The Classy Girl’s Guide to Be More Attractive to Men

Want to be more attractive to men without sacrificing your integrity? We bring you 17 ways to be more attractive to men, with your dignity intact.

how to be more attractive to men

In a perfect world, guys will like you just the way you are. However, the reality is, you just have to put in a little extra effort *okay, sometimes it takes a LOT more* for you to get noticed. Before you feel overwhelmed, the good news is that attraction goes more than skin deep. You can go easy on that zit on your face, and not worry about having to go under the knife to look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

The thing is, attraction is actually as basic as our natural instincts. More than your looks or your designer shoes, you can make a man more attracted to you by taking advantage of men’s innate biological desires. A lot of it has something to do with what you already have.

Keeping it classy and attracting men

Without further ado, we break down the things that you can do to be more attractive to men.

#1 Smile. Anyone who smiles will always look more attractive and approachable than someone who doesn’t. Smiling women look 10 times more attractive in the eyes of men. In fact, the whiter and straighter the teeth, the more alluring, as this indicates good genes which hit a note in their instincts. So better keep flaunting those pearly whites! [Read: How to attract men in a way they can’t resist!]

#2 Wear your positivity. You don’t only have to smile; positivity and a pleasant attitude should radiate from within, too. If you want to be more attractive to men, show that you’re beautiful on the inside, too. Men associate positive personalities with general pleasantness and cheerfulness in social situations, which is important for serious and long-term relationships.

#3 Rock that scarlet dress. The color red has always excited both sexes. So if you want to make men look at you and think “WOW,” switch your LBD with a daring scarlet number. If you can’t wear red, opt for red lipstick, red nails, or a red bag to draw the guys’ eyes to you.

#4 Just a little skin. You don’t have to bare it all to make men notice you—that would be just plain trashy. Men like to be teased a little, and you can do this by showing just enough skin in the right places. Pair an off-shoulder top with long, skinny jeans that hug your curves, or don a short skirt with a classy top. It’s all about playing up your best bodily assets. [Try: 6 naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]

#5 Flip that hair. Long, luscious hair can make men go gaga. It connotes health, fertility, and—of course—femininity, which will always stir up the innate mating instincts of men. Just remember to keep it natural, and avoid disheveled, unkempt hair *unless it’s a sexy bed-head*, which is simply a turn-off.

#6 Play with symmetry. Men, just like women, are drawn to symmetry in the opposite sex’s features. A symmetrical face and body shows that you have good genes, which automatically attracts men. However, if you can’t pull it off, there’s makeup! Make sure to go light, though.

#7 Pitch perfect. A higher-pitched voice is always a turn-on for guys. This is because a high-pitched voice subconsciously tells them that you are smaller, younger, and more delicate. This also evokes a sense of protectiveness over you, which men are innately drawn to, as you sound more delicate. [Check out: Damsel in distress – Why men find them so irresistible]

#8 Love those curves. Of course, men are now—and always will be—drawn to your junk. While there are breast men and butt men, it’s been scientifically proven that men prefer a large waist-to-hip ratio in their mates, so a curvy bottom half paired with a slim waist is always a looker for the guys. Then again, there’s always Spandex.

#9 Have your girlfriends in tow. Widely known as the “Cheerleader Effect.” According to experts, women who are in a group automatically look more attractive than women alone. In other words, you look more attractive when you are with your girlfriends.

#10 Preening princess. You can be supermodel-quality hot, but if you have bad breath or chipped nails, you’d better go back to the cave where you belong. Men still find well-groomed women to be more attractive. You don’t even have to wear tons of makeup or fake nails, eyelashes, and hair. Come as you are, and the guys who pay attention to you are the ones who are definitely genuinely interested. [Read: What men want in a woman to be drawn to her]

#11 Kindness. Keep your drama in check, even when you’re on your period and you just want to bite people’s heads off. Men are more attracted to women who are able to demonstrate small acts of kindness and consideration, such as being on time and being nice to the waiter. To them, you make an ideal mate, which heightens the attraction.

#12 Ask questions. Show interest and you will have guys fawning over you. If you are on a date, instead of talking all about yourself, be attentive and genuinely interested in your date. Lean in closer to him, listen closely, and ask questions. This gives him a boost in ego and makes him feel wanted.

#13 Laugh at his jokes. Another point that will make you more attractive to men is when you laugh at their jokes. This makes them feel better about themselves. Besides, it also shows that you are approachable and confident enough to appreciate a good *in their opinion* sense of humor. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

#14 Yourself, quirks and all. You can be attractive and interesting, but what will make you stand out is your unique personality. Don’t be afraid to show your quirks. Being yourself is a much better strategy to make guys notice you than faking a personality.

#15 Copycat. This tip is a classic for a reason, so it’s worth mentioning here. Try this: if he leans in, lean in as well. If he runs his hands through his hair, do the same after a while. This subconsciously sends a message that you’re interested in him, which amps up his attraction toward you.

#16 Play up your strengths. Everyone has great qualities. So for you to attract men, you better take out your best assets and make them more prominent. Nice bod? Flaunt it—but remember to be tasteful. Beautiful smile? Laugh often. Smart? Engage in witty exchanges. After all, you always look better when you have your best foot forward. [Check out: 13 charming ways to be more approachable to guys]

#17 Confidence. Of course, you can have the best bod, hair as luscious as those shampoo commercials, the most well-groomed, manicured nails and all that jazz—but if you can’t carry yourself well in a conversation or in the middle of a crowd… there’s just no point. After all has been said and done, the best asset that can make you attractive is being comfortable in your own skin.

The secret to attracting men is already inside you. You have strengths and weaknesses, just like any other woman. You just have to make the most of what you already have, play up to your strengths, and downplay your weaknesses. Being genuinely nice and having a positive attitude is always a turn on and, best of all, confidence is your ally. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing nine-inch heels or you barely have any make up on. What’s important is that you carry yourself well enough to turn heads and light up a room whenever you walk in.

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Positivity, confidence, and a genuine smile are always attractive on any woman, whatever your size, height, or ethnicity. You can wear anything from designer couture to thrift-shop chic, but as long as you keep the above pointers in mind, you can always count on turning men’s heads and drawing their hearts.

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