15 Cute Signs He’s Into You & Is Clearly Crushing Hard Too!

Not sure if he’s feeling you or not? Check out these 15 signs he’s into you and figure out how many you can tick off the list.

signs he's into you

Guys can be a confusing species. But, sometimes it’s their bodies and general actions that reveal the signs he’s into you. That’s good news if you’re trying to figure out whether he’s feeling you or not! Let’s be honest, nobody wants to put themselves out there if they’re not sure that what they feel will be reciprocated.

15 signs he’s into you that reveal his innermost thoughts

You want to be almost certain that he’s into you too before you go on the flirt offensive, right? Or perhaps, you’re noticing a guy you’ve known for a while suddenly acts a little differently around you. You’re not sure why.

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You can find the answers by looking at these signs he’s into you. If you’re nodding along to several, that’s a pretty good indicator that the dude’s got a crush!

#1 He seems to be on your social media a lot more than usual. If you’ve been friends on social media with this guy for a while, and he suddenly starts popping up more than he did before, it’s probably because he’s keeping an eye on what you’re doing!

If you just met him and he’s already a serial ‘liker’ or he’s sliding into your DMs on the regular… he’s into you! [Read: 20 subtle signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it]

#2 He’s always looking for an excuse to make conversation. Generally speaking, guys don’t talk when they don’t want to. They certainly don’t go out of their way to start a conversation unless they like the person in question. If this guy is always looking to make idle chit chat, it’s one of the signs he’s into you big-time.

#3 You catch his eye a lot. The fact that you’re catching his eye is telling. Basically, he’s looking to make eye contact with you to tell you how he’s feeling. Or he’s gazing at you so much that it’s completely inevitable that once or twice your eyes are going to meet. Eye contact is a huge sign! Be on the look out for it. [Read: Prolonged eye contact when flirting – what it means]

#4 He makes excuses to touch you. Now, if a guy is touching you and you don’t like it, certainly tell him so. But, if you’re not adverse to it, go right ahead! If a guy makes excuses to brush your hair out of your eyes, or playfully nudge your shoulder, he’s not doing it to be jokey. He’s doing it because it’s one of the signs he’s into you.

#5 He sticks up for you. A guy who’s crushing is not going to stand for anyone upsetting the apple of their eye or saying anything bad against you. If a guy suddenly becomes your number one supporter and protector, it’s because he’s got feelings beyond the platonic.

#6 He remembers the small details. Now, I don’t want to generalize too much here, but I’m going to on this one. Most of the guys I know have a hard time remembering dates and times, so if a guy remembers the small details about you on a regular basis, it’s probably because he’s committed them to memory. It’s one of the big signs he’s into you.

#7 He loves to make you laugh. Making someone laugh is the biggest ego-trip. If a guy is always looking to make you laugh and wants to see you smile, it’s probably because the tinkle of your laugh is more than just music to his ears. [Read: How to tell if a friend likes you romantically even if he’s hiding it]

#8 He puts his phone down when he’s with you. No, this does not mean he’s hiding something, it’s means his attention is completely on you and believe me, in this day and age, that’s a very big thing!

#9 He introduces you to his friends. A guy is not going to introduce someone to his friends unless he’s into you. He’s not going to introduce you as anything special at this point. If he has no problem showing you off in general, it’s one of the signs he’s into you and wants you to stick around for a long while afterwards.

#10 He mirrors your general body language. We do this unconsciously when we’re around someone we find attractive. For instance, if you’re leaning against the wall, you might notice that he does it too. If you’re leaning your head to the right slightly, he might mirror it. It’s basically his body language giving him away! [Read: Male body language and the subtle cues that reveal his true feelings]

#11 He hates it when you’re sad or upset. If you’re having a bad day or something has happened to make you less than your happy self, he’s not going to like it. One of the signs he’s into you is that he wants you to be happy and he loves to see you smile.

#12 He’s generally on his best behavior when you’re around. You’re probably not going to see him in his sweats and his hair unkempt if he’s crushing. It’s likely that he’s going to look and act his best whenever you’re around.

#13 People start dropping hints. Let’s be honest, most people love a good gossip. So, if more than one or two people start telling you that this guy likes you, it’s probably because they’ve noticed the signs too. They’re glaringly obvious to them. [Read: Signs you two are already way more than just friends]

#14 He’s suddenly around a lot more or everywhere all at once. You might have noticed his presence slightly before. Now he’s suddenly everywhere you are, or he pops up when you least expect it. No, he’s not stalking you. He’s trying to get your attention!

#15 He gets jealous easily. One of the biggest signs he’s into you is that he gets jealous when other guys show you attention. If he does this, you can pretty much bet on the fact that he’s attracted to you and sees you as more than just a friend. [Read: What to do when a guy friend acts weird? *Or weirder than normal*]

So, what’s your plan?

How many of these signs he’s into you do you need to tick off before you can basically say that this poor guy is crushing hard? I’d say you need half of them. Remember, some guys hide their feelings pretty well, but their body language often speaks for them. Sometimes a little look beyond the obvious will tell you what’s really going on.

Once you’ve noticed several of these signs he’s into you and you’re pretty sure that he’s crushing hard, decide what you’re going to do about it. If you like him back, don’t leave the guy hanging! Make your own feelings known. See where it goes from there. [Read: How to let a guy know you’re interested without appearing overeager]

However, if you’re not interested and you’re pretty sure that’s not going to change any time soon, then start letting him know in a subtle yet quite clear way. This doesn’t mean you just tell him, because that could be soul-crushing to him. Make sure that your body language and actions don’t mistakenly give him the wrong idea or spur him on.

If you already have a partner, perhaps a good way to let him know is to drop your partner into the conversation a few times, until you’re sure he’s picked up the hint.

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These signs he’s into you are pretty universal. While not every guy will use all of them, look for several signs before making your decision. Then, what do you want to do about it?

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