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How to Take Good Nudes: 36 Tips for the Sexiest Naked Selfies Ever

Want to know how to take good nudes that’ll make you or anyone else gasp and feel horny in a glance? Here’s everything you need to take the sexiest nudes!

how to take good nudes

Instagram models may make taking nudes look like a breeze. You’re envious, but at the same time, you’d love to take a few of those sexy shots yourself! But is it so easy? Of course, it is, as long as you know how to take good nudes, and the little details that can make sure your nudes look as good, or even better than the best nudes you’ve seen out there!

Learning how to take good nudes in an art form by itself. But one that can be learned with just a little bit of effort, planning and thought. If you have a photographer to click your nudes, well, that just makes everything way easier. But even if you don’t, fret not, because you can still take the best nudes all by yourself!

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Why are you taking these nude pictures?

Is it even necessary to ask yourself why? Of course, it is.

When you know your ‘why’, you can always take better pictures that are flattering, keeping what you have in mind. Is it a boudoir photo you’re looking for? Do you want to click a few aesthetic pictures to share on Instagram? Is this for your partner? Or maybe someone you’re sexting and having a fling with? Are you clicking a few nude photos so you can always look back at the sexy thing you are right now, many years from now?

Why do you want to click this nude? All of us have our reasons, and it’s best to have that thought in mind.

Before you click that first nude photo, remember why you’re taking it. When you do, you’ll have a very clear idea how you want to take those photos, and how you want to appear in it. If you randomly go about clicking a few pictures with no clear goal or intention in mind, you may look back at it and wish you had done a few things differently.

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How to take good nudes you’d be happy to flaunt

When it comes to naked selfies, they’re tricky. A majority of us take fifty selfies before getting one pic that is flattering. But learning how to take good nudes shouldn’t be difficult.

There are little tips and tricks to speed the process and take a naked selfie that blows even your mind. So, let’s get this show on the road. Save yourself some time and energy by using these tips the next time you take a naked selfie. You’ll notice you’ll have so much more free time in your day. Let’s amp it up and take it off.

1. Spontaneous or planned?

Spontaneous nudes are fun, and great! But they’re not always the most flattering, because you’re not mentally prepared for it. You could click one, like it, and click a few hundred more that may be less-than-flattering.

If you click a nude photo that looks great at the moment, that’s great. But don’t let the stress get to you if you don’t get that perfect image. Sometimes, you get it and sometimes, you don’t. Just relax, and never let panic set in just because you’re not getting that oh-so-casual yet super sexy nude pic everyone says is so easy to take! [Read: Real life tips that will change the way you look naked for the better]

2. Love your body at that moment

Ever wondered why so many nude selfies are post-workout selfies? Because you feel great after a sweaty workout, you love your body, you feel extra confident, fit and sexy. Keep that in mind.

If you want to take the best nude photos of yourself, you need to pamper your body in some way. You could do this when you’re dressed up and feeling particularly sexy, after a good workout, a shave, or just about anything makes you look at yourself and say – damn, I look so good I’d wanna bang me! [Read: How to be sexy, look sexy and feel sexy without ever trying]

3. Are you in the mood?

Who would have thought mood matters, but it does. If you’re not in the mood to take a nude, don’t take one. It’s not going to come out well. Why? Because you’re not into it. If you’re into the idea of taking a nude, the odds are you’ll come across as more confident which means you’ll look sexier.

4. Confidence matters

When it comes to knowing how to take good nudes and sexy selfies, confidence is everything. That’s really one of the most important elements to take a good photo. Before taking a nude, look in the mirror and point out what you love about your body.

Practice posing in front of the mirror, accentuating the parts of your body you love. It’ll help you change your entire perspective on how you see yourself. [Read: How to love your body just the way it is]

5. Lighting is everything

Daylight, that is. When it comes to nude selfies, the best lighting is natural daylight. It just makes everything look better on camera. Think of a white hotel room with crisp white sheets, and a large, glass window. Your photos just look sexier in the sunlight, don’t they?

Of course, you can still take nude photos at night if you’re in the mood. But if you do, make sure you’re using soft, yellow lighting instead of white lights that just look too clinical. If you don’t have warm yellow lighting, you can still drape a cloth over your lamp, to get the perfect color you’re looking for while clicking nude selfies.

6. Ring LEDs

If you want to take your nude photos to a whole new level, and see yourself sharing your aesthetic nudes with lots of people *you flirty thing!*, maybe it’s time to invest in a ring LED.

While natural lighting is great, a powerful ring LED takes nude photography to a whole new level. You can change the color of the lights, the intensity, and pretty much anything else you need, to make sure you look your best, at any time of the day or night. [Read: The sexy thirst trap – How to master it without looking too trashy]

7. Have some references

It’s always good to have a plan when you’re trying to figure out how to take good nudes. Of course, you can just go with the flow as well. But if you know what you want, it helps you get in the flow faster, and you’d feel more confident about what you’re doing.

Liked any poses on Instagram? Save them, and use them as references when you’re clicking your own nude pictures.

8. Everyone has their own angle

You may have seen a beautiful nude selfie and wanted to recreate it, but it didn’t come out as planned. You need to remember that everyone has different bodies, so some angles aren’t going to be as flattering on you and some will work wonders. This isn’t a reflection of you; everyone is different. Embrace the difference. [Read: How to look better naked by using 15 real life tips]

9. Focus on your favorite features

Strip down and take a look at yourself, what do you like? If you’re in love with your cleavage or legs, have your nude photo on that specific body part. Whichever body part it may be, take a photo which accentuates it and makes you feel good. 

10. Pose and test

Look, chances are, you’re alone when you’re clicking these pictures. So remember, you’re in a place where there’s absolutely no one to judge you. Stop judging yourself, and strike a few poses. You may feel awkward or clumsy at the beginning. But you need to remember that almost every single nude or semi-nude picture you’ve seen of others is actually a pose.

They’re flaunting their assets, in a way that makes them feel and look better. And if you work a few poses, suck in a bit of tummy, stick your butt out, or stand taller, that doesn’t make you a fake! Never judge your worst with someone’s best. It’s just not fair. So be patient, strike a few poses in front of the mirror and see what you love most.

Try this list of sensuous selfie poses if you’re looking for a good place to start.

11. Feel sexy

Use sexy perfume, strap on your favorite heels, or listen to your favorite song as you take some time to click your nude photos. If you want to know how to take good nudes, you need to remember that what you feel within will project itself in the photos you take. If you feel sensual, your pics will looks sensual.

12. Use a selfie stick or a phone grip

You can only do so much when you’re contorting your body, and trying to take sexy selfies with your hands at the same time. Want to make it easier? Use a selfie stick or a phone grip instead. It’ll make everything so much easier, you’ll actually feel relaxed instead of cramped and twisted by the time you’re halfway through the shoot.

13. Less is always more

You may be thinking that a full face of makeup with a bunch of jewelry will do the trick. It will work. But sometimes, it may come off like you’re trying too hard. And you may feel under pressure too. Use makeup if it makes you feel confident and sexy. But if you want to keep it simple, that’s okay too.

Sometimes, when it comes to nudes, less is more. Some of the sexiest and most stunning nudes are when you’re completely natural and intimate with yourself. Don’t try to over pose, or else it loses authenticity.

14. Clean up the space

You can take an amazing nude in your bedroom, but at least take a couple of minutes to clean up the underwear from your floor. You need to set the scene. If not, it’ll kill the vibe you’re trying to give which is sexy and cool.

When it comes to taking nude photos, your background can make all the difference between clean and sexy, and trashy and unappealing. Of course, you can always use an app to blur the background, but if it takes you a few seconds to clean your space up, why not do it before clicking away? [Read: Sexy bedroom – 24 sex room essentials that’ll make any room look and feel sexy]

15. Choose an angle you love

You don’t need to know yoga to take a good nude. But you should spend time experimenting with different poses, seeing which one suits you the best. You’ll be able to find a pose which makes you feel the most comfortable and that will automatically have your nude come out sexier and more natural.

16. Maybe hide your face

Not because it shouldn’t be seen! It should be seen, but since it’s a nude, you don’t really know where it may end up one day. The last thing you want is to find your nude online, with your face in it. So, take extra precaution and hide your face.

You may be in a healthy relationship with your partner, or maybe you trust the person you’re sharing it with. But you can never predict the future, or in whose hands the phone may land in someday. Just to be safe, avoid face shots especially if you’re completely naked, your pictures will still look sexy even with your face cropped. [Read: How to send nudes that sizzle, without getting burned]

17. Your facial expressions

Okay, so maybe you’re taking a few nude photos for yourself. And you want to keep your face in the picture. You know what, as much as we understand the risks of not showing our faces in a nude photo, you know you’ve taken a few of them with your face in it.

So if you want to be reckless and take that chance, we need to talk about facial expressions. Don’t pout your lips, or try too hard to look sexy. It just comes off like you’re trying too hard.

Instead, just think something sexy and naughty in your mind, and stare into the camera. Part your lips just a little bit and breathe out as you click the photo. It’ll make you appear more relaxed and sexy, instead of rigid and uncomfortable. [Read: How to perfect your orgasm face and make them want more of you]

18. Show your face or your body, but never both

This is a good tip on how to take nude photos that can help you stay cautious. If you must include your face in a sexy photo, do it if you’re wearing sexy lingerie, or covering up your sexy bits with your fingers or an accessory.

But as far as possibly, don’t reveal your body and your face in the same photo. Take two different photos of the same pose if you must, one showing your face, and the other showing your body.

19. Accessorize!

When you want to take good nudes, you need to remember that there’s no real necessity to be completely nude. Sometimes, even a silk scarf can be a really sensual accessory!

Use anything that makes you feel good about yourself, and looks sexy in the nude photos. Lingerie, candles, scarves, pillows, bedsheets, satin, feather, a soft toy, books… go wild! Pick anything that feels comfortable around you, and helps make you feel sexy and more relaxed. [Read: How to glo up – 20 ways to transform yourself inside and outside]

20. Take lots of photos

You’ve put in some thought and effort into planning this. So when it comes to knowing how to take good nudes, don’t give up too soon. Take lots of photos in each pose, and have a few poses and locations in mind.

Don’t put pressure on yourself and expect to get lots of great nudes within 15 or 30 minutes, enjoy the process and give yourself all the time you need. In fact, give yourself an entire afternoon to just relax, have some fun and click nude selfies. Don’t let time limit you from getting that perfect shot.

You think Instagram influencers get their best shot in 50 or 100 clicks? That’s ridiculous! Clicking a thousand pictures in an afternoon is just getting warmed up for them! So what makes you think it’s not okay for you to do the same?

21. Don’t spend time being self-critical

We all have flaws, this is something none of us can escape. When taking nudes, don’t spend too much time being self-critical about your body. The imperfections of your body are what makes you who you are. And who you are is enough. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

22. Your mirror can be your best friend

Do you have a mirror in the room? Use it! As you’re clicking away, take a look at yourself in the mirror to position yourself in the most flattering poses. You can also take nude mirror selfies as well. The best part about using a mirror is that tilting your camera a bit in the right direction can give you a lot of flattering angles to work with.

23. Get creative

There’s no single formula when it comes to nudes. You can do whatever you want. So, why not experiment and be creative with them? When it comes to knowing how to take great nudes, try anything that comes to mind. You’d never know what works until you click a few pictures. [Read: How to look good in bed when you’re lying down]

24. Use a timer

All phones come with a self-timer, and you should be giving it a try when taking nudes. You can place your phone against some books or on a shelf; whatever you need to give you support. Then click the timer and get ready to pose.

25. Send them safely

If you’re going to be sending someone nudes, don’t send it to them over Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. These platforms are hackable. Ideally, text messages or encrypted apps are your best options for making sure the only person to receive them is the person you’re sending it to. [Read: How to be careful when sending dirty snapchats]

26. Save your photos properly

They’re nudes. Online, those photos can be very valuable for people with the wrong intentions. If you’re taking nudes, make sure you save them properly and encrypt them. If your phone or Google Photos gets hacked – all those photos are accessible. [Read: How to do damage control if your nudes got leaked]

27. A bit of liquid courage

If you’re nervous, or still not feeling “cool and relaxed” enough, maybe one or two shots of your favorite alcoholic beverage can give you the liquid courage you need. Just be sure to not get carried away and get drunk.

Getting drunk is the last thing you’d want to do, especially when you have a whole gallery of nudes and a whole lot of courage!

28. Use a partner or a friend if you’re comfortable

Nude selfies are fun, and easy to click. But nothing beats having someone else click these pictures for you. It’s easier to work with angles, take candid photos and even make impromptu changes.

29. Have fun

These are nudes, not college applications. You shouldn’t be taking them too seriously. Have fun trying out different angles and lighting for your nude. If you find yourself getting stressed out, take a break from nudes. It should be an enjoyable experience, not feeling like a torture chamber. [Read: How to be sexier and unleash that sexy goddess that’s within]

31. Running out of poses?

This happens to all of us now and then. You spend an hour clicking a series of pictures, and all of a sudden, all of them start to look the same.

If you’re feeling the same way, and can’t think of a new pose, think of sex positions instead. They’re easy to remember, and all you need to do is imagine you’re in bed with someone, and recreate poses based on how you’d be having sex with someone. Doggy style? Reverse cowgirl? Girl on top? Plain old missionary? The options are limitless! [Read: 30 sex positions that are great for taking sexy selfies]

32. Make it look effortless

The best nudes are the ones that look effortless. Of course, you do have to put in some effort. But once the camera clicks, try to look and feel relaxed and don’t make it appear like you’re trying too hard. Look calm, and make it seem like all of this happened effortlessly!

Don’t be one of those people who contort their bodies or add an extra layer of oomph by trying to look overly sexual or making it appear too planned out. Just keep it casual, and your nude photos will always look effortless to anyone you share it with.

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The best and easiest poses for nude photos

And now, let’s talk about a few positions and poses that always look good in the nude. Wondering where to start when looking for how to take good nudes? With all the information you now have, start with this and let your imagination run wild.

33. Mirror nudes

Start with mirror nudes. It’s easy, you can see yourself in the mirror, and all you need is a good pose. You can tilt the camera and your body will appear more slender or wider, as per your preferences. Keep your face out of the picture frame, and give it a go.

34. Bathtub nudes

Bathtub nudes are sexy AF. Water and bubbles can be the best accessory you need, and it’ll make your skin look supple, youthful, and so sexy. You can use candles, flowers, or just plain water to cover your naughty bits and reveal only what you want to reveal. [Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you]

35. Selfie nudes

If you’re wondering how to take good nudes, and can’t think of a good pose, just start with a selfie nude. You can literally take the picture as you normally would, just without clothes, or maybe just wearing a sheer bra. This is a comfortable place to start, especially when you have good selfie game anyways! [Read: A photographer’s guide to taking the perfect sexy picture]

36. Undressing nudes

Want to send someone a sexy nude? A nude while you’re undressing looks spontaneous, and oh-so-sexy at the same time. Wear an outfit, or a shirt, and make sure you’re leaving enough of your body to be seen in the picture. It looks totally casual, and would turn on anyone because, to them, it would feel like you just took the picture just seconds ago, especially for them!

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So that’s about it then, that’s pretty much all you need to know how to take good nudes and turn anyone on with your sexy clicks. Give these tips a try, and you’ll be able to take nudes that will literally make anyone’s jaw hit the floor when they see it!

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