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Sex God Secrets: How to Make a Girl Cum Every Single Time

Having trouble getting your girlfriend off? It’s complicated, but definitely not impossible! Here’s our perfect tips and tricks on how to make a girl cum.


Are you having trouble getting your girl where she needs to be in the sack? Join the club! Women’s bodies can definitely be a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be a production number just to get her off if you really know what you’re doing. A woman’s orgasm is just as much mental as is it physical, making your job that much more confusing when it comes to bringing your lover to the brink.

You well know by now that the clit is a fickle mistress, as is the vagina, but with a few helpful hints you’ll learn how to make a girl cum in no time flat. We’re looking at a few super simple tips to help you learn how to make a girl cum and keep coming back for more!

Get to know her body

Want to know how to make a girl cum? Start by getting to know her body. For example, do you *really* know where the clit is? Many men still don’t! Have a sexy doctor session and start exploring her body, slowly. Spread her legs and touch her everywhere. What does she react to? [Read: Clitoris stimulation – 10 easy moves to do it just right]

You may even want to watch your lover masturbate to see exactly where she likes touching herself, how wet she keeps her clit, whether she uses insertion or focuses mainly on the clitoris, and if she appreciates extra touching *nipples, breasts, butt-play* or if it just distracts her.

Get to know that clit

The clitoris is the most important part when it comes to making a girl cum. 75% of women who have orgasms do so only when the clit is being stimulated, whether you’re having oral, digital, or penetrative sex *keep in mind that 20% simply don’t orgasm at all! If that doesn’t prove the importance of that swollen vaginal button I don’t know what does!* Here are four essential clit-tips for how to make your girl cum. [Read: 15 things women really wish men knew about the female body]

#1 Don’t pull the clitoral hood up right away unless you want her to have painful sex. It may seem like revealing the clit from its little hiding place would lead to greater pleasure, but it doesn’t – at least not right away. In fact, it really hurts and feels like uncomfortable hell. The clit will let you know when she’s ready to have her hood pulled up. How? She’ll get engorged and reveal herself!

#2 Use lubrication. Whether you’re having penetrative sex or using your hand on her, you’ll want to slather her clit with lube. This feels great, creates less effort for you, and also prevents the clit from potential bruising/painful swelling on the clit from rough, dry rubbing. [Read: How using lubes in bed can actually make your sex life so much better in no time]

#3 The clit should be loved. Always. Always and forever. You see where I’m going with this? Whether you’re going down on her, using a vibrator, or thrusting inside her, your fingers *or vibe* should always be hounding her sweet spot with your touch. This is a sure-fire way to guide her to cum’ville.

#4 Use sexual positions that stimulate the clit. Dry humping, positions like the Coital Alignment Technique *CAT missionary – For this position get as far above her as you can in missionary so that your pelvis is grinding against her clit while you penetrate her* or the cowgirl position *grinding, not bouncing* will definitely do justice to her special spot while you go at it.

Fun and fantastic foreplay

Yeah, oral is great if you really want to get your girl revved up to orgasm, but don’t forget about all those other fantastic foreplay options.

Did you know that 90% of female orgasm issues come from “performance anxiety?” This basically means that girls need to be in the right head-space to have that big-O. Kissing, nipple sucking, butt-play, rubbing your penis against her clit without entering her, kissing and licking her neck, dirty talk – all of these are fantastic ways to get her in the right headspace. [Read: 12 fun and sexy moves to please a woman in bed every time]

Open communication aka Tell her not to fake it

Women want their men to feel like they’re doing a great job in the sack, but if she feels like she’s taking too long or you’re just not getting her there, she may be inclined to fake it. This is a willing lover’s worst nightmare! Here you are trying to learn how to make a girl cum, and there she is faking it and making the whole process a lot more complicated than it has to be!

Keep the lines of communication open and tell her not to fake it with you. Reassure her that your goal is to send her into orgasmic bliss, no matter the time or effort it takes. This will put her at ease and help you avoid getting crossed signals. [Read: 22 most common reasons why women fake an orgasm in bed]

How to make a girl cum with sex toys

Want to ensure your lover is getting the most out of your sex life? If your girlfriend is having a hard time cumming *or she just wants to have a little fun!* try bringing a vibrator into the bedroom. No, you don’t have to buy an 8” Rabbit vibrator to satisfy her sweet spot.

Instead, try grabbing a simple Pocket Rocket vibrator with your strongest batteries, lube it up, and use it on her clit while you enter her. All women are different when it comes to vibrators, but your best bet is always going to be to combine penetrative intercourse with a vibrator on the clit. The two of these sensations combined are basically like magic. [Read: 13 must have couples sex toys for naughty first timers]

Patience, patience, patience…

Do you really, really, really want to learn how to make a girl cum but you think your lady-love’s feeling impatient? Trust us, she’s absolutely loving the journey, and the fact that you want to make her climax so badly is a major turn-on.

Just make sure you’re not putting any pressure on the situation. If nothing else, remember this sage advice: the clit is a lot different than your penis, and the fastest way to ensure your girlfriend never comes is to start getting frustrated or impatient about it. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy MUST use to make a girl cum]

If you’re thinking about her climaxing, trust us she’s thinking about it 10x more, and nothing will put a stop to her orgasm faster than the pressure to have one. It’s normal for the clit/vagina to take a lot more time to get there than the head of a penis.

We’re talking anywhere from 15-40 minutes. This is completely normal. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but what sucks more than the time it takes is being with someone who doesn’t bother to get you off. [Read: 5 goofproof moves to make a girl squirt in bed like she’s peeing]

So instead of getting upset with her, or yourself, just enjoy the wild ride to cum-town! If you don’t get it this time, no biggie, you’ll just try-try again and she’ll love you for it *not to mention the reciprocation for all your hard work is definitely worth it!*

[Read: 20 moves that’ll help you last way, way longer in bed without any difficulty]

The best way to make your girlfriend come is through open communication and a whole lot of practice *but hey, isn’t that the fun part?* and remember, don’t let that girl fake it – you want the real thing! With a little talent and a whole lot of patience, you can learn how to make a girl cum in no time.

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