How to be Funny Around Guys & Make Them Crave Your Company Daily

If you want to make men laugh, you’ll have to get on their level. Learning how to be funny around guys is easy if you understand their humor.

how to be funny around girls

Most girls want to be liked by guys. We want them to think we’re funny because there’s not much more alluring than a girl who can make a guy and his friends laugh. But knowing how to be funny around guys isn’t quite common sense.

You can’t just start cracking jokes you think are funny in the hopes the guys around you will also think it’s funny. That’s just now how it really works. This is where many girls misunderstand and end up embarrassing themselves. They start making jokes that guys don’t think are funny at all.

Guys also might just pretend you’re funny

You really have to be careful of guys who are only acting like they think you’re funny. The difference might not be that obvious if you’re hoping they’ll laugh at your jokes for just that reason; you want them to laugh and so you don’t suspect anything when they do.

Guys do this so you’ll be comfortable and happy around them. It’s a method for them to get close to you even though they don’t really think you’re that funny. They just want some ass, basically. Harsh? Yeah. But it’s something to keep an eye out for. [Read: 13 clear signs he’s a player and not a gentleman]

How to be funny around guys and make them want to keep you around

If you want to make some guys laugh so they’ll want you around more often, there’s a specific way to go about here. Here are our top tips for getting some men to laugh and crave your company and humor.

#1 Don’t compromise yourself in any way. This is first for a reason. You should never do something you’re uncomfortable with just for the sake of making guys laugh. If you’d be really embarrassed and ashamed for it, then don’t do it.

Making a couple jerks laugh isn’t worth making yourself feel awful. So before you even try making them laugh, think about if you’re really okay with doing it. If you’re not, then find another way to make guys laugh. [Read: 14 ways to respect yourself and maintain your self-worth]

#2 Learn about their sense of humor. You can’t really make someone laugh unless you know what kind of sense of humor they have. Yes, you can get lucky by just making a joke you’d think is funny but not everyone shares your sense of humor.

So if you really want to know how to be funny around guys, learn what they think is funny! This allows you to use that information to formulate your own jokes that cater to what they find funny.

#3 Observe how they interact with each other. If you can, watch the guys you want to be funny around. They’ll show you all you need to know about what it takes to make them laugh. Listen to what they end up laughing at with each other and then do some of the same sort of things.

#4 Throw in some sarcasm. Pretty much everyone thinks sarcasm is funny. However, you have to be careful because people who aren’t intelligent can have a difficult time figuring out that’s you’re actually being sarcastic and not serious. Use it sparingly. [Read: 48 smart and sarcastic lines that are kickass]

#5 Reference things they’d be familiar with. You can’t really make a joke about something guys would have no clue about. For example, joking about how awful periods are will make other girls laugh, but guys would more than likely be weirded out by it.

You have to reference stuff they know well. Figure out what they’re familiar with so you can use that stuff to make jokes and make them laugh. Plus, they’ll like the fact that you know of the stuff they do.

#6 Find out what they like. Just observe them and even get to know them a little bit. If you can find out what they like, you’ll know what they don’t like. Making jokes about stuff guys don’t like is a surefire way to make them like you. They’ll want you around more when you can relate to the stuff they hate. [Read: 13 things guys look for in girls they like]

#7 Let your silly side show. Just be goofy. You know how you get silly around all of your friends? Let that out around the guys you want to make laugh. If your friends think you’re funny when you’re like that, so will those guys.

Don’t be afraid to let loose a little bit. They’re just guys. You don’t have to act like this innocent girl who’s always proper. Let your goofy side out and they’ll want you around a lot more.

#8 Let your naughty side show. If you’re the type that’s okay with talking about sex and making crude jokes, then don’t hesitate to do that! The large majority of guys think sex jokes are funny.

You don’t have to make them think about sex with you, either. Just make some funny jokes that have to do with sex or sexual organs. They’ll laugh. [Read: Make him yours with 40 dirty pick-up lines]

#9 Be surprising. You know what’s really funny to guys? When a quiet girl pipes up and says something hilarious. They won’t expect it from you. You have the element of surprise on your side.

When you’re all sitting around and it gets quiet, make a joke about something someone said. If they’re surprised, the joke is even funnier than it would be otherwise.

#10 Time it just right. The biggest thing that can make a difference when learning how to be funny around guys is your timing. You have to know when to drop the joke and when you hold onto it for a little bit.

Some moments call for a joke right away and others need it to be said later. This is something you’ll have to learn and get a feel for. When they laugh really hard at something you’ve said, take note of the timing and remember it for next time. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#11 Remember what works and what doesn’t. You also want to remember what jokes worked and which ones weren’t anything special. Just be aware of what those guys think is funny. Knowing what works and then repeating that is going to make those guys want your company a lot more.

#12 Just be yourself. I’ve never truly understood those who try to change their sense of humor and personality to fit guys. Instead, just find guys who think you’re funny.

Being yourself and cracking jokes you think are funny will always be more entertaining to you. So instead of catering to guys who don’t already think you’re funny as you are, just find the ones who do.

[Read: 10 ways to make a guy laugh without dumbing down]

Knowing how to be funny around guys is all about the specific type of humor and the timing of your jokes. Observe, learn, and then use that information to tell the best jokes.

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