26 Ways to Get a Guy’s Attention on Instagram Without Using Your Body

We’re in the technological era where social media rules. So, knowing how to get a guy’s attention on Instagram is important if you want him in your life.

how to get a guy's attention on Instagram

Yes, yes, yes. We are fully aware of the frustration of Instagram “likes” and learning how to get a guy’s attention on Instagram can be freaking exhausting.

It is just so crowded with guys and girls trying to do the same thing! Everyone wants to DM each other, hookup with everyone else, or get someone to fall in love with them.

On top of that, Instagram is very popular, and some people even do research on how to get more likes, more followers, more engagement, etc. It is seriously exhausting to get attention on it for a regular user.

You filter your photo to match your Instagram theme, post it at the exact time that your followers are online based on your analytics, tag accounts in the photo, geotag the photo, use relevant hashtags, etc., etc., etc. Do you know how many you might get? Oh, about 50 likes? It can be frustrating.

And now imagine this scenario. Some girls go to the beach and decide to feel liberated and take topless photos *slow your roll, let’s say the photos were taken aesthetically from the side or behind*.

But anyway, do you know how many likes a photo like that can get? 200? 5000? 100K? HELLO. Welcome to the internet. We hope you enjoy your stay. You might need to do some yoga to destress from it, dang! [Read: How to get a guy’s attention no matter where you are]

How to get a guy’s attention on Instagram without relying on your body as a thirst trap

Anyways, we’re on a mission to help you get the attention of our fellow Instagrammers, specifically the guys. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Take photos of your face

Studies show that photos with faces in them do exponentially better than photos that don’t have faces in them.

It makes sense if you think about it. Our generation relates to other people, so seeing a face WORKS. And guys? They definitely want to see your face, because, girl, you’re cute! [Read: How to look cute every time you snap a photo]

2. Use a saucy caption

Don’t just log into Pinterest and find a profound quote to put as your caption under your Instagram photo.

If you want to know how to get a guy’s attention on Instagram you need to be saucy and flirty. Get his attention – maybe a saucy lyric or something? Get creative.

3. Use a funny caption

This is the other option for a caption that will definitely get a guy’s attention on Instagram. Just be funny! Guys like to make girls laugh, but on the flip side, a guy will appreciate a gal who has humor, so BE FUNNY. [Read: How to be funny with guys and make them crave you]

4. Follow him

Unless hundreds of new girls follow a guy every day on Instagram, almost every guy will visit your profile and go, “Oh, who’s this girl! I don’t know her. She just followed me.” It doesn’t matter if the guy knows the girl or not, he’ll still appreciate you following him.

And of course, he is going to notice you and spend at least a minute or more on your profile if you follow him! Chances are, he doesn’t get a ton of cute girls following him on Instagram, so you’re going to stand out.

5. Like a bunch of his photos

This is a ballsy move, but if you’re feeling brave enough, go for it! There is seriously no way that he ISN’T going to notice you when his notifications are full of likes from you.

This shows him that you are confident and bold, which is a quality that many men look for in a woman. Be bold ladies. [Read: How to get a guy to text you first when they still haven’t made a move]

6. Like an OLD photo

Even more ballsy than the last one to get a guy’s attention on Instagram. Scroll down to the bottom of his feed, and like a photo or two. This is going to bring it up in his feed and this shows that you really scrolled to find this photo.

Proceed with caution with this one because he might think it is funny. Also, he might just think you are crazy. So, like be careful with this one, but if you can pull it off then, GO GIRL!

7. Occasionally comment on his photos

Don’t get crazy, but comment on some of his new posts. While it might be uncommon for random cute girls to follow him on Instagram, we guarantee it is even more uncommon for cute girls to comment on his photos. 

Also, don’t just comment something lame, comment something that he will have to respond to, even if his response is just “thanks!”

If you want to know how to get a guy’s attention on Instagram, make sure you comment with something that’s attention-grabbing and demands an answer! [Read: 30 flirty things to text a guy to get his attention and stay on his mind 24/7]

8. Slide into his DM’s

Ha, classic. For real, ladies, it couldn’t hurt! We’re decades into the 2020s, you no longer have to wait for the guy to come to you! Be bold, and message him first.

Message him about a recent post, or just say hey. If you’re feeling really bold tell him that you think he’s cute, or cool, or whatever, man! This is a surefire way to get noticed because unless he is a celebrity, his DM’s probably aren’t full of messages from girls!

9. Don’t post too often

If you post four selfies a day, he’s not going to be interested. We’ll just be honest. Guys like a girl who isn’t living on and for social media. And if you are posting that many selfies, he is going to get tired of seeing them. If you don’t post as often, he will be excited when you DO post.

Also, if you post less often, it gives the appearance that you live a busy life and you just couldn’t be bothered to post on Instagram. Make him pay attention to you by posting less often. Works every time!

10. Post cute Instagram stories

Instagram reels and stories have taken over Instagram because it’s usually in your face compared to the good old posts. So if you post a reel or a story, chances are he WILL see your post if he’s following you back.

Remember, to get a guy’s attention on Instagram, you need to be on his mind. While too many posts can seem a bit self-obsessed, stories will help you stay on his mind casually. [Read: How to start a conversation on Snapchat and start flirting]

11. Take pictures of your pet

Believe it or not, guys probably like cats and dogs just as much as girls do. They DIE over cute cats and dogs. So if you post a photo with or of your pet, he is likely to notice it and might even comment or like it! Yes, use your pet to get a date.

12. Check out his profile to learn more about him

If you want to know how to get a guy’s attention on Instagram, then it really helps if you know something about him.

So, if you haven’t done it already, study his profile to figure out what he likes and doesn’t like. Try to tailor your posts in a way that you think will get his attention.

13. Change your profile pic/update your profile

Whenever you make changes to your profile or change your photo, it gives him something new to look at. If you don’t do much of this, then he might think your profile is stagnant or may not even notice it much. [Read: The single’s guide to flirt on Instagram and catch someone’e eye]

14. Share positive content on your profile

Sure, you might have had a bad day and feel like venting on Instagram, but you need to resist doing stuff like that.

Negativity is not a good look on anyone. So, you really need to make sure that everything you post is light, positive, and fun.

Sure, we all have our days when we feel down in the dumps. But you don’t want to show that side of you on Instagram. So, don’t post about how depressed you are or that the world is falling apart. You want to make him feel good – not bad.

15. Show your fun-loving side

Speaking of fun, make sure your posts show that fun-loving side of you. Whether it’s out having a good time with friends or posting funny memes, you want to let this guy know that you’re a blast to hang around which will make him want to see what you’re like in person.

16. Post intriguing quotes

You don’t always have to be fun-loving. In addition to that, you can show your wise, sensitive side too. Find some intriguing or inspiring quotes that make people think.

That way, when you’re trying to get a guy’s attention on Instagram, he will know that you’re not shallow and have a thoughtful side to you as well. [Read: How to stalk on social media and find exactly what you’re looking for]

17. Pay attention to how you dress

Make sure that you wear something fashionable, tasteful, and classy in all of your photos. You don’t want to look like a slob who just rolled out of bed.

And on the other hand, you don’t want to post half-naked pictures either, because he might think the only thing you want is sex. [Read: The sexy thirst trap – How to master it without looking too thirsty]

18. Repost his Instagram stories

It’s always flattering when people repost the stories that we put up on social media. When you do this, there’s a good chance he will notice.

He might take it as a compliment, too. And bottom line, he will definitely notice you!

19. Post fun videos

Don’t just stick to photos or descriptions of what you’re eating that day. Videos can go a long way when trying to get a guy’s attention on Instagram. Whether it’s a fun video of you and your friends or a random funny video, it shows your light-heartedness. [Read: How to be cultured in an age of social media]

20. Don’t play dumb

Some girls like to pretend to be dumb, and try to use their body to get attention on Instagram. But if you want to stand out from the crowd of bikinis and intrigue a guy, let him see that you have more than two brain cells in your head. *of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show skin on social media, you do you!*

Instead of just using your photos to catch his eye, it’s refreshing to discuss current topics, take a stand about something you believe him, or share suggestions about activities or places in your city in your Insta stories. [Read: Should a girl ever dumb it down to impress a guy?]

21. Do interactive posts a few times a week

For this suggestion, you could go live with one of the best people on your list or create a poll on your Instagram story asking people questions or rating your post.

If you do this, you will give him a chance to respond without having to send you a DM. If they do, then you can easily start a conversation with him!

22. Make posts about something he loves

Since you have already studied his profile and figured out what he likes and doesn’t like, you should use that to your advantage.

Find some memes or a way to talk about something that you know interests him. That way, he’ll know you share the same interests and he might start a conversation with you. [Read: How to be more interesting – 21 tricks to go from boring to loveable]

23. Post more than just selfies

We all know that girls love selfies. But when that’s the only thing you post and your profile is full of nothing but mirror pics and pouts, it can be really annoying to guys.

In fact, a lot of them might think that you are really insecure and boring. When a girl posts her selfies with a lot of filters and is half-naked in mots of them, it almost appears like she’s trying too hard or is desperate. You don’t want to give that impression at all.

24. Don’t keep your page private

There is a lot to be said for privacy settings on social media. They keep out a lot of creepy people.

But, they might also keep out the people whose attention you want to get – like this guy on Instagram. So, if you want him to notice you, then you have to make sure he can actually see your profile.

25. Give him a shout out once in a while

This might feel awkward to some girls, but depending on the situation, it might help if you have the confidence to give this guy a shout-out.

It could be on his birthday or some other special occasion when a lot of other people are doing the same thing. That way, you can be part of the crowd if you’re too shy to do some of the things we’ve already mentioned.

26. Be yourself

Above all, the most important thing to remember when you want to get a guy’s attention on Instagram is to just be yourself.

You don’t want to create a fake version of yourself because you want him to like you for you. And if you get to know him better, you want him to know the real you, not the “Instagram version” of you.

[Read: 51 really powerful ways to leave a guy smitten and fall for you instantly]

Now that you know how to get a guy’s attention on Instagram, you can go out there and get yourself a date, girlfriend. GO, GO, GO.

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