How to Attract a Guy: 17 No-Fail Tips to Make Him Stay Forever

We all want to be in love. But sometimes, it’s not easy to find a man. And you might even occasionally feel like you don’t know how to attract a guy.

how to attract a guy

But don’t worry! We are all unique creatures with something beautiful to offer the world – including a guy. We all go through times when we get down on ourselves for not being in a relationship, but don’t do that. Pick yourself up, get over your pity party, and learn how to attract a guy!

And I don’t just mean ANY guy. You don’t want that. You want the RIGHT guy.

So, read on for my tips about how to attract a guy.

How to attract a guy – 17 no-fail tips

Many women think that they have to be skinny, beautiful, smart, and have a winning personality to get a guy to like them. That is not true! Our society beats down our self-esteem sometimes and makes us think that we are not worthy. That is bull!

Finding the right man is not that difficult. So, if you want to know how to attract a guy, here are 17 tips that make all the difference.

#1 Be self-confident. Confidence is sexy. Trust me, I have been told by many guys that this is the most attractive quality in a woman. In fact, they would much rather be with an average-looking confident woman than a super model who feels badly about herself.

So, the #1 most important thing to remember when you are learning how to attract a guy is to love yourself. [Read: 11 tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better YOU]

#2 Don’t be needy. If you’re confident, then you won’t be needy, right? People turn needy when they don’t think they’re good enough, and so as a result, they want attention. They want people to tell them how great they are, and so they practically beg for it. But don’t do that because it’s a total turn off to guys *and girls too*. Needy people annoy almost everyone, so rise above it.

#3 Don’t chase him. If you have high self-esteem, you won’t be needy. And if you’re not needy, then you won’t chase him. Let’s face it ladies, men are hard-wired to chase US. They are hunters.

From a biological perspective, they’re programmed to “spread their seed” so to speak. And women are programmed to be picky and selective for whom we allow to be the father of our children. So keep it that way – stop chasing him. [Read: Tired of chasing? Here’s how to make you chase you instead!]

#4 Have a sense of humor. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the next Ellen DeGeneres or Amy Schumer. But it does mean that you shouldn’t take life – or yourself – so seriously.

Guys like girls who can laugh at themselves. That means you feel good about yourself. And laughing at life’s inevitable foibles means that hanging out with you is fun for a guy. And who doesn’t like to have fun? Don’t ever forget this tip for how to attract a guy. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance]

#5 Be interesting. In other words, stay away from gossip and read a book once in a while instead. And I’m not talking about a trashy S&M book like Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m talking about learning something. Most people like a good conversation. And if you are only talking about the latest episode of The Bachelor or that your friend’s boyfriend cheated on her, well, he’s going to get bored with you.

#6 Be happy. Wouldn’t you rather be around a happy person instead of a Debbie Downer? Of course, you would! Happy people are infectious. People are drawn to them because they make others feel good. No one wants to hang out with someone who always complains and is an energy vampire. So love yourself, laugh, have fun, and… be happy! [Read: How to be happy in life and live life to the fullest]

#7 Be kind. Do you really think a guy would want to date a someone from the movie Mean Girls? Maybe some would. But generally speaking, people like nice people. And that means guys too! Just because a girl is hot doesn’t mean that she can hold a guy’s interest if she’s a bitch. At least not long term.

#8 Be empathetic. This is still in the kindness category. When people are kind, they can identify with other people’s experiences and feelings. When someone can say, “I understand what you’re going through,” it makes us feel better. And guys are no different. They like girls who can express empathy to others.

#9 Be independent. While some guys like to take care of their girls, there is a difference between wanting to take care of them and needing to take care of them. Have your own career, your own friends, your own money, and you own… life! You should want a man, not need a man. Remember… needy isn’t attractive. [Read: 15 secret qualities all men secretly crave in their woman]

#10 Have affectionate body language. Some people have “resting bitch face” or some other body language that says, “don’t come near me.” Well, if you look and act that way, then the guys won’t come near you. So, try to be aware of what message you are sending nonverbally. [Read: 13 charming ways to be more approachable to guys]

#11 Take care of yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to lose a bunch of weight or wear tons of makeup every day. But if you love yourself, you will try to look your best. Men like a woman who takes care of herself. And that doesn’t just mean physically. Feed your mind and your soul too. Take care of yourself in every way possible.

#12 Be mentally healthy. Many people have been through rough times in their lives. But I have a friend who is a psychologist and she always says, “Your past will never leave you, but it doesn’t have to lead you.” In other words, don’t let the past ruin your future. Go talk to a therapist if you have to. Do anything to get your mental health up to par.

#13 Be genuine and real. Don’t be fake. Men can spot a fake a mile away. Be yourself. Be genuine and real. Because if you’re not, you might snag him and then after dating a while, your real self will come out. And he might not like it. So be yourself from the very beginning – that way, there will be no surprises for either one of you. [Read: How to keep a guy interested in 30 super sexy ways]

#14 Be mentally strong. A person who is fragile and completely falls apart over any little thing is not attractive to guys. So if you want to know how to attract a guy, you need the ability to shrug off negativity and other things that you don’t like. Most of that stuff isn’t the end of the world anyway. It’s sexy to be mentally strong.

#15 Continually learn new things. You don’t want to become stagnant. Like, have you ever lost touch with someone from high school only to re-connect with them and realize they are the exact same person? That’s not interesting. Learn new things. Continually challenge yourself to grow and be a better person.

#16 Be vulnerable. Yeah, I know. This is a hard one. But, in order for someone to get to know who you really are, you need to let your guard down. You can’t keep everything inside, or else he’ll quit trying to get to know you. That doesn’t mean that you should spill your guts on the first date, just self-disclose appropriately. [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him, and still be a tease]

#17 Be feminine. As a strong, independent career woman myself, I know that it’s not easy to sit back and let a man take the lead sometimes. We’re so used to getting everything done ourselves. But part of being feminine is to let go of control occasionally. Men find that attractive in a woman – at least some of the time.

[Read: 20 hot tips – The ultimate guide to being more feminine]

If you want to know how to attract a guy, these tips will help you. Above all else, it all comes down to self-love. If you love yourself, then guys will too!

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