10 Flirty Moves That Girls Think Are Cute But Guys Hate

Women have their share of flirty moves to reel men in, but do those moves really work? Here’s our take on the flirty moves that annoy guys the most.

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Seduction is an art that has made a profitable impact on today’s society. There are numerous books, shows and articles that teach men and women the art of flirting. There are ways to flirt to get into a serious relationship, and there are ways to do it just to get some booty – female or otherwise.

How do people flirt?

What really constitutes as proper flirting? Is there a set of rules that people should adhere to? Or should people just go with the flow and see what works? For women, flirting is usually unnecessary, because men are more likely to initiate it. There are times, however, when a woman needs to do the flirting. [Read: Do guys like it when women make the first move?]

When a girl feels like she’s not getting enough attention, she will turn to drastic measures that may or may not work, just to get a guy that she likes. Those moves are borne out of the media’s influence and the environment in which they are accustomed to.

Some flirty moves are limited only to a specific age bracket. Some moves can only be done by professional women. Some moves aren’t even allowed in some cultures and religions. There are thousands of ways a woman can flirt, but some moves are timeless. Here are some of those most famous and effective moves:

#1 Eye contact. You start by catching a man’s eye. Hold it for a second. Look away. Catch his eye again, but this time for a few seconds longer. Works every time.

#2 Buying him a drink. Getting a free drink does not emasculate a man. They actually welcome it! Not only are they being pampered by a potential female partner, you have also given them a green light, which means the probability of being rejected by you is at its slimmest.

#3 Complimenting them. Men are inherently proud beings. If you compliment them on ANYTHING at all, they will love it.

#5 Smile. This is the best flirty move ever invented. A smile can show a multitude of positive emotions like warmth, friendliness, openness and even sultriness.

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Those are pretty basic, and every person in the world knows that these methods work. But some women feel like they are still lacking, even with these moves at their disposal. This leads them to do more incorrigible things that men find awkward at the best of times, and pretty annoying at their worst.

Flirty moves that guys hate

Admittedly, these moves used to work on the simplest of minds, but people have more depth these days. Superficiality is only reserved for modern-day hook-ups and casual affairs. If you really want to reel in a guy for a possible relationship, we advise you to avoid doing these flirty moves:

#1 Arranging your boobs. This is only okay if it’s an emergency. There will always be a bathroom within a 50-meter radius, or at least a dark, secluded corner where you can put your girls back in their place.

Arranging your boobs in public shows a lack of class and social etiquette. Not only that, but guys do not find that sexy at all. When you do start cupping yourself and moving your boobs around, it actually makes them feel as awkward as the old couple sitting behind you.

#2 Licking your lips suggestively. Licking your lips for esthetic purposes is pleasing. Licking your lips as if your date is a huge bowl of ice cream is not. Most of the time, that move scares guys into thinking you are going to mow them down and eat them alive once you’re alone together. It can be enticing sexually, but it is usually discomforting in a social setting. [Read: 11 biggest dating turn offs for guys]

#3 Asking for help when it’s not needed. The damsel-in-distress routine is pretty overrated these days. Guys want to help you when you really need them or if it feels like the right thing to do. Acting as if a simple problem is an emergency will turn them off at the thought of helping you.

Guys like women who are independent enough to take care of themselves, but are also not too proud to ask for help when they really need it. [Read: 11 bad social habits that make you undateable]

#4 Incessant hair-flipping. I’m talking about hair-flipping as a mannerism. It’s distracting. It looks pretentious. It ruins the food on the table. It hurts when it hits a guy’s face. Unless you’re in a shampoo commercial, try to hold back the hair-flipping unless absolutely necessary.

#5 Playful pinching, punching, slapping, etc. You think it looks cute when you do that? Hell. No. Guys don’t say it out loud, but they absolutely hate it when girls physically hurt them in public or otherwise. Pain is pain no matter who inflicts it. Can you imagine the amount of self-control it takes to keep from “playfully” hitting or slapping you back?

#6 Batting their eyelashes. It’s cute, in theory, but most guys are disconcerted with girls who bat their eyelashes constantly. It’s a one-time move, not a quirky attribute you can own up to. It usually looks like you have something in your eye, and a guy can’t help but want to blow some air into it. Most of the time, this move can be distracting instead of enticing.

#7 Following guys around. You’re not in second grade anymore. If you keep following a guy around, it will only annoy them. The worst that could happen is that they will see right through your ploy and pity you for being so desperate and needy. Stop following guys around, and just say what’s on your mind. Remember that there is a pretty thin line between being an admirer and a stalker. [Read: 12 things that will make him think you’re a creepy stalker]

#8 Eating out of guys’ plates. Ladies, ask first or wait until a guy offers you their food. There is just something iffy about a person suddenly taking food out of your plate. If you’ve been dating for a while, it’s usually okay. When you do this with someone you’re not intimate with, it could end pretty badly.

#9 Trying to talk about a guy’s interests and failing. Most men think it’s cute when girls like the same things they do. When a girl tries very hard to look like she likes the same stuff, it totally backfires. Men want you to ask and learn about their interests. They don’t want you to dish out facts and statistics, without knowing what the hell you are talking about.

#10 Guilt-tripping. Pouting and huffing may be cute to look at, but men look at it as a mentally taxing power play. Even if all you want is a little bit of attention, most guys resent the fact that you’re guilt-tripping them for it. Your little tantrum just ends up ruining their night – and yours as well, if they don’t give in to you.

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If you really want a guy to like you, we suggest being honest and straightforward about it. If a guy doesn’t like you, it’s better to find out about it from the source, as opposed to discovering it from a failed attempt at flirting. Rather than trying to flirt with guys using immature and outdated methods, try doing it the normal way – by being nice and approachable. 

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