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Slow Sex: Steamy Reasons Slow Passionate Sex is the Best Sex Ever!

Most people are about wham, bam, thank you ma’am, but have you ever tried the joys of slow sex? It’s true that slow passionate sex is a real game changer!

slow sex

The common misconception is that rough and fast sex is the best sex. While that style may be enjoyed by the majority of the population, it’s probably because people don’t take the time to have slow sex. Let us tell you: it is way, way better. Slow passionate sex will change your entire view of sex – trust us!

Sure, a quickie here and there is fun, and even switching it up between fast and slow sex is great. But have you ever just enjoyed slow sex the entire time? It might seem like it’s difficult to get into at first, but if you push past your normal habit of fast sex, it could be life-changing. [Read: Seven sexiest types of sex you can ever have]

Slow passionate sex is so much better

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your relationship, or you just want to try something new, slow sex could be the answer you’re looking for. Whether you just want to enjoy it for a little while during your time with your partner or dedicate the entire act to it, you have to try it.

Slow sex is literally what it says on the tin – you slow everything down and take the time to really feel the sensations. You get to tune into your partner in a much deeper way and it can really enhance your connection. If nothing else, the slow pace drags out those delicious feelings and makes everything that little bit more explosive in the end.

You might think that slow sex is boring, but that is not at all true. So without further ado, here is a list of reasons why slow sex is the best sex. We have put it together for all of you out there who need that extra spark in your sex life. [Read: 10 reasons you should have great sex every single day]

Tips for slow sex

Before we touch on all the reasons you should be having slow sex, let’s first give you a few pointers on how to make slow sex work. It might seem obvious—just go slower, right? But there are a lot of things you should do in order to reap the most benefits.

1. Find the right position

There are positions that are much better for slow sex. Doggy style isn’t exactly the right one when you’re wanting to take it slow and easy. Missionary is always a popular one for when you want to be really intimate during slow sex. [Read: 8 ways to use the missionary position to make sex feel magical]

However, you can do different variations of spooning, girl on top, and even a variation of the girl lying flat on her stomach with the man on top. Each of these are perfect for slow sex.

2. Make sure you have enough time

This is no quickie we’re talking about, here. Slow sex lasts much longer than your average session, so be certain that you have a long time before you have to be anywhere or do anything. That means if you have kids, get rid of them for the night! [Read: How long should sex really last? The real score!]

3. Slow music always helps

Fast-paced music usually translates to fast-paced sex. When your body gets going in a faster rhythm, it’s hard to slip into a slower one. Make sure your music fits the mood and stays nice and slow. Our advice is to just create an entire playlist for your slow sex days.

4. Get rid of any distractions

Put your phones in a place where you won’t hear them if they go off, and turn your TV off. The only sounds around you should be your partner’s pleasure and your playlist. Any distractions could lead to you subconsciously trying to finish so you can see what that text is, or what’s on TV.

5. Make sure you take your time with foreplay

Do everything slowly when you’re having slow sex. When you go from ridiculously fast-paced foreplay to really slow sex, it could make you both impatient. Keep the foreplay slow, gentle, and long in order to match the sex itself. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay moves you can ever use in bed]

6. Use lube

While you’re sure to enjoy every second of your slow passionate sex adventure, it could be that you, or the lady in your bed, start to feel a little dry. To make things more comfortable, use some lube. Even if there’s no dryness going on, use lube anyway – it makes everything feel so much better!

7. Opt for comfort

Make sure you create a comfortable and chilled-out space to have your slow sexcapades. We’re thinking blankets, cushions, candles, and anything else which really sets the scene. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to take your time and really feel every single sensation. [Read: Happy sex life: What a good sex life should look like in real life]

8. Remember to communicate

This is going to take a while, so remember to keep communicating with your partner! Tell them what feels good, tell them what you want and make sure that you listen to them too. This will make the whole experience that much more personal and enjoyable for both of you.

The incredible reasons why slow sex is the best

Now that you’re an expert on how to make chilled-out sex work, let’s touch on all the awesome reasons why you should definitely make time for it. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting]

1. It obviously lasts longer

Sex lasts way longer when you have slow sex than when you’re just going at it like a couple of rabbits. When you have slower sex, you get to enjoy the act more than if you’re just “getting it over with.” Plus, wouldn’t you want something pleasurable to last longer?

2. It’s much more intimate

If you want to feel really close to your significant other, slow sex is definitely the way to go. For some reason, you feel more attached and in tune with them when you’re able to slow things down and really appreciate them and their body.

3. Your orgasm will probably be more intense

Sex usually ends happily, but if you have slow sex, it’ll be an even happier ending. Why, you ask? Well, when you build it up slowly, you’re going to have a much more intense release. [Read: 20 easy moves to last really long during sex without any difficulty]

4. There is an increased chance of orgasm for women who usually struggle

We all know that most women take much longer than men to finish, which means that not all women get to finish every time—especially during a quickie. By slowing things down, it’ll last much longer, and that means there’s a better chance that the woman achieves the big “O.” [Read: How to make a woman orgasm – 15 secrets to master the art]

5. The guy will last longer

Guys, we all know this one is true. When you take your time and have slower sex, you last much longer. Since you’re not going to pound town, your body will take longer to reach climax. Who doesn’t like sex when it lasts longer? An added bonus is that you’ll look like a complete stud in the eyes of the lady you’re making love to.

6. It’s way more intense

The build, the intimacy, the entire act—it’s all so much more intense when you take it slow. If you want sex that is memorable because of the intensity, you have to have slow sex. It is the best. [Read: 12 steamy ways to make love to a man and drive him crazy]

7. It spices up your sex life

When you’re used to fast-paced sex and you take things way slower than normal, it changes the entire dynamic of your sex life. So if you’re someone who is feeling like your sex life needs a boost or is missing something, slow sex may be the answer.

8. Everyone leaves more satisfied

Fast-paced sex is fun and feels good, but not everyone gets what they want. Sometimes, women don’t finish and miss the intimacy they may crave. Slow sex fills both of these voids, and everyone leaves more satisfied than they would with quick sex. [Read: Are you satisfying your girl in the bedroom]

Give it a go tonight!

Now you know why you should be slowing down your sexcapades, it’s time to give it a try. Turn off your phones, uninvite anyone you asked to come round, and focus on each other. Take your time and really build intimacy and pleasure. By the end, you’ll feel totally satisfied and you’re sure to have the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while!

[Read: How to please a woman sexually and emotionally]

Slow sex is, without a doubt, the best sex. If you think that’s debatable, take a look at all of the reasons to try it out and give it a whirl. Trust us: you won’t regret it. 

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