you get to know him better, and will leave him fascinated with the amazing chick who’s doing the asking. Whatever your style—entertainment, personal, or straight up sex talk—we have 40 interesting, funny, and totally dirty things to ask a guy that’ll leave him wanting more!

Questions to ask a guy about TV, movies, and all things entertainment

Asking a guy questions about entertainment is probably one of the easiest ways to draw him out of his shell. This way, you’ll know exactly what TV shows, movies, and video games he’s into.. He’ll love answering these entertainment-related questions so much that he may just go off on a tangent about Jedis and light sabers *don’t say we didn’t warn you!*

#1 What’s your favorite show and why?

#2 Who do you identify with more: Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?

#3 What’s the longest you’ve ever binge-watched something, and for how many hours?

#4 Do you have a “guilty pleasure” reality show that you can’t get enough of?

#5 What’s your favorite scene in your favorite movie?

#6 What’s your favorite video game and why? Follow-up: How many hours have you put into it?

#7 What’s a show that you’ve always wanted to watch but haven’t? *Great lead into: “We should watch it together!”*

#8 When you go to the movies, what kind of snacks do you get? [Read: 40 questions to ask your crush and subtly flirt with him]

Questions to ask your crush about his childhood

Guys tend to be pretty mischievous as youngsters, and the older they get, the more they love talking about their adventures from days gone by. Inspire your crush to relive his favorite childhood moments with these cute questions about growing up.

#9 What’s your favorite memory about growing up?

#10 What is your favorite childhood vacation and why?

#11 Are you closer with your mom or your dad?

#12 What’s one thing you love about each parent?

#13 Do you have any siblings?

#14 What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done as a kid?

#15 What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve done when you were younger?

#16 Who was your first crush as a kid, and was it a real crush or a TV crush? [Read: 50 cute questions to ask a guy you like and catch his eye]

Questions about music

Music is the key to the soul, or so some say. Asking him questions about music lets him share his musical passions, and lets you see exactly what kind of guy he is. If you’re lucky, you may end up having more in common than you thought.

#17 If you had to create a “sex” playlist, what would be your three must-have songs?

#18 Who’s your favorite band?

#19 What’s the song in your library that gives you “all the feels?”

#20 Can you play any instruments? If yes, why did you start?

#21 What’s the most surprising song or artist that I would find on your iPod?

#22 What’s your favorite lyric ever?

#23 What’s a song in your playlist you love but *always* skip when it comes on?

#24 What’s the first concert you’ve ever been to? [Read: 14 awkward questions you should never ask a guy]

Asking a guy questions about reading and books

With the release of tech gear like tablets and gigantic cellphones, reading is back in style. You can learn a lot about someone once you know what they’re reading. Is your guy a secret Hunger Games fanatic? Does he read dirty books? Figure these things out with questions about reading.

#25 What’s your “guilty pleasure” read? *Twilight, Star Wars fanfiction, Cosmo, Garfield, etc.*

#26 What was the first book you’ve ever read on your own?

#27 Have you ever finished a crossword puzzle?

#28 Can you read while you’re in a car?

#29 What’s your least favorite book ever?

#30 What was your favorite Dr. Seuss book as a child?

#31 Do you dog-ear your books?

#32 What was the last book you’ve read? [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone better instantly]

Dirty questions to ask guys

All right, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty! These are the scandalous questions you’ve been dying to ask and know the answers to. These will give you some fantastic insight into the sexual prowess of your crush. Make sure you know your guy fairly well before dropping these questions his way to avoid coming off as rude or nosy. Otherwise, put on your sexy/playful face, ask, and enjoy the show! [Read: The step-by-step guide to seducing a man who’s not yet yours]

#33 Do you like to go down on girls?

#34 What’s your favorite sex position?

#35 What’s your idea of the perfect girl? *Tip: go through attributes like hair color, eye color, height, breast size, personality, etc. If he starts describing you, then you know you’re doing well!*

#36 When was your last relationship?

#37 Have you ever dated multiple girls at the same time? *Be wary of proceeding with this dude if he answers “yes!”*

#38 What’s the one thing that turns you on the most? [Read: 20 sexy questions to ask a guy and seduce him in 30 minutes]

#39 Do you prefer trimmed or completely bare?

#40 Are you a boob guy or a bum guy?

Why it leaves him crazy about you

The best conversation is one where both parties have dialogue flowing back and forth. But let’s face it: as humans, we love to talk *especially about ourselves!* Your guy will love how much interest you’re taking in all aspects of his life, his thoughts, and his sexy secrets. Your desired insight into the workings of his mind will make him feel special and keep him thinking about you for days to come! So the next time you’re trying to draw out your crush, give these questions a try!

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Using these 40 things to ask a guy will leave him feeling absolutely crazy about you. Getting to know your crush is one of the best parts about liking someone new, and it will also inspire him to get to know you just as deeply. So go ahead, ask away!

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