Average Looking Girl to Subtle Sex Bomb: 12 Ways to Sex It Up

Not everything is about looks, but mastering the art of being sexy is something every girl wants to achieve. Average looking girl or hot model alike.

average looking girl

Some people are just blessed with genes that make them look stunning and sexy without an ounce of makeup on their face. They have naturally tousled hair, big hips, and pouty lips to sway even the straightest of females. But what about the average looking girl?
If you’re someone with average looks and unable to put on the sexy charm like some girls can, you may feel defeated and unable to turn a guy on. The great thing? Your super power is that you’re a female. You hold all the power in the world to turn him on, no matter what you look like—as long as you know how.
Being attractive versus being sexy
These are not the same things. Some girls can be REALLY stunning and not sexy at all. The difference is being sexy is more about your actions and the way you hold yourself, rather than just a look.
This is great news for everyone who deems themselves to be an average looking girl. No matter what you look like, you can pull off being sexy no matter what. And it doesn’t require a ton of makeup or the best lingerie money can buy. You just have to know how to master the attitude. [Read: 12 things guys absolutely love about girls beside their appearance]
How to be sexy if you’re an average looking girl
For those of you that just don’t feel sexy because you don’t think you’re attractive enough to be, forget all about that mindset. You can be just as sexy as a Victoria’s Secret model if you really want to be and you don’t need their bone structure.
If you think you’re an average looking girl and you want to turn up the sexy for a new man in your life, look no further. These are all the different ways you can be sexy no matter what you look like on the outside.
Sexy is an attitude and this is how to unleash it.
#1 Have confidence. There is absolutely NOTHING sexier than confidence. You could look like a Victoria’s Secret model but if you don’t have confidence, you’re just not sexy. You need to walk around like you know how much you have to offer to someone. Gain confidence and no matter how average you look, you’ll be sexy. [Read: 8 simple steps to get back your body confidence in the bedroom]
#2 Believe you’re sexy. Do you think you’re sexy? If you’re reading this, then odds are you probably think you’re too average looking to be sexy. The truth is that’s completely false.
If you want to be sexy then you have to REALLY believe that you are. You have to put it in your mind that you’re the sexiest woman on the planet. Only then will you start to truly be sexy. If you can’t even believe you’re sexy, how are others supposed to see that you are? [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]
#3 Slow down your movements. When everything is rushed and fast, there’s not time for someone to really watch your movements and take in the way your body moves.
Instead of being in a hurry to walk past them or even talk to them, slow everything down. Walk slower. Talk slower. Giving them a chance to take in all of your movements and really watch you helps them see just how sexy you and your body is. [Read: How to touch a guy: 17 subtle moves to make him lose his mind]
#4 Be very subtle with your wardrobe. I say this because a lot of girls make the mistake of wearing LESS when they’re trying to be sexy. The truth is that you can actually wear more and be seen as much sexier, even if you’re an average looking girl.
Instead of wearing a see-through shirt, wear a shirt accentuating your waist which makes your boobs and hips look bigger. Covering up more also leaves an air of mystery about you, and that is extremely sexy to people everywhere.
#5 Lean in close when you speak. Instead of shouting across the table when you want to say something, meander closer to them, lean in close, and tell them what you wanted to say. Don’t do this as if you have a secret, but rather just get close enough that they don’t have to strain to hear what you’re saying when you’re just speaking softly. [Read: How to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to]
#6 Make direct eye contact. If you’re an average looking girl, one of the best ways to get someone’s attention when you can’t rely on your looks is to make eye contact with them. Looking them directly in the eye is a powerful way to command attention.
When you have this kind of attention and power, it’s automatically sexy. Make eye contact when you’re speaking and even as you walk slowly by them without saying a single word. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]
#7 DON’T be slutty. Do NOT make the mistake of being really slutty when you try to be sexy. Just because you’re an average looking girl doesn’t mean you have to be half-clothed all the time just to gain some sexiness.
In fact, this has the opposite effect. If you look slutty, people will NOT desire you. Instead, hold yourself with respect and dress tastefully if you want to truly be sexy. Never resort to sleaziness in order to appear sexy. It simply doesn’t work. [Read: How to be a slut – 11 things that WILL brand you as one]
#8 Touch lightly. When you are in a situation to touch someone you’re interested in and you want to come across as sexy, touch them lightly. Don’t smack or hit them and don’t grab them roughly.
Instead, just barely touch them and move away. This makes them ache for you to touch them more, and they’ll want to feel a REAL touch of yours. That kind of longing is very sexy.
#9 Touch unexpectedly and linger. Another way to be sexy if you’re an average looking girl is by touching someone unexpectedly. So don’t just touch them lightly and think that’s all there is to it.
When you touch someone unexpectedly, they’re caught by surprise and can even be a little shocked and shy about it. In order to make this sexy, linger in your touch for a few seconds, make eye contact, and then let go before returning to whatever it is you were doing. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each touch means]
#10 Smile knowingly. Smiling is beyond sexy, and it’s ridiculous how many girls think otherwise. No matter how average you look, smiling is universally sexy. The best way to give a sexy smile is to do so at the right time.
When someone makes an inappropriate joke, don’t laugh like it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. Instead, smile slowly like you have a secret and make eye contact with the person you’re interested in. Believe me, they’ll find it really sexy.
#11 Walk past him slowly. A lot of girls make the mistake of speeding past a guy because they’re nervous. Although nerves make people speed up their movements, walking past them slowly adds to your level of sexiness because it gives them the chance to watch your hips sway back and forth. [Read: 13 physical attraction tips to look way hotter instantly]
#12 Be yourself. The truth is that when you’re yourself, nothing makes you sexier. No amount of physical attraction someone has can make them sexier than someone who is happy to be who they are.
Never try to act like someone else just because you think it’ll make you seem sexy. If anything, it makes you seem fake and that’s really unattractive. Learn to love yourself for who you are, and you’re already sexier than the best looking girls out there.
[Read: How to look sexy without even trying to look sexy]
Trying to be sexy when you’re an average looking girl can seem impossible. Luckily, being sexy has more to do with your attitude and behavior than it does your physical attractiveness.

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