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13 Spicy Sex Positions to Heat Up Your Bedroom Romps

Whether you and your lover are new to sex, new to each other or have fallen into a rut, these 13 spicy positions are sure to show you a good time.

spicy sex positions

Missionary is the oatmeal of sexual positions. Not the raisin spice kind either… I’m talking about plain and lumpy. Sure, it’s nourishing and may even hit the spot on a cold day, but no one wants to have it all of the time. Sometimes, you just want a waffle. That’s why you need to have a couple of other more exciting positions in your sexual repertoire.

Sexy positions to make sex more exciting

If you or someone you know is in a sexual rut, there’s hope! I’ve got 13 spicy sex positions that will kick your sex life into high gear, and put a smile on your face!

For the gs(pot)

Here’s a little something for the ladies who want a little lovin’ for their g-spot.

#1 Garters up! If you’re looking for a smooth transition outside of your erotic comfort zone, then garters up is the perfect position for you. While he’s on top, draw your thighs into your chest, and place your legs over his shoulders. This position lets him bring your pelvis off of the mattress, gain leverage and support himself against your thighs. The result? Deeper penetration and a whole lot of g-spot stimulation.

#2 Sensual spoon. Speaking of smooth transitions, the sensual spoon is the perfect way to add sparks to your snuggle. While both of you are lying on your sides, snuggle in and push your butt toward him for easy entry. The tilt of your hips will give him explicit access to your g-spot.

The sensual spoon lets you give your lover a guided tour of your body. Place your hands on top of his and show him how you like to have your breasts, tummy and clit caressed. He’ll love this perfect addition to your languid lovemaking repertoire.

#3 Classic cowgirl. For the lady who loves to take the reins, the classic cowgirl places you square in the saddle. Not only do you have complete technical control, but the visual your partner has of you riding on top makes you the star of the show. Straddle your partner, then lower yourself onto his penis. Once connected, rock back and forth to stimulate your g-spot. [Read: 18 girl on top tips for sexier lovemaking]

#4 Devilish doggy. Most women can attest to the orgasmic powers doggy style sex has to offer. In this classic position, you get down on all fours while your lover penetrates you from behind. Rear entry creates the perfect amount of g-spot friction, and the all fours position is ideal for delivering deep, maximum g-spot pleasure.

#5 Just for him. Men have g-spots, too. Prostate stimulation can spark quick, intense erections and earth-shattering orgasms. Prostate massages can also alleviate many of the symptoms associated with poor prostate health.

While many male g-spot techniques involve anal penetration, perineum play is a great way to turn him on when pegging isn’t an option. Press and massage his perineum *you know, his ‘taint* while you’re in a sultry 69 position. He’ll be at your mercy, and both of you will love every second of it. [Read: 9 blowjob secrets that can also stimulate his prostate]

Standing oh!

Who says sex has to be horizontal all the time? Getting up and off the bed can add a dose of excitement to an otherwise boring tryst.

#6 Frisk me, baby. The next time your lover tells you to assume the position, give the frisk a try. Place your hands against the wall, lean forward a bit and stand with your feet apart. Submit to his sexy “cavity search” in the shower or another tight space. Your g-spot will be at his mercy. [Read: 9 wild ways to have the best shower sex]

#7 The wheelbarrow. This configuration is a little tricky, but you’ll have so much fun trying to get off of the ground that you won’t even care. Start in the doggy style position with your lover down on one knee as he enters you from behind.

Once inside, get him to grab your ankles and slowly lift you as he stands, supporting you on his still slightly bent lap.For a naughty twist, squeeze your PC muscles in time with his thrusts. He’ll appreciate the hug, and you’ll dig the climax.

#8 The hot half headstand. The half headstand is essentially doggy style’s hot sister. The angles this position creates allows for optimal g-spot stimulation, and because your lover is in control, you can relax and enjoy the ride. This position is a little tricky, but you and your lover will have a great time working out the kinks.

Have your partner enter you from behind, then you fold forward and touch the floor. Your lover will then grab one of your ankles and raise your leg to his side. To any potential onlookers *side eye*, you’ll look as if you’re attempting a headstand… Except the humping will totally give you away.

#9 The necklace of Venus. The necklace of Venus is perfect for kitchen quickies and office rendezvous. The full body support you’ll experience will let you be as free as you’d like, and you’re in a prime position to revel in those intense, closed leg sensations at every angle.

Also, who doesn’t want to try a position called “The necklace of Venus?” Are you not intrigued?

Have your lover stand in front of you and hold you between his body and a firm surface like a desk or table top. As you recline, lift your legs and wrap your ankles around the back of his neck. He’ll be wearing you like a necklace as he strokes you. Prop yourself up onto your elbows to adjust the angle of penetration. Enjoy!

#10 Love on the vine. The hanging garden is a position that will accommodate even your most spontaneous carnal cravings. All you need to get this party jumping are low inhibitions and a lover with decent upper body strength.

Remember how hot it was when Dom lifted Leddy up by her ass in the first Fast and Furious movie? That’s what you’re going for here. He’ll grab you beneath your butt, and then lift you, so that you’re face to face. You’ll wrap your arms behind his neck and your legs around his waist for additional support. Orgasms ensue. End scene.

A few notable faves

#11 Snow angel. I know there was a bit of shade thrown at the missionary position earlier, but consider this topsy-turvy variation to be the exception. You and your partner align yourselves head to toe and connect where it counts. Pull yourself into his thrusts by grabbing his butt.

This friction fest will have you feeling like a vixen long after your climax, proving that this carnal confection is anything but chilly. [Read: 10 foolproof sex tips every girl should know]

#12 The waterfall. Give your lover the opportunity to “take it to the head” during this carnal cascade. He’ll fall back over the edge of the bed while you straddle and inevitably have your way with him. This position is a revamped version of the classic cowgirl, only now, your lover has a different visual perspective.

As with most girl-on-top positions, you’ll get off on being in complete control. Your lover will get off on just how amazing you look when you ride him. Plus, the he gets a pretty cool head rush out of the deal. Everyone wins!

#13 The butter churner. Our final position is for the flexible, but not the faint of heart. The butter churner is a guy-on-top position that places the focus on deep penetration. While an epic orgasm is imminent, you may or may not get a neck cramp. If the obvious benefits outweigh the minor risks, keep reading.

Roll back onto your shoulders with your hips high up in the air, almost as if you’re attempting a backward summersault. Your partner then uses your upright lower limbs for leverage as he delves into the depths of your womanhood *or equally Harlequin-esque name for vagina* with downward thrusts. There’s a slight risk of upper body injury here, so tell your lover to ease up on his thrusts.

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No one should have to hump their way mindlessly through a boring sexual encounter. Sex is supposed to be fun, but stress, body issues and even our predictable sexual routines make it easy to lose sight of that. You now have in your possession 13 sex positions that will take your sex game from weak to fleek, use ‘em! And have a little fun while youre at it!

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