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Intense Orgasms Checklist: 11 Moves to Guarantee One All the Time

Show your girl you’re down for giving her grip-the-sheets intense orgasms with our list of 11 naughty ways to please your lover.

Intense Orgasms

Intense orgasms aren’t for the weak at heart. These are for the girls who want to writhe, moan, and feel so much trembling pleasure that it’s almost unbearable. So how do you go about giving your girl the most intense orgasms of her life? We’ve got the answers.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to know where the clit is since this is the pleasure epicenter for all women. No matter what else you do with your tongue, fingers, penis, or vibrator, you’re going to want to stimulate the clit. Once you’ve learned how to give her earth-shattering orgasms, she’s going to be coming back for more and more… and more.

Want to know how to unlock this powerful pleasure for your lover? Here are 11 other ways to give her the best sex of her life.

Intense orgasms for her – 11 ways to get it done

Want to know how to give your girl the most intense orgasms of her life? Obviously you do since you’re reading this. We’ll start by saying you definitely need to exercise patience. Orgasming as a female is hard enough without worrying that you’re bored, annoyed, or impatient. Plus things like birth control or medication absolutely zaps her sex drive. Main point? Be patient and remember a raging orgasm is at the other end of your awesome endeavor.

#1 It’s all in the clit. Don’t make your sex life a porno—make it better! While passion, interest, and a sense of adventure play a huge part in giving her an intense orgasm, the root of all pleasure is going to come from her clit. In fact, a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 94% of women have orgasms through clitoral stimulation. [Read: The sexiest ways to stimulate and please the clitoris]

#2 Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Foreplay is essential for giving her an intense orgasm. Foreplay is your chance to engorge her clitoris. Sexy, right? As explained by WebMD, the clit must function in the same way that a penis does to achieve orgasm. Meaning the clit has to fill with blood and become erect which takes time, rhythm, and lubrication. Foreplay is also the opportunity to stimulate her erogenous zones and build up sexual anticipation.

#3 Oralgasm. It’s no surprise that a large majority of women have trouble getting off from penetration alone. This is why oral sex has become such a fan favorite. We cannot stress this enough, use a consistent rhythm with your tongue.

Women need an enormous amount of concentration to reach orgasm, so if you’re flicking your tongue up and down and then suddenly start going in circles you’re going to drive her crazy—and not in a fun way. Switch up your tongue rhythm until you find one she responds to and then never change!

Whether you’re using oral as foreplay before penetration or going the whole mile, she’s bound to have an intense orgasm by the time you’re finished. [Read: How to eat a girl out: 15 secrets to make her scream]

#4 Multiple orgasms. One of the most intense orgasms she’s ever going to experience is the multiple orgasm. The reality is women don’t want to climax for 30 minutes straight. They do, however, enjoy a good multiple O. So how can you give her multiple orgasms? Often women don’t set out to have several orgasms, it just happens.

The key to having orgasm after orgasm in a single session is to find that delicate balance of touch after she’s come. The clit is super sensitive after orgasming, so it might be painful to keep going. But if you leave it alone for too long she’s going to lose her ability to finish again, and you’ll have to start from square one. So what’s the balance? Depends on the girl.

Some great tips to remember are to maintain stimulation. After she’s orgasmed don’t move your hand/tongue around her clit, but don’t remove it either. Instead, press into it and maintain stimulation in other ways such as fingering or penetrating her, kissing, and dirty talk. Keep her in the mood and slowly work your way back to a rhythmic touch on her clit. [Read: How to push the right buttons to achieve multiple orgasms]

#5 All that oxytocin. Who knew the key to giving her crazy intense orgasms was in a snuggle? A study in the journal, Hormones and Behavior, found that oxytocin is the key to better orgasms for both men and women. Study participants took an oxytocin nasal spray before intercourse and reported more intense orgasms and higher satisfaction rates than those who did not.

While you probably don’t have an oxytocin nasal spray handy, reports show that cuddling, hugging, and showing other gestures of love to your partner have the same affect pre-intercourse. [Read: How to cuddle with a girl so it leads to sex every time]

#6 Lube it up. There are a million and one reasons to use lubricant when getting dirty. Giving her intense orgasms is definitely one of them. Women find overall using a personal lubricant during masturbation, with toys, and with a partner greatly increases sexual pleasure. Lubrication makes it easier to slide across her clit, eliminates genital dryness, and adds new elements to sex such as with heating and cooling lubricant.

#7 Bum play. Anal foreplay—it’s a thing. There are many nerve endings around the anus that some people find very sexually exciting. During foreplay or sexual intercourse lube up your finger or a *small* toy and play around her backside to see how she responds to the stimulation.

You do not have to penetrate her to give her these sensations. Do this in tandem with other stimulation such as penetration, hand play, or nipple stimulation. [Read: 15 ways to impress a girl who likes a bit of backdoor fun]

#8 Kegels. Doing Kegels leads to better overall sex. The Kegel exercise consists of her tightening and releasing the pubococcygeus muscles in her vagina to strengthen her pelvic floor. These are responsible for urine flow as well as the contractions that occur during orgasm.

Not only is this a fantastic way to strengthen her body, but it’s also fantastic for her sex life. Kegels increase enjoyment during sex, make the vagina feel tighter, and lead to a more sensitive vagina during intercourse. [Read: Why both men and women should do Kegel exercises]

#9 Or is it all in her mind? People often say the most important sex organ is the mind, and they’re right. The mind is the biggest turn on, so work it while you’re pleasuring your girl. This could include making up role play scenarios, dirty talking her, revealing fantasies, telling her how sexy she looks, or even professing your love for her in some cases. Whatever she’s into, take advantage!

#10 Practice delayed gratification. Considering how difficult some women find reaching orgasm it may sound ludicrous to suggest practicing delayed gratification on her, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Bring her to the brink of orgasm and then back off, focusing on kissing and touching instead of clit play. This creates a huge build up that leads to some intense orgasms when you finally bring her over the edge. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

#11 Have her favorite sex toy on hand. We orgasm harder when we work for it. Hello, exercise orgasm, anyone? Take advantage of this phenomenon by having your girl perform some physical exertion to bring her to climax. Put a cock ring with a vibrating bullet around your penis and have her hop on top to grind herself to the finish line.

Another way to drive your lover wild is to use a vibrator on her clit while you’re penetrating her. Dual stimulation is one of the quickest ways to bring her to a jaw-dropping, moan-inducing, intense orgasms.

[Read: How to have the best sex ever: 15 ways to do it every single time]

Make her scream for all the right reasons by giving her the most intense orgasms of her life. Remember that enthusiasm, passion, and dirty thoughts are going to be key to blowing her mind between the sheets.

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