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Sex with an Uncircumcised Man: My First Time, Myths, Truths & FAQs

You might be curious about having sex with an uncircumcised man. Other than how it looks, what are the things you need to know before you hop in the sack? 

sex with an uncircumcised man

There are a lot of apprehensions when it comes to sex with an uncircumcised man.

If peeping down his shorts can scare you, the mere thought of having sex with an uncircumcised man can make your insides dry up.

There’s always been a lot of talk about how gross an uncut man really is, and how all women should stay away from him. And to be honest, I didn’t have an opinion about it and just believed what my friends had “heard.”

So anyway, I’ve been in several relationships for most of my life.

And as a regular American woman, I had never witnessed a real-life Greek god’s penis with his turtleneck covering his little head.

Well, until I started dating an Indian guy who worked in my office.

It was office romance after a few sights, and a few casual dates later, I found myself falling for him.

But somewhere in my mind, I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him just yet.

It wasn’t his ethnicity, and definitely had nothing to do with his spicy Indian curries. Deep inside, I just knew there was a big chance that he was uncut down there. And I wasn’t ready to slip my hand into tight shorts full of skin!

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Sex with an uncircumcised man

Hearing from all the thousands of women online and all my *experienced* friends and women colleagues who say an uncut penis is gross, I was rather scared and nervous about having anything to do with loosening his jockstraps.

I went on a few more dates with this guy, and eventually, after several weeks of finding ways to end the date with a kiss and a hand on my breast I decided to just get the fear over with. [Read: How to make out with a guy and the secrets to make him explode in his pants]

I mean, really, I liked this guy and he liked me. I wanted to take this guy to bed, and I really shouldn’t let a little thing like a penis full of skin come in the way of prospective happiness.

One fine evening, I asked him to come back to my place. We got into bed and I apprehensively told him that I was rather scared to see him naked down there. I thought he seemed affronted at first, but he broke into a wide grin and burst out laughing almost immediately. [Read: First time naked with your lover? The common fears all of us have]

Was I sounding foolish or was he just being “cocky”? Fast forward a few hours, and guess what, it didn’t feel any different at all. Not one tiny bit!!

Learning from an uncut experience

I’ve been with the same man for six years now. I’m completely happy, even fascinated, I must say.

There are a lot of myths and confusing theories about an uncircumcised man that I just had to clear the air. After all, I’m now the real experienced one for all my friends who are always curious to know how the sex feels like.

To tell you the truth, sex feels the same whether a man’s circumcised or uncircumcised. [Read: How to give good head – The biggest guide and 50+ blowjob secret tips]

The percentage of circumcised American men varies depending on their age, all the way from the flower power days to the days of the metrosexual man.

But in a 2005 survey by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, it was seen that only a little over half of the male babies are circumcised in hospitals.

Jews and Muslims get circumcised for religious reasons. But guess what, more than two-thirds of the men in the world are still uncut.

So, let’s take a detour for a moment to give you a brief, little history lesson about circumcision. 

History of circumcision

As strange as it might sound, circumcision is the world’s oldest planned surgical procedure. It was first invented by anatomist historian Grafton Elliot Smith, and the tradition is over 15,000 years old. It even pre-dates recorded history! [Read: Big vs. small dick – 21 best and worst qualities to pick the best penis]

People can’t completely agree as to how the whole world started to practice it. It could have begun in one part of the world and then spread from there. Another way it could have happened is that maybe several different cultural groups started doing it independently of each other.

There was a physician, Dr. Peter Charles Remondino, who wrote a book in 1891 called History of Circumcision. It’s hard to believe that someone actually wrote a whole book about it, isn’t it? [Read: Circumcised vs. uncircumcised penis – who makes the sexy cut?]

Anyway, he suggests that it might have begun as a less severe form of emasculating a captured enemy. If they had cut off the men’s penis or scrotum, then it could have been fatal. But cutting off his foreskin would have left the physical mark of defeat on him, but he could still survive and be a slave for them!

That’s kind of gruesome when you think about it. But, in some ways it makes sense. But one has to wonder how and why humans kept doing it.

It’s always helpful to know a little history about it before you have sex with an uncircumcised man!

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Science says what?

Most of us assume that a circumcised penis is the better alternative, but other than the myth associated with it, there’s really no scientific data to prove the benefits and your doctor will tell you the same.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has been changing its mind constantly over the decades. And after much research, they concluded in 1999 that circumcision offers no conclusive benefits. Even the claims of the World Health Organization that circumcision has a lot of benefits have been proven false over the years.

So why do American men and women still prefer circumcision?

Most parents cut the foreskin of male babies only because they assume the kids will grow up looking different down there. And as sad as it is, there is a bit of a social stigma when it comes to being uncircumcised.

From the locker room in gym class to being with a sexual partner, there are a lot of reasons that circumcision is still popular. It’s sad to say that peer or social pressure is a driving factor. But, it seems to be the case nonetheless.

Trust the way we’ve been built

Evolution created us this way for a reason, trust it. Back in the age when there was no water or regular hot showers, people probably didn’t bathe often.

And circumcision may have been a trend for the sake of personal hygiene.

But now that we’ve all evolved, perhaps just leaving man the way he’s supposed to look may not be such a bad idea, after all. [Read: The 13 types of penises women love… or laugh at!]

Does an uncircumcised penis look different?

Of course, it does, but only by a centimeter! Women have pierced ears and noses. Does that make them look different? It does.

Odds are, the first time you look at an uncut man after sleeping with a bevy of cut men, it’s obvious that you’d notice a difference. But it’s almost insignificant really and nothing like the stories of loads of skin that we’ve grown up hearing.

But if you still think it looks different, just wrap your fingers around his penis and move your hand towards his body. His skin will slide back and voila, it looks just like your regular circumcised penis! [Read: How to know a guy has a big dick even before you see it – 18 signs he’s big and well-endowed]

How to turn on a guy with an uncircumcised penis? 

Just the same way as you would turn on a circumcised guy. Once they’re erect, all the penises look the same. One of my friends had told me to stick two fingers or my tongue into his foreskin first as it would turn him on more.

Had I tried that, I would have looked like an idiot and would have hurt him too. Stop worrying that it’ll look different once you go down there. It really doesn’t.

The uncut foreskin is just a little bit of skin that covers a man’s manhood. When he’s not turned on and still small down there, his foreskin may stick out for about a centimeter. But when he stands in glory, his foreskin will slide back anyway. [Read: Freaky penis behavior that are totally normal]

The sensitive side of an uncut penis

Uncircumcised penises are actually more sensitive to your touch. You really don’t have to bite or chew to make him feel like you’re doing something down there.

As the little guy spends so much time covered in that skin, he’s more sensitive and delicate.

Circumcised penises rub their clothes and at times, the skin gets tougher and less sensitive over the years.

But touch an uncircumcised guy’s little head and it’ll stand up almost instantly. So, before you have sex with an uncircumcised man, here are some myths and FAQs answered for you.

Uncircumcised penis myths and FAQs 

Now I’m not trying to convince you to stick an uncircumcised member down there just because I’ve got a story to share.

But with all the myths and the confusion out in the open, someone’s got to let others know that there’s really nothing wrong with a man’s preference to go uncut down there.

Here are a few things that could help you get friendlier with the uncircumcised member. [Read: How to have good sex with a small penis – When smaller can be better]

1. Does an uncircumcised penis hurt you or the man? 

No, unless you’re sleeping with an adolescent who still hasn’t learned to pull his own foreskin back while having fun, it won’t hurt him.

Any guy who’s aware of himself sexually would have pulled his foreskin back while playing with it once he learns to make it stand. So don’t worry about hurting an uncut guy, you really can’t.

2. How to clean an uncircumcised penis?

Cleaning an uncircumcised penis is done just like cleaning a circumcised one. It’s the same thing really. An uncut man just pulls the skin back and does the same thing a circumcised man would do. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size? The honest truth]

3. Does sex feel different? 

Nope, sex with an uncircumcised man feels just the same as having sex with a circumcised man. If you think it’ll freak you out, just hold his penis and push your hand towards his body. The skin will slide back and look just like the familiar Mr. Uncut.

There are theories though that sex is more pleasurable with an uncircumcised man because the additional skin reduces friction during penetration, since I haven’t measured the stark differences, if any, I can’t really vouch for that. [Read: The perfect cock and women’s opinion on how a penis measures up]

3. Does he last just as long? 

Yes, I’ve never really have felt any difference. An uncircumcised man may be more sensitive though, and that sensitivity may make it easier for him to orgasm faster. But then again, learning to control an erection and an orgasm is a mind game anyway.

4. Is an uncircumcised man’s penis dirtier? 

If a guy doesn’t clean himself, it’ll be dirty irrespective of whether he’s cut or uncut. Just like women. [Read: Why men really watch porn]

5. Does an uncut man like a blow? 

Theoretically, a man who’s uncircumcised will enjoy a BJ more because his tip would be more sensitive. So without relying on scientific experiments to test a man’s pleasure, I can only assume that a woman will have an easier time pleasing an uncut man.

6. How to use a condom on an uncircumcised guy?

This may confuse a few girls who’re seeing an uncut guy for the first time, but don’t worry. Just slide his foreskin back with your hand and slip the condom on. It’s easier than you think, really. [Read: Men with big balls – Pros, cons and what girls think of huge testicles]

What about smelly smegma a.k.a. dick cheese? 

Guess what, here’s a shocker. Smegma is produced by both men and women. Women produce it around the clitoris and men around their little heads.

Does that mean all women should undertake female circumcision? *It does exist in some communities though*. Of course not!

Smegma is just a lubricant that protects the penis and a woman’s clitoris from becoming too dry. It’s Mother Nature’s natural lubricant. She obviously didn’t intend humans to be using petroleum jelly each time someone decides to get aroused, did she?

Smegma is regularly produced by both sexes in small amounts to make sex more pleasurable and can’t really be noticed in a hygienic person.

On the other hand, smegma a.k.a. dick cheese is only seen on men who haven’t washed their penis for several months or years. Gross! So if you ever do find it on any guy, uncircumcised or otherwise, stay away from his shorts… and even him!

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It’s easy to be worried about something like having sex with an uncircumcised man, especially when you and your friends have no idea about it. I’ve been there too. But sometimes, getting a few uncut facts right can make all the difference.

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