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30 Day Sex Challenge – 30 Sex Positions for 30 Days

Want a new goal for this month? How about trying one new sex position each day? No crazy positions here, just sexy fun in 30 different positions!

30 sex positions for 30 days

Feel like your sex life is lacking a little pizazz these days? If so, you’re probably unimpressed with the ridiculous sex positions available online that you clearly have to be a yoga-specialist or Stretch-Armstrong to accomplish. Instead of pinching your back or throwing your neck out, how about trying some “human” sex positions?

If you’re tired of considering sex on a weeknight as “wild sex,” then you might appreciate our 30-day challenge. We’re not talking about losing weight, we’re talking about spicing up your sex life, one position at a time. We’re looking at 30 sex positions for every day of the month, including easy positions to try on your girlfriend’s “period” days!

Why you’ll have tons of fun with this challenge

Not only are you trying fun new positions and getting to have sex every day, but you are bonding as a couple while you do so. If you are starting to feel distant from your lover, sex could easily be your problem – or a lack of it!

Sex feels great, especially when you’re with a partner who makes your sexual satisfaction their personal mission, but it also connects you as a couple and builds intimacy and trust. So start bonding again and have a little fun.

Positions for your girlfriend’s down days

How long a woman’s period lasts, and whether your girl wants to have sex during this time is entirely up to her. Some women may not feel entirely in the mood while they’re on their period, while others will have a heightened sex drive during this time. [Read: The ultimate guide to period sex]

Some women report a relief of menstrual cramps post-orgasm, while others report a longer-lasting period when having sex during this time, so use your own discretion when choosing to do the deed. Here are 7 easy-to-do sex positions to try when Aunt Flo’s in town.

#1 Missionary. Sure, missionary can be boring, but it can also be fantastic. There’s a reason why the majority of sex positions are simply variations of missionary! This is perfect for period days, as the woman can lay on top of a towel and not have to worry about too much of a mess.

#2 Have your guy sit on you. While this doesn’t sound the most comfortable when you read it, the reality of it is quite relaxing. Set down a towel on the bed and lay on your back. Have your guy sit or kneel on top of your midsection so that you have easy access to stimulate his penis with your hands or mouth.

While you do this, he will reach behind him and rub your clit, finger you or use a vibrator on your sweet spots. This is great for the girl since all she really has to do is lay there!

#3 Do it in the shower, standing up. Doing it in the shower is always steamy, no pun intended! Get the water temperature just right and let him enter you from the front, or behind. This is a great no-fuss no-muss sex position while you’re on your period, and the cleanup is a breeze!

#4 Spooning. This is another period-friendly sex position. Lay side by side with you as the “little spoon” and have your man enter you from behind. Not only is this an easy and romantic way to penetrate, but your guy won’t have to spot any blood during the act!

#5 Back entry missionary. Lay on your stomach and have your boyfriend enter you from behind. This is another great position for not having to see the mess happening below the belt!

#6 Side entry missionary. Similar to #5, lay on your side and have your man enter you like he would for missionary or doggy-style. This offers a great new feel of his angled penis inside you, and lets you get a little wild without having too much messy movement happening.

#7 Side by side, touching each other. This one is simple, but it gets the job done. Lay side by side with your partner and masturbate one another. You can do this with your lower half under the covers if your guy gets squeamish about the blood.

Positions for the rest of the month

Now that your monthly visitor is gone, you can go back to shagging like a maniac with your lover. Here are 23 more positions for when you’re feeling back to normal.

#9 Oral for her, laying down. Now that her period is over, treat your girlfriend to some “her” time by offering up your tongue for her pleasure. Sure, sitting on your face is fun, but nothing beats laying down and getting pampered, so lay her down and give her the licking of a lifetime. [Read: 8 tips and tricks for giving her oral like a boss]

#10 Doggy style. With your girlfriend on all fours with her back arched, or her head down onto the bed, enter her from behind. This position is fun because you get to pound her deep and hard with minimal effort. This also offers you a great view of her butt.

#11 Get in your favorite chair. Sit down in the comfiest chair and get ready for a wild ride. In this position, the woman mounts her man while he’s sitting down and bounces or grinds her way to orgasm. She can use the armrests as leverage if she starts to get tired.

#12 Push her legs back. Entering in the missionary position, push your girlfriend’s legs up and towards her shoulders. This position is great for G-spot stimulation. Pay attention to her reactions though, as it can start to hurt or can get difficult to breathe, if a woman is in this position for too long.

#13 Girl on top. Finally, it’s your girlfriend’s turn to really work it! Have your girlfriend jump on top for a little action. From here, your girlfriend can either bounce on your penis, grind back and forth for some perfect clitoral stimulation, or lean forward so you can lick her nipples while you thrust into her. No matter which way she chooses to go about it, this position is fun, fun, fun.

#14 Stand up and hold your girlfriend. This position gets a lot of flak for only being accomplished by bodybuilders. Yes, it requires upper body strength, but it doesn’t have to. Lift your girlfriend up while you’re standing and place her over your pelvis so that you can enter her. From here you can either thrust into her, or lift her up and down onto your penis.

If you’re not into wearing out your muscles for the sake of wild sex, tweak this position so that she’s sitting on the side of the kitchen or bathroom counter. This way, you can thrust into her without all the work.

#15 Italian hanger. This position is one of the most difficult on the list, but fear not, you won’t need stretchable limbs to perform it! As the woman, lay on your back and spread your legs. Next, have your boyfriend get on his knees in front of you as though he were entering you missionary style. To complete, have him grab your bum and lift you up to his pelvis area and enter you.

#16 Face to face. This rather romantic position seems impossible physically, but it is simple to do. Face each other while laying on your sides and lift her leg up over yours, matching up your pelvises. Enter her and enjoy the magic.

#17 Reverse cowgirl. Some women love this, while others just don’t get it. Position yourself on your man, as if you were getting on top, but do it in reverse so that you are facing his legs. Hold onto his thighs for support and either bounce or grind away to your heart’s content. [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it]

#18 Him standing, her laying down. Veer over to the edge of the bed and lay on your back, with your lower half draped off the bed. Have your boyfriend enter you while standing up, using your legs as leverage, or leaning forward and thrusting into you while holding onto your torso.

#19 Deep impact sex. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, we promise. Fellas, kneel down so that you’re sitting on your calves and have your girlfriend lay on her back. Have her rest her legs on your shoulders and enter her. See, that wasn’t so bad!

#20 Blow him, kneeling down. Men, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Have your girlfriend kneel down in front of you while you stand and have her take your penis in and out of her mouth. This position is great for both parties, as she has free range to cup your balls and reach around to pinch that cute little booty of yours. [Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild]

#21 Girl on top, laying on her back. In this position, have your boyfriend lay on his back and get on top of him with your back to his chest. With some careful movements, position yourself so that you can get his penis inside you. From here, enjoy grinding and moving up and down against his penis. This is a great position that leaves his hands free to wander around your breasts and clit.

#22 Ride his face. Another oral technique for her. Sit on top of your boyfriend’s mouth with his tongue in direct contact with your clit. This is great for receiving oral sex, or grinding against his face. [Read: 10 tips to help you open up about your kinky side]

#23 Dry humping. Sure, there’s no penetration… but isn’t that the fun of foreplay? Pretend you’re teenagers again and strip down to your underwear. Have your girlfriend get on top of you and start grinding against your shaft. This is the perfect clit-stimulating sexy workout your girlfriend needs to get off, and it’s no chore for you, either! [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

#24 Face to face, sitting up. Sit in front of each other and align your pelvises, then have your boyfriend enter you and put your legs over his thighs. He’ll then place his legs around your hips from beneath his thighs, allowing you to rock against him for a high-intensity orgasm.

#25 The exposed eagle. In this position, have your boyfriend sit down on the bed with his legs pointed straight in front of him. Lay on his thighs so that your pelvises are aligned, and his feet are on either side of your head. With your thighs on either side of his hips, bend your legs so that your feet are on either side of your thighs.

Need a better description? Look up the position. I swear it’s not as hard as it sounds!

#26 Blowjob, laying down. Getting on your knees is fun and dirty, but men love to be pampered too. Have him lay down and relax as you give him the BJ of his life.

#27 Coital alignment technique. In this position, enter your girlfriend in the missionary position. Once inside, move your body above her so that she is face to face with your chest. In this position, you won’t be thrusting in and out of her. Instead, you’ll use grinding motions to stimulate your girlfriend’s clitoris against your pelvis. This is a sure-fire way to have your girlfriend orgasm with you on top.

#28 Book ends. Each partner should be on their knees, facing one another in this sex position. As the man, crouch a little lower than your girlfriend so that you can slip inside her. From here, raise yourself back up like you were and start thrusting. This position works best if you’re roughly the same height.

#29 The 69 position. You’re nearing the end of your wild month, so why not do something a little more relaxing that benefits both parties? Align your faces with each other’s genitals and get to work with this mutually stimulating position.

#30 Bucking bronco. This is another woman on top position that adds a little more variety to an old standby. Mount your man as you normally would, and then lean backwards so that you are supporting yourself with your arms. Move your legs towards his face so that your feet are next to his chest. From here, bounce like a bucking bronco.

[Read: 10 naughty ways to get rid of that dry spell]

Congratulations, you’re officially a sex pro who has spiced up a new month. Hopefully, these positions have aided in making your month a little steamier, and inspired new and fun positions in the process!

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