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15 Risky Places to Have Sex and Get Your Adrenalin Racing

Wearing out your mattress? Maybe it’s time to switch it up and find some unique places to have sex. Your mattress is looking like it needs a rest.

places to have sex

We all get stuck into some sort of routine – that’s normal. But have you ever had sex while staring up at the stars? Or when people are just a couple of feet away from you, and you’re trying hard not to let out the slightest moan?

15 unique places to have sex

Sex doesn’t have to be just sex. Let it be an adventure! Here are 15 exhilarating, unusual, and for some anxiety-provoking places to have sex.

#1 Hotel room. It seems as if every hip hop song in the early 2000s had a reference to the hotel room. Why? Because you can have wild, carefree sex and not have to clean it up after.

My boyfriend and I decided to book one night in a hotel and basically just have sex, watch TV, and order room service. It was probably one of the best weekend getaways in my life – even though our apartment was ten minutes away. Plus, you can chill in a bathrobe all day. Yeah, it’s the easiest place to have sex. [Read: 17 of the best naughty ideas to spice up long-term sex]

#2 In the car. I have experience having sex in cars, and I’m very on edge about this one. Maybe because we were caught by a police officer. Yeah, that’s probably why. But all the other times I didn’t get caught, it was a fun experience.

If you must have sex in a car because you don’t have anywhere else, then you’ll definitely start to appreciate your bed. However, every once in a while, it’s fun to pull to the side of the road and have a quickie before heading to your family dinner. [Read: Steamy sex in the car – How to prepare for it]

#3 Public bathroom. Of all the places to have sex, this one is very risky. And if you have a phobia about bacteria, then stay far away from this place to have sex. You should also stay away if you have bad anxiety about other people hearing you have sex.

People will figure out that you’re having sex in a public bathroom. It’s kind of obvious. But, it’s also a lot of fun. The adrenaline of being heard and/or caught really gets you going. Just don’t fall on the bathroom floor. Even I shivered at the thought of that.

#4 The elevator. If you haven’t watched Final Destination, then you’ll have no fear of the elevator crashing. I had sex in an elevator and I’m still here – it was even in a building built in the 1970s. So, you know, I wouldn’t worry.

You’re in a confined space with just you and your lover. Why not hit the stop button and have a quickie before heading upstairs? The worst that can happen is someone bangs on the door and then you have to continue your trip up the elevator.

#5 On a boat. Just make sure you’re not seasick. Actually, double check that one or else it could get messy. Having sex on a boat is possibly the most private place you can have public sex. Unless it’s a cruise ship.

But, you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere with just the fish below. Not only is that super romantic, but it’s also very intimate. [Read: Sexual bucket list – 17 fun sex ideas you HAVE to try]

#6 On a plane. Ah, yes. It’s time to join the mile high club. I’m still not a member – it gives me too much anxiety. But from what I hear, plane sex is pretty exciting. I mean, you’re on a plane. In the air. Having sex. Just make sure everyone is sleeping or busy watching a movie.

#7 On the beach. I have mixed emotions on this one, because it’s definitely the messiest place to have sex. I know, because I’ve done it. Maybe my blanket was too small, but the sand – oh the sand – it went everywhere.

Let’s just say, it took me a week to stop finding sand in my underwear. So, my advice to you on this – make sure you have a decent sized blanket! But, it is one of the romantic places to have sex. [Read: The best things a sex vacation can do for your love life]

#8 In the snow. Okay, this one is fun. I was snowshoeing with my boyfriend and all of a sudden, the spark ignited and there we were, having sex in the snow. Some may think that it’s too cold – not at all!

With the mix of your body heat and the cold air, it sends a tingling up your body and really gets you excited. I’m an advocate of snow sex. Just make sure you bring an extra pair of pants for the ride back home.

#9 In a movie theater. If you’re lucky, the theater will be empty. But then again, if you want to have public sex, then you’ll want to have some people around for the adrenaline rush.

Watching Finding Dory? No, you’re not. You’re trying to have sex in the corner, don’t lie. Hint: I recommend staying in the aisle or corner seats if you’re trying to have sex, it won’t be as noticeable. But it’s probably one of the most exciting places to have sex. [Read: 16 mind-blowing ways to spice up your relationship tonight]

#10 In a changing room. Can you help me take off my bra? That’s how it always starts, so innocently and then BAM! Having sex in a changing room is highly impressive if you can pull it off. I mean, it’s probably the one space that has a constant flow of people and can easily be spotted out.

But, if you do it, you’ll love it. Plus, most changing rooms have mirrors, so you two get you watch yourselves have sex – now, that’s hot.

#11 On the roof. Bring a blanket and lay on the rooftop watching the stars or… have sex. Either option works. Having sex on a rooftop is one of the best places to have sex because you feel like it’s just you and your lover – no one else.
Unless someone has binoculars –  then there’s three of you. It’s extremely sensual and intimate to have sex under the stars. How many of you can say that you’ve done that? [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas to try in your relationship]

#12 Wedding. Nothing gets people horny like watching two people commit to each other until death. Basically, weddings are a great place to meet people who are thinking, “Thank God that’s not me,” and then they hit on the wedding party.

It’s a fun event, people are laughing, celebrating, and drinking – why not take advantage of a good time? Get on the dance floor and meet someone fun and carefree, take their hand and lead them off the dance floor… you know… to get to know each other better.

#13 Jacuzzi. This is one of the most controversial places to have sex. I’m paranoid about getting a vaginal infection, but for those with strong immune systems, this is fun.

The water is blasting underneath both of you, and you’re on top of your lover, riding them until morning. It’s wet, it’s messy, it’s dirty. It’s hot. If you plan it out well, then you can go back to your hotel room and continue the fun.

#14 Limo. Limo sex! They do it all the time in the movies. I mean, it can’t be that hard. If you can have sex in a car, you can have sex in a limo. In fact, the limo is much more spacious. And plus, you don’t have to worry about being caught. Get a glimpse of how Leo lives. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

#15 In the forest. Just make sure you’re not naked and rubbing up against the bark of a tree. I was applying Polysporin for a week and had to sleep on my stomach. Not fun.

But, with all the fresh oxygen and calming forest energy, you get this slight hippy vibe and it kind of makes you feel very “free love.” Oh, but watch out for the dog poop.

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Give one of these crazy places to have sex a try the next time you and your partner are out in public. Who knows what crazy story you’ll be telling afterwards!

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