How to Have Sex Appeal: Secrets to Unleash Your Inner Sexy Beast

You may be wondering how to have sex appeal. Well, you don’t have to look like Angelina Jolie to have sex appeal and get all the men you want.

how to have sex appeal

What is sex appeal—but really, what is it? Sex appeal is the ability to attract someone sexually or make them desire you sexually. In other words, making them want to f*ck you. Understanding how to have sex appeal is largely misunderstood.

Now, many people get this mixed up with having gaping cleavage or huge pouty lips. Which, is sexy to some people but it’s not the foundation for having sex appeal.

How to have sex appeal

Let’s use me as an example. I have no tits, like literally, it’s all just nipple. I have a bit of a tummy due to my love of food, and I like to sit with my legs open—ventilation purposes. With that image in your mind, you probably assume that my sex life isn’t highly active. But that’s where you’re wrong.

For some reason, men find me sexy. I smile a lot, so that has something to do with it. Plus, I love flirting. So, you see, it’s not all about the looks. There are ways to go about having sex appeal without looking like a plastic doll. You already have it in you.

#1 It all starts with confidence. Sex appeal is really based on your self-confidence. You can have all the makeup on, the most expensive shoes, but if you don’t feel good about yourself, then all those things mean nothing. Sex appeal starts from within.

You need to work on appreciating yourself and learning how to love yourself. So, before you even take up the art of flirting or body language, you need to work on your self-confidence. [Read: 6 reasons to love yourself first]

#2 Be yourself. You need to be yourself. If you’re not yourself, then your sex appeal will be non-existence. How can you have sex appeal when you try to be someone you’re not? Your energy will be invested into trying to make an act rather than working on your sex appeal. Why make life any harder? Just be yourself and your sex appeal will show more naturally.

#3 Laugh. People love to be around those who enjoy life. If you laugh and have a good time, you show sex appeal to others. See, it’s not necessarily dressing sexy, it’s about the energy you give to others. So, laugh! It’s sexy. Plus, it makes you feel good which is the most important thing. [Read: 8 unladylike like things that most men love about women]

#4 Be an active listener. Having sex appeal comprises of many things. Yes, you want to smile, be a conversationalist, flirt, but you also want to listen. This is what many people seem to forget, they forget to listen.

Most of us already figure out what we’ll say next. Don’t be that person, be an active listener. You’ll be surprised how much people notice and appreciate those who genuinely listen to them.

#5 It’s all in the eyes. Eye contact is very important when it comes to sex appeal. If you want to attract someone, you’re going to have to use your eyes. You don’t have to go all creepy on the person you’re interested in. Take it down a notch.

But if you want to show your sex appeal, your eyes are a great weapon. If you see someone across the room, give them eye contact that’s slightly prolonged. It’ll show them that you’re interested in them. However, you make them come to you. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#6 Flirt. Everyone loves flirting! This is your chance to flirt your way to sex appeal. Flirting is all about building sexual tension between you and the other person. So, if you want to make someone interested in you, sexually, you need to flirt.

It’s the basic and standard procedure that works every time. Seriously, flirting is the best way to increase someone’s sexual attraction to you. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexy flirting tips for the girls]

#7 Use your body language. Most communication between people is non-verbal, which means it’s all about using your body. Use your hands, eyes, neck, lips and hair. Your body is at your disposal. By licking your lips, you show someone you’re sexually interested in them. By exposing your neck, you heighten someone’s arousal. You can use all these features to make someone attracted you.

#8 Take care of your temple. When I mean temple, I mean your body. Your body’s a temple and without it, well, obviously you wouldn’t be here. If you want to work on your sex appeal, you need to make sure that your body feels good. This isn’t about losing weight, this is about feeling good.

You don’t need to go on a diet, but if you eat healthy, you’ll feel good. You notice the difference throughout your body. Treat your body as something sacred because it is! [Read: How to look hot – 18 ways to go from wallflower to flawless]

#9 Don’t chase people. When it comes to knowing how to have sex appeal, you don’t need to chase anyone, regardless if you’re trying to improve your sex appeal or not. You can be open but you don’t have to chase people for attention.

People who exude sex appeal do not chase anyone. They allow themselves to be open and friendly, however, they know that they don’t need to chase people for attention. If you’re confident, people will naturally be attracted to you.

#10 Don’t be afraid to talk. If you’re not into talking, then that’s fine. However, if you refrain from speaking because you read in some magazine that people are attracted to mysterious ones, well, then just stop. I mean, really, come on.

Having sex appeal isn’t about you nodding to everything this person says or agreeing even when they’re wrong. To have sex appeal, doesn’t mean you lessen yourself, it’s about being confident. [Read: How to stop being insecure: 15 steps to transform your life]

#11 Know when to leave the conversation. Sure, you can be doing everything right. You’re confident, you look and feel sexy, you smile, you laugh, you have great conversation. It’s all going well. But you know, sex appeal doesn’t mean you’re all out there. If you want to attract someone, be yourself, but you can also leave the conversation, making them want you even more.

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Now that you know how to have sex appeal, why not use it? It’s just sitting inside of you waiting to shine. 

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