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How to Use Lubricants to Liven Up Your Sex Life Instantly

Have you introduced lube into your sex life yet? Here’s how to make your steamy sessions even more fun with this sexy and slippery aid!

how to use lubricants

When it comes to life between the sheets, many younger couples get squeamish when you suggest adding lube into their bedroom experience. While the stigma may be that lubrication is only used by older couples, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whether you’re looking to have a fabulous orgasm or bring a little adventure into your sex life, lube is the way to go. In fact, one study by Indiana University found that 70% of the female participants identified sex as being more pleasurable, comfortable, and satisfying when using an outside lubricant. And you can’t go wrong with anything that makes sex more fun!

Why people don’t want to use lube during sex

But why is it that lube *an element that makes awkward, dry sex turn into a magical slip and slide* gets such a bad rap? Here are some are reasons why you may be feeling too embarrassed to try it out.

#1 I can do it myself. Questioning a woman’s ability to get wet can be a major ego-crush. After suggesting lubricant, perhaps your female partner became offended and insisted that her body can take care of itself.

Unfortunately, if it doesn’t and you proceed with intercourse anyway, this can lead to very uncomfortable sex and possibly a yeast infection. The inability to get sufficiently wet can happen for all sorts of reasons, from not having enough foreplay to being on antidepressants or birth control; these can all affect the vagina’s ability to get wet.

#2 Your penis. Have you been afraid to introduce lube into the bedroom because you don’t want your penis to feel inferior? Believe it or not, some men feel this way. Men who are circumcised have lost the natural lubrication that comes with having foreskin, making a hand job from yourself or your partner a lot less fluid. Don’t be bashful about needing that extra element! Remember, boys: spit isn’t lube, and it isn’t sexy. [Read: 7 sexy things about uncircumcised penises]

#3 It can be an ego killer. Asking about or suggesting to use lube might be a little bit of an ego killer on both ends. The female may be offended about her body’s ability to function, and the male partner might feel inferior for not being able to get her wet enough by his own merits. Try not to take it so personally! Odds are, it has nothing to do with you.

#4 A bad experience. It could be that ego isn’t your issue at all! Maybe you’ve simply had a bad experience bringing lube into the bedroom. When bringing a helpful element into your sex life–be it vibrators, nipple clamps, or lube–it’s important not only to know how to use it, but also to know when enough is enough.

If you applied lube to your penis and then proceeded to slather her vagina with another handful, odds are you’re going to get a whole lot of slipping… and not a lot of satisfaction. Too much lube makes rigorous sex turn into a potential hazard for the penis–not to mention the lack of friction will leave you both disappointed. Too little lube, on the other hand, can make you both feel that it’s not even effective.

Why you should consider using lube during sex

Do yourself a favor, and ignore the reasons listed above. Your ego or one bad apple should definitely not spoil the whole bunch–especially when it comes to your sex life. Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons you should be.

#1 Great for sensual massages. Many lubricants are actually marketed as “massage oil,” meaning not only is lube great for getting things wet and ready down below, it’s also perfect for a little sensual massaging! Gliding your slick hands all over your partner’s body not only makes them feel great, it also works for fantastic, teasing foreplay.

#2 Oral sensations. Those practicing oral sex with their partners will definitely want to try a flavored lube at least once! This is a great way to spice up your oral pleasures if you’ve been with the same partner for quite some time, or if you simply don’t like the taste!

There are many flavored lubes available *not awful like flavored condoms, promise!*. Lubricants such as the Babeland brand even offer delicious-sounding, dessert-based lubes such as Chocolate Orange, Pomegranate Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, and Mojito Peppermint! [Read: 8 tips and tricks for giving her oral sex like a pro]

#3 Combating vaginal dryness. The most obvious reason for throwing lube into the mix is to eradicate vaginal dryness. A dry vagina is the equivalent of a miniature army with spears, preventing your dick from passing the gates. Painful. If you’re both doing everything right via foreplay and there’s still no wetness afoot, don’t feel bad–just add lube! Not only will lubrication solve your issues with dryness, it will also enhance your sexual experience. [Read: When sex hurts for women – causes of painful sex]

#4 Great for quickies. Ever had one of those lazy days where neither one of you wants to put in the extra effort for foreplay, but you still want to have sex? On those days, lube will be your best friend! Using lubrication will allow you to rush things along without experiencing discomfort along the way.

#5 Heating and cooling lubes. Looking for a way to really bring a spark to your lovemaking? Try playing around with different lubricants, such as K-Y’s “Warming Liquid,” which will heat up upon contact and make for a fabulously tingling orgasm! If you’re not a fan of warming up, there are cooling lubes that can help guys who suffer from premature ejaculation last longer.

#6 A necessity for toys. Do you have an adventurous sex life? If you’re a fan of using sexy props in the bedroom or for backdoor action, then you’re going to want to pick up a bottle of lube. This slick helper is pretty much essential for using any sex toy, including vibrators and dildos. [Read: The vajankle and other downright weird sex toys]

#7 Great for baby-makin’. Are you trying to have a baby? Believe it or not, the right lube can help with that, too! If you’re gearing up to be parents, you’ll be interested to know that some lubes, such as AstroGlide, are actually harmful to your sperm’s swimming capabilities. That’s why brands like PreSeed and Conceive Plus have created slippery formulas that make your sessions sexier and your swimmers strong!

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If you have the mindset that lube is only applicable for dried-up women, you need to seriously retrain your brain. Lubrication can add a special spice of slip and slide into your sex life that you may soon realize you were sorely lacking. What are you waiting for? Go pick up a bottle!

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