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Squirting During Sex: How It Happens & Why It’s Totally Normal

There are many things about sex that are strange or icky, but is squirting during sex one of them? Actually, no! Here’s how and why it happens.

Squirting During Sex

Sex, it’s a funny thing. One minute you’re all hot and bothered, and you can’t keep your hands to yourself, and the next, you’re squirming in embarrassment and hoping he didn’t notice something you most certainly did. The thing is, to really enjoy sex, we have to embrace it for everything it is, squirting during sex and other cringe-worthy events included!

Nothing is like it is on the TV. If you’ve watched a Hollywood blockbuster and seen a tastefully directed sex scene, you’ve no doubt wondered why your sexual encounters are more of a comedy compared to what you’re seeing. The reason is because sex in the movies is nothing like sex in real life, and sometimes people slip where they shouldn’t, make a strange noise, or in some cases, find themselves squirting during sex.

What is that all about?

If you’ve ever watched a porn film you’ll no doubt have seen this very up close and personal, but if not, you’ll no doubt have heard about this mysterious and somewhat magical gush of liquid which some women seem to be able to produce at the moment of climax. So, what is it? What causes it? Do we need to be able to do it? And, if you can, are you magical yourself? So many questions!

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What is squirting during sex?

If you have found yourself squirting during sex out of the blue, you’re probably quite confused as to what happened and why. Totally understandable. What you mustn’t do however is begin to worry about it, because there is nothing abnormal or strange about this phenomenon, and in many cases, it’s actually a good thing! If you can squirt during sex, you’re amongst the very few, and being in the minority is never a bad thing. Having said that, if you can’t, that’s no big deal either.

Did you know that in porn films, some men actually want to see women squirt?

It’s true. So, if you’re doing it on demand, hey, you’re a star in the eyes of some guys!

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A huge proportion of women have squirted during sex at some stage in their lives, whilst some never do it at all. Some women do it every time! Squirting is basically a female ejaculation, just like the male version at the end of the main event. It can happen once and never again, or it can happen regularly. Some women can actually make themselves squirt during sex, after learning how their body responds to certain touches.

But, what exactly is that wet stuff? Is it urine? Is it something else?

Without wanting to make you squirm even more, it is actually urine for the most part. Sorry, but it’s true. There is a ‘but’ coming, because it’s not all urine and some of what you’re squirting out is a sexual body fluid called PSA. PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen.

You’re panicking now, right? Yes, the prostate is something a man has and not a woman, but don’t worry, you haven’t got parts you shouldn’t have! Females have something called the Skene’s glands and these are the closest thing to the female prostate. The Skene’s glands are situated close to the opening of the urethra, and they secrete a certain substance. However, because they are so close to the urethra, you can understand why a proportion of it is actually urine too.

Having said that, nobody is 100% sure of what this fluid really is for certain, because catching it right at that moment and getting enough of it to study is extremely difficult! [Read: Female ejaculation – Facts and myths about squirting all girls must know]

Squiring during sex happens right at the moment of climax, i.e. when you come. The fluid can gush quite dramatically or it can simply trickle – it’s a very personal thing. The problems of cliche porn films have led many men to think that a woman can automatically produce this magic gush of fluid right at the moment he magically makes her lose her senses. Not possible guys, sorry. This isn’t an on demand thing for most women, and that’s if she even has an orgasm.

Is squirting during sex common?

Not really, but if you can do it, consider yourself talented! As I mentioned before, some women do it often, some never do it, and some only manage it once or twice. It shouldn’t really add substance to your sex life whether you can squirt during sex or not to be honest! There is no pleasure felt during the squiring process, it’s simply a gush. For that reason, you should probably focus more on the orgasm side of it, at least that feels pleasurable! [Read: 12 amazing types of orgasms all women can experience in bed]

I’ve mentioned that men seem to find this gush of fluid quite alluring, but it’s not always the case for the woman, with many quite embarrassed. It can feel a little like you’ve wet the bed. Despite that, squiring during sex is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about, and it is just one of the many mysteries which link with sexual encounters.

The most important thing to realize is that there is nothing abnormal if you do find yourself squiring during sex, either once or twice, or all the time, just as there is nothing abnormal if you never do it. [Read: 15 painfully embarrassing things that can happen during sex]

Can you make yourself squirt?

Again, it depends on you as a woman and whether you have the ability or not. There is a lot of suggestion that it is linked to the G-spot, so you could certainly give it a go; if nothing else, you’ll have fun trying!

The G-spot is, of course, an area that is situated at the front of the vagina, very closely linked to the urethra. Pressing on this spot or stimulating it is thought to produce a very intense orgasm, and has been linked with a gush of liquid. The problem here is that the G-spot is so close to the urethra, and when you press on it you might feel like you really need to pee, so you can’t be sure whether or not it is urine. [Read: How to find and recognize the g-spot without using a flashlight]

Can you see how mysterious this whole subject is? Who said women were easy to figure out?

Whether or not the G-spot and female ejaculation are directly linked, we really don’t know. But, as I mentioned before, you can certainly have a lot of fun trying to figure it out for yourself. You’ll find a range of sex toys on the market which are specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, or you can simply use a good ol’ finger, and rope your partner in to help you! Play around with it a little and see what effects you have. [Read: 5 goofproof moves to make a girl squirt like she’s peeing]

Remember, all women are different, and respond to different touches and pressures in different ways. You shouldn’t feel upset or as though you have failed if nothing at all happens. It doesn’t matter, and as I said earlier, you’re really not going to have a better sex life simply because you’ve mastered the art of squirting during sex! Look at it this way – you don’t have to dry the sheets!

Whether your partner finds great pleasure in you suddenly squirting during sex or not, really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoy the entire process, squirting or not.

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Squirting during sex is something that has long been a taboo subject, but the fact that porn movies are now making such a big deal of it has led to unfair demands being placed on women. Do we push men to produce a torrent when they ejaculate? No, and quite frankly most of don’t want to see it either! So, consider your ejaculation the same, something that cannot be predicted.

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