10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Just Met to Read Him like a Book

When you are first meeting a new guy you don’t want to ask the wrong questions, so here are the right questions to ask a guy you just met.

question to ask a guy you just met

Did you just meet, and now you’re texting? Or maybe you’re sitting at a bar together or were just introduced at a party. No matter what the situation is, having some great go to questions to ask a guy you just met is always a good idea.

How did you meet?

If you met in passing, you may have different questions than if you met at an event and had time to chat before parting ways. So be aware of the atmosphere and how you can carry out a conversation in that format.

If you have time to ask questions that can carry a conversation, that’s great. But if you are exchanging numbers and heading off, ask shorter questions that you need answers to. And if you’re texting, it is pretty much a free for all. [Read: Introduce yourself to a guy and leave him wanting more]

What are the worst questions to ask a guy you just met?

Before we get into what you should ask him, there are some questions you should avoid right off the bat. These can either give him the wrong impression, seem odd, or can just be a red flag all together. So either fully avoid or wait to ask these questions.

First avoid anything regarding exes. Along with that, don’t ask about relationship advice. You should ask about relationship status, but for a first meeting maybe keep it there. If you go too far with this topic, it can leave a bad taste in their mouth. 

Unless you want a majorly controversial discussion on your hands, politics and religion should be off limits. But if you know that you’re on the same page with these things, go for it. Another no go question is asking about how much money they make. This is just distasteful and disrespectful as well. [Read: 10 things girls should never say to guys… ever!]

What are the best questions to ask a guy you just met?

Upon first encounter, you want to keep your cool. You want to seem interesting and fun, but also show them that you find them intriguing and want to know more. First impressions leave a lasting memory, so try to make it a good one.

These questions will help you navigate this new guy and see what happen. But the main focus of this interaction is to have a good time. Don’t take yourself too seriously, shake off any nerves, and ask away. [Read: 20 signs of attraction in a first conversation]

#1 What do you do? This may be a bit boring or repetitive, but it is sort of necessary. Someone’s job may just be a job, but it can also say a lot about him. Is he in finance, does he work with his hands? Is he a musician or a teacher? Or a doctor? Does he travel the world every other day?

Not only can this lead to a longer conversation, but hearing someone talk about their job shows their passion, their boredom, and more. Plus, it lets you know if your lives line up in a practical sense. [Read: The questions to ask if you want to find out who a guy really is]

#2 Where did you grow up? Yes, this is another go to, but once again there is a reason for it. Did you both grow up in the town you’re meeting in? Well, that would be quite the coincidence.

Or maybe he grew up in London or across the country. This offers such an insight into someone new. [Read: Your step-by-step guide to texting your crush the right way]

#3 Are you close with your parents/family? This questions can get a little deep in some cases. But that isn’t such a bad thing. His relationship with his family and parents  gives you a taste of his daily life.

Does he go home for Sunday dinners? Does he live at home? Or does he only see his family during the holidays?

#4 What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? This question provides such a collection of random answers. One guy’s answer might be skydiving. Someone else might say a trip to Europe out of the blue or I stole a car. Others could be called out sick to work so I could get my Star Wars poster signed.

This can show how compatible or opposite you are and even what you have in common.

#5 If you weren’t here right now where would you be? Personally I love this question. It lets you know if this person is having a good time or if they think they would be having more fun somewhere else.

If someone asked me this I would always say, “I’d rather be in bed watching Netflix.” So this answer can give you an idea of whether or not you would click on a more regular basis.

#6 Do you have any pets? Cats and dogs are something anyone with a soul and a lack of pet dander allergies is passionate about. Chatting about your unconditional love for your dog that won’t stop peeing on your favorite shoes gives a real connection and maybe some funny stories. [Read: Why millennials are choosing puppies over babies]

#7 What is a childhood TV show you would still watch now? Not only is nostalgia a trend, but reminiscing on your childhood loves can bring you closer. You may have grown up a country apart, but both woke up before everyone to watch your favorite cartoon when you were kids.

#8 What is your biggest pet peeve? As much as avoiding negativity is important with someone new, bonding over your mutual annoyances can be quite nice. Maybe you both hate when people don’t walk their grocery carts to the collector or when someone tips badly.

Although it sounds like a complaining game, what someone gets frustrated or annoyed by can show what they care about, even something as small as rushing when someone is waiting for you to cross the road.

#9 Do you believe in ghost/aliens? This is such a fun conversation to have with a new person. You can share any suspected ghostly encounters you’ve had or that time in college when you swore you saw a UFO. Scary stories aren’t just for kids to tell at sleepovers. [Read: The questions to ask when you want to hook a guy]

#10 What is something I would be surprised to learn about you? When you just met a guy, you probably are anticipating finding out his job, maybe his favorite Netflix show, what music he likes, but learning something out of the ordinary is where you go from just meeting to really getting to know each other.

So, maybe he is going to tell you he plays guitar or surfs. Or maybe that he can’t even boil water. No matter what it is, it is bound to be interesting. So push the limits. Ask questions that are known first meeting inquiries, but then push beyond the norm. Go deeper, go funnier, or just see where the conversation takes you.

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Typical questions to ask a guy you just met can be boring, so spice it up with something juicy or intriguing by using these tips. No one will remember you asking about their five-year plan.

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